Chances at Top Schools (Stanford, UNC-CH, Dartmouth...)

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Discus: What Are My Chances?: August 2004 Archive: Chances at Top Schools (Stanford, UNC-CH, Dartmouth...)
By Mradio (Mradio) on Wednesday, August 25, 2004 - 10:58 pm: Edit

White male, US Permanent Resident, immigrated from Russia 9 years ago, native language and language spoken at home--Russian

1/248, 4.63 weighted, 3.93 unweighted, public school in the top 10% in NC, competitive but not extremely (most kids go to UNC-CH, NC State, ~1 per year to Ivies)

SAT V: 630
SAT M: 760
(taken SAT 3 times, scored stayed exactly the same everytime w/ the exception of math score dropping 10 points the 2nd time)


ACT: registered for Sept.

Math: 740
Writing: 720
US History: 660

APs (school offers APs only jr and sr years)
US History: 4
European History: 3
Statistics: 4

Senior schedule (block):
1st semester:
Topics in Calculus (Hnrs)(Cal AB)
Honors Chemistry
Honors English IV
AP Microeconomics
2nd semester:
AP Calculus BC
AP Macroeconmics
AP US Govt. and Politics
AP Biology

Self study APs: Comparative Govt. and Politics, English Lit. and Comp.

Awards and Accomplishments:
John Motley Morehead Scholarship School Nominee (Merit Based Full Tuition, UNC-CH) (August 2004)
Most Outstanding Junior (Teacher Nominated) (May 2004)
Junior Marshal (May 2004)
AP Statistics Award (Highest Average) (May 2004)
Pre-Calculus Award (Highest Average) (May 2004)
National Merit Commended Student (Semifinalist-Pending) (2004)
St. Stephens High School Student of the Month (March 2004)
Catawba Valley Community College Regional Mathematics Competition
•1st Place Team Advanced Math Division (April 2004)
•3rd Place Individual Algebra II Division (April 2003)
•1st Place Team Algebra II Division (April 2003)
Catawba County Schools Leadership Conference (November 2003)
National Society of High School Scholars (2003-Present)
Who’s Who Among American High School Students (2001-02, 2002-03, 2003-04)
Letter of Academic Excellence (2002, 2003, 2004)

Extracurricular Activities:
Student Council (August 2004-Present)
Advanced Math Team (2004)
Algebra II Team (2003)
National Beta Club (September 2003-Present)
•President (May 2004-Present)
•Delegate to the North Carolina State Convention (March 2004)
Junior State of America (August 2003-Present)
•Founder & President (August 2003-Present)
Spanish Club (August 2002-Present)

Summer Programs:
Governor’s School East of North Carolina, Mathematics (June-July 2004)
•Student Government Association
National Student Leadership Conference, International Diplomacy, Washington, DC (July 2003)
American University’s School of International Service College Credit Program, International Law & Advocacy (July-October 2003)

Wrestling Team (2001-Present)
•2-Time Varsity Letterman (2002-03, 2003-04)
•Dual Team Conference Champions (2002, 2003, 2004)
•Dual Team Regional Runners-Up (2004)
•Dual Team Regional Champions (2002)
•Dual Team State Runners-Up (2002)
Junior Varsity Football Team (2001, 2002)
•Team Captain (2002)

Work/Volunteer Experience:
River Crest Golf Club, Golf Cart Assistant (2003-Present)
Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club, Mentor (2004-Present)
Patrick Beaver Memorial Library, Volunteer Library Assistant (2003)

Significant Travel:
Russia (June 2002, June 2003)

Social/Political Activism

Majors considering: International Relations
Ethics, Politics, and Economics (Yale, UPenn)
Human Rights (Colombia)
International Politics (Georgetown)
Considering 2nd major in English

What do you think are my chances at:
Stanford (EA)
UNC-Chapel Hill (in-state)

I know that most of the above are reaches, but I want to know others' opinions. Also please add any other schools that would fit me well.

By Run4fun (Run4fun) on Thursday, August 26, 2004 - 12:46 pm: Edit

Your stats and EC's are all on-par with every other applicant to those schools with the exception of your test scores. While a 1390 isnt a low score, its probably something around 25th percentile at the top schools. This doesnt mean you have no chance of gettng in, it just means it will be harder. You said you took the SATs three times, did you study at all after the first one (i.e. take a prep-course or something along those lines)? In my experience, a prep-course, although ridiculously expensive, helps quite a bit. I started out with a 1340 and after the course got a 1520. Also, when you are applying, I know eveeryone will be tempted to list all their achievements and awards, but you seem to have so many that it is just a big jumble that no one really wants to read through, even if they are impressive, so try to highlight a few distinctions that are important to YOU and make sure that you link everything together and try to have a common theme throughout your app using your EC's and awards (e.g. leadership). The bottom line is that you stand a decent chance, good luck to you.

By 80drofnats (80drofnats) on Thursday, August 26, 2004 - 02:54 pm: Edit

Stanford (EA)
UNC-Chapel Hill (in-state) - safety
Dartmouth - reach
Georgetown - match
Yale - big reach
Columbia - reach
UPenn - reach/match
Pomona - reach/match
Bowdoin - match
Williams - reach/match
Princeton - big reach
Brown - reach

By 80drofnats (80drofnats) on Thursday, August 26, 2004 - 02:57 pm: Edit

Stanford (EA)- reach
UNC-Chapel Hill (in-state) - safety
Dartmouth - reach
Georgetown - match
Yale - huge reach
Columbia - reach
UPenn - reach/match
Pomona - match/reach
Bowdoin - match
Williams - reach/match
Princeton - huge reach
Brown - reach
I'd be careful about your application presentation, what you have above looks very padded and inflated with lots of useless awards and ec's listed

By Flyingpenguin (Flyingpenguin) on Thursday, August 26, 2004 - 10:25 pm: Edit

Mradio: in your posts you didn't spell Columbia's name correctly. If you make that mistake on the application that will definitely not help you.

By Kousuke (Kousuke) on Friday, August 27, 2004 - 01:06 am: Edit

"Pomona - match/reach
Williams - reach/match
Georgetown - match
UPenn - reach/match"

this is a joke right? id say reach for everything except UNC-CH and Bowdoin, both matches/safeties.

also this is irritating me-
"SAT M: 760
Math: 740
Statistics: 4"
and then-
"AP Statistics Award (Highest Average) (May 2004)
Pre-Calculus Award (Highest Average) (May 2004)
Advanced Math Team (2004)
Algebra II Team (2003)
Catawba Valley Community College Regional Mathematics Competition
•1st Place Team Advanced Math Division (April 2004)
•3rd Place Individual Algebra II Division (April 2003)
•1st Place Team Algebra II Division (April 2003)"

how are you one of the best in math in your area and not even able to got higher than 760 on the math SAT after taking it 3 time?

By Mse06 (Mse06) on Friday, August 27, 2004 - 08:19 am: Edit

I go to Stanford, and I say you have a pretty good shot at all of the schools. You never know what will happen you could get into Princeton and not Stanford or vice versa. My advice is to really sit down and decided to which schools you WANT to go and make that be the starting point of your college application season. One thing is true, you can save yourself a lot of money, time, and fustration if you are honest with yourself. It seems as if you are choosing these schools because of their name and not their content. I did the same thing my senior year. I applied to about 8 of the top schools knowing that I only wanted to go to Stanford. I don't recommend that to anyone. Good luck, you'll be fine. (Final word: If you get into Stanford, GO!!! It ROCKS here!)

By Mradio (Mradio) on Friday, August 27, 2004 - 04:20 pm: Edit

Thanks for all the advice. That's really embarrassing that I misspelled Columbia. Yes, I agree I did inflate that list quite a bit; I'll work on shortening it. Any recommendations on which ones sound really worthless?

No, I have not tried studying between my SATs, but I was planning to study my ass off before the October one (last one I can send in before EA). Sorry Kousuke that I couldn't make above a 760 on Math, I always keeping missing 2 problems. I guess the rest of the people in my area are under par in math. We are one of two schools in the county that teach Cal BC. I don't mean to be arrogant, but judging by the performance of our math teams in local competitions, we have the best math deparment in our county. Also, SAT is mostly based on intelligence (hence the "Reasoning Test"), which is hard to be taught. Meanwhile, math competitions (at least the ones that I go to) are based on what you have learned in math class, which can be affected by a great math teacher (and mine is a very good teacher). I'd love to get a 800M, 700V on the next SAT, I just don't think thats realistic.

Also, if anyone believes that UNC-CH isn't a safety for me, please list some schools that would be good safeties for me. And, yes, I'm POSITIVE that I want to go to Stanford.

By Kousuke (Kousuke) on Friday, August 27, 2004 - 04:59 pm: Edit

you make me feel like an ass, so i apologize.

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