Anybody considering Course 6-P with another BS

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By Kamil (Kamil) on Saturday, April 03, 2004 - 06:06 am: Edit

Hey guys havnt been here for a while. Just wondering if there is anybody considering MEng in EECS together with another BS. And if there are

What are you course plans (skipping any? Graduate courses?)
Career goals
Are you consideering 6A in the future
A bit about yourself
HASS concentration
Do you know what residence you wanna reside in

I gotta go but Ill post mine soon

By Kamil (Kamil) on Saturday, April 03, 2004 - 01:21 pm: Edit

Planning to also major in course 18. Im gonna take credit for 8.01 and I plan to take cred. for 5.111 (the chem one).

My course schedule (yes im obsessed enough to already make a course schedule and im sure there are a lot of you out there too) is a five year one.

I plan to do (if the work load isnt too much) grad courses in theoretical CS and math because I plan to solve a math problem and whether I become a professional mathematician or not I will always be obsessed with the f'ing subject.

Im not thinking of skipping 18.01 because I plan to take calc with theory and Ive already read the 18.014 book (apostol 1) and I can tell you its very enjoyable and fun enough for a re-do and more importantly 18.014 is a prereq to 18.024 (Apostol II) which I eagerly look forward to.

My closest (time wise) plan is to make myself employable so Im consiering EECS or CS (probably CS) with MEng. Im gonna do VI-A and (if God willing all goes well) then do 2 years of work and finaly then pursue a PhD most probably at Princeton.

Math is like my rock'n'roll and to become a great rock star it requires a lot of talent effort and a bit of luck so incase I fail to solve the Riemann Hypothesis I know I wont be over employable and useless since Ill have had work experience an a more applicable degree.

Im thinking of doing 6.001 in the Fall (anybody else considering it?).

Planning to do philosophy as HASS concentration

Im a certefied sports weight trainer so I think the gym will be best for me.

Oh ya and East Campus definitely. Love to be original and quirky at time.

Anyway that my story how bout yours.

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