My prospective list as a film student.

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Discus: What Are My Chances?: August 2004 Archive: My prospective list as a film student.
By Kabir88 (Kabir88) on Friday, August 13, 2004 - 05:18 pm: Edit

Hey....first post....

I have a 1210 SAT for my first try, and I am applying to the following (prospective list)

NYU - Early Decision
Indiana University - Bloomington
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Emerson College
University of Wisconsin - Madison
University of Florida (backup) (I am a Florida resident)

I am looking to do Film but more generally something definitely in Communications. My school is the #2 school in the Southeast. Class rankings are very skewed because my school is also the school that puts out the most acceptances to Ivy League schools out of any high school in Florida and top in the nation.

My E/C list is good I feel:

Official PAID Camera Man for Sporting Events Filmed for school.
Internship with a major production company editing video, digital imaging, and contributed to still photography of the companies demo reel.
Founder and President of Guitar Club,
Prom Advisor,
1 year Varsity football along with training
1 year other JV sport Etc etc.....
1 summer voluntary camp counselor at Camp Rockmont in North Carolina
Joined Habitat for Humanity to Build Homes for the underprivileged.

Basically I want to know what my chances might be....what is the hardest on my list what is the easiest (maybe a ranking of all of those I have listed)
Any other suggestions are more than welcome and encouraged!
Thanks for any replies.

By Kabir88 (Kabir88) on Friday, August 13, 2004 - 05:19 pm: Edit

Oh...also I have read NYU accepts 45% of their ED applicants.
My college counselor never really made it seem like it was the HARDEST place to get into, especially for people in my school.
But I think with me submitting a portfolio for the requirements of my digital images, I am hoping all these extra's can win them over despite some questionable grades.

By Kabir88 (Kabir88) on Friday, August 13, 2004 - 10:47 pm: Edit


By Tlaktan (Tlaktan) on Friday, August 13, 2004 - 11:33 pm: Edit

I think you have a bit of a decent chance, although if you move the SAT score a wee bit up during the October exam, then I think you'll fare a bit better in the admissions process.

By Kabir88 (Kabir88) on Friday, August 13, 2004 - 11:39 pm: Edit

thanks for the prompt reply

By L_J (L_J) on Saturday, August 14, 2004 - 12:14 am: Edit

where is University of Southern film school in the nation

By Kabir88 (Kabir88) on Saturday, August 14, 2004 - 01:23 am: Edit

oh yeah.....I thought I included that....
I ruled out UCLA though....
much harder

By Alan5 (Alan5) on Saturday, August 14, 2004 - 07:47 am: Edit

What about Boston U?

By Kabir88 (Kabir88) on Saturday, August 14, 2004 - 07:12 pm: Edit

BU was on my list....but everyone I talked to about it.....just had negative things to say about it.
Upon doing more research, their film program doesn't start until junior year production wise. They are using old editing systems, and old gear. I like Emerson a lot more and it fits me more.
I used to like BC a lot....but I don't think I am even going to bother now.

By Tsdad (Tsdad) on Saturday, August 14, 2004 - 08:05 pm: Edit

University of Florida for film? You want Florida State, one of the best film schools in the country right below USC, NYU, and UCLA. BUT, it's small and it's very, very hard to get into. Being a Florida resident will not give you a leg up getting into the film school, but you will have any easier time getting in the University than the other schools you mentioned.

A piece of advice: work hard on improving your SATs; try to improve at least 150 points. Even though most film schools don't really look too hard at SATs the competition for entry into the top film schools results in high SATs. Make sure you do well on the verbal and the writing SAT II. Also, you must be accepted into the University before you can get into the film school. You would have a very, very hard time getting into USC or NYU with that SAT. Emerson is somewhat less demanding, and pretty good for film as is Syracuse. Michigan, in my opinion, is not worth the extradordinarily high out-of-state tuition if your going there for film.

Two other suggestions: the North Carolina School for the Arts (part of the UNC sysem) and Ithaca College.

Reallty though, work hard on your SAT scores.

By Kabir88 (Kabir88) on Sunday, August 15, 2004 - 05:38 am: Edit

Hey....thanks for the reply.
UF is basically there because thats the only Florida school I can see myself in. FSU is not an acceptable place for the standards of my school and myself as bad as that may sound. Thats just how it is, plus I know the film program is hard as hell to get into and they accept a small amount of people. Forget it.
I am 99% sure I am going out of state. Having said that...
Improving 150 points is a huuuge leap. As a poor test taker, and having gone through princeton review prep classes, I got that score. Hopefully I am adjusted to the test that I can do better since it was the first try.
Now SAT II is where I just fall short....NYU doesn't require it, and almost every place I am applying to doesn't need it. I took the Math IC and Writing and got crap scores...(500s range) and I don't even think I should send them in as it is worthless.
NYU I figure I am 50/50 and I know a lot of it has to do with my portfolio for the application. Emerson I really like because they have great facilities, and you start production right away.
Michigan I just love all around. And USC I'm still contemplating.

Ithaca is too small for me, and the area leaves much to be desired.
Hopefully my SATs and ACTs will pull through.

One other thing....
I am Indian, so in an ED pool which is on a smaller scale, I think that would stand out.
Most Indian kids are raised and encouraged by their parents to go into Business, or a med school.

By Tsdad (Tsdad) on Sunday, August 15, 2004 - 10:16 am: Edit

I would focus on Syracuse and Emerson. Try and get your SATs up to 1350. The former has an outstanding communications program.

I don't think you mentioned your GPA. A high GPA, taking difficult courses, could overcome your SAT.

As for ECs, have you done any writing, published or unpublished, including poems, scripts, short stories, newspaper articles, movie reviews, class papers on film? Do you read books on film or belong to the local film society? How many DVDs do you own? How many movies per week do you go to? Do you paint, play in the school band, act, work behind the scenes at school plays, debate, do still photography? If so, it's important that you put this on your application. Writing and artistic skills may be more important than practical experience in filmmaking at the high school level. You should also highlight anything that indicates that you work well in groups, a very important requirement for filmmaking.

Finally, I think that your chances are less than 50-50 at NYU with your SAT score. I don't know what the overall scores are for NYU and Tisch, but at USC, for the class of 2007, the film students had higher SATs than the overall SAT average for students attending USC. Fot USC students entering in 2003, the average SAT was 1341. For the students entering the USC film school that year, the SAT scores were 1365. I would expect that the same would be true at NYU.

By Kabir88 (Kabir88) on Sunday, August 15, 2004 - 10:58 pm: Edit

I heard Syracuse has very little acceptance into their film program....Emerson on the other hand is in Boston which I love, and I know people who have gone and lke it much better than Syracuse which I have read negative things about even on here.

My EC's...I have been in the newspaper for a couple random things, why does the amount of DVDs I have matter in this case? I mentioned above I do digital photography which you can see (
My essays are very script-like I was told.
I still do think I am 50/50 at NYU...but I'll wait to hear from my counselor.
USC is probably among my biggest reach...

Anyways, I would like to hear from someone else.

By Matth (Matth) on Sunday, August 15, 2004 - 11:46 pm: Edit

While it's true that NYU accepted 45% of their ED applicants this past year, that was an anomoly. It's never been that high before, it's usually around 30%. The past two years' ED applicants have been the strongest ever, if you can believe what the admissions office says. Keep in mind that that 45% was overall, not in Tisch, and not necessarily in the Film Dept.

By Savedbythebell7 (Savedbythebell7) on Monday, August 16, 2004 - 05:58 am: Edit

You really really should look into's pretty prestigious in the film world. Also you might want to look into San Diego state, they seem to have a good but *IMPACTED* film program. ALthough I know the producer of seabiscuit went there and some famous directors. Check it out. You should be able to get in with a 1210 too, assuming your GPA is good.

By Tsdad (Tsdad) on Monday, August 16, 2004 - 07:45 am: Edit

Re: DVDs, it's about passion for film, and it's only one way of showing it. Plus the director's commentaries on the DVDs are a mini-education in filmmaking.

Emerson would be a very good choice.

By Kabir88 (Kabir88) on Monday, August 16, 2004 - 04:47 pm: Edit

Passions come in many different ways, not only from what the number of DVD's you have is.

I download many movies, and I rent movies (20 a month or so) and I watch them on TV, and I read online, I watch student films. I have other things to invest money in rather than spending $30 on 1 DVD. Reason? I don't know what is worth actually buying (for commentaries etc.), so now I can burn them if I know something in it is really informational. I have the LOTR Two Towers Extended Edition 4 disc set and standard 2 disc set. 6 DVDs on 1 movie however I learn about the whole trilogy and filmmaking process which was a valuable investment.
I play guitar, I am a photographer, I don't necessarily believe $50 is worth 2 DVD's, then again, like I said....if I heard of one that had great commentaries, I would go for it.
I have about 20 DVD's I would say.
I don't think that ranks my passion for film at all. Although for some it might. As for inspiration, I know where to look if I need some.
USF as in South Florida or San Fran? I'm assuming San Fran hah....I should look into that a bit more as I love Frisco.

I am very attracted to Emerson as a second choice right now....
I appreciate all the replies and welcome much more.

By Savedbythebell7 (Savedbythebell7) on Monday, August 16, 2004 - 05:17 pm: Edit

You should join a DVD club, about 5 dollars a DVD....or buy them used at your local hollywood video etc. I'm also a movie fanatic.

By Tsdad (Tsdad) on Monday, August 16, 2004 - 05:53 pm: Edit


I would be very careful about who you tell that you download movies. Many film professionals, including those who make admissions decisions, might not take too kindly to an applicant who show his passsion for film by "stealing" other people's work.

Just a thought.

By Kabir88 (Kabir88) on Monday, August 16, 2004 - 06:40 pm: Edit

I would definitely not tell anyone else, and I'm cautious even with the people that I work with (production company).
But thanks for the heads up, I would hate a slip up like that.

I do need to go around looking for some used DVD's though....good call.

By Tsdad (Tsdad) on Monday, August 16, 2004 - 08:00 pm: Edit


I know it's tough to spend money on stuff that turns out not to be very good, but everything is a learning experience. If you want to make movies, watch movies, lots of movies, all kinds of movies, classics, foreign language, new wave, documentaries. You can learn a lot from bad ones.

Watch movies in a theatre. When my son was in the North Carolina for the Arts summer program they were insistent that movies should be experienced in a theatre where films are meant to be seen and where you are part of a communal experience.

By Kabir88 (Kabir88) on Monday, August 16, 2004 - 08:33 pm: Edit

I am a huge critic, and also being Indian I watch a lot of Indian movies. I think I made myself sound like someone who doesn't watch movies perhaps?
Thats completely the opposite...
You don't have to spend money to watch I'm not talking about downloading....I'm talking about going to other peoples places and watching, I'm talking scout out stuff on TV to watch...and pay for a basic cable package to have access to tons of movie channels. But now that I think about it, I feel kinda guilty NOT getting more DVDs..hah...
anyways, I'm gonna go check some out now.

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