What are my chances of getting into a decent college?

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Discus: What Are My Chances?: August 2004 Archive: What are my chances of getting into a decent college?
By Knightmare123 (Knightmare123) on Friday, August 06, 2004 - 10:04 am: Edit

What are my chances of getting into a decent college?
[Decent College i.e. Case Western Reserve Univ., W.P.I, RPI, RIT, Univ. of Rochester, NYU, etc.]
Or, even better, what about some of the more selective colleges, like Northwestern Univ., UPenn, UC-Berkley? [I will be going into my senior year]

My stats:
1250 SAT, 28 ACT, 3.804/4.000 GPA
My class rank is in the top 1st percentile, out of the 9 percentiles. We do not have regular class rankings. Would that help with some of the more selective colleges, letting them know that the school is quite competitive?

Higher classes upto Junior year:
AP Chemistry, AP Computer Science A, AP Computer Science AB, Honors French Lit. 4, Honors Pre-Calc. w/ Trig.

Higher classes in Senior Year:
AP Biology, AP Statistics (or AP Western Civilization, not sure about those two just yet...), AP Physics, AP Calculus AB.

Extracirricular Activities:
Secretary: Asian Cultures Club: 2001 Present
Treasurer: Mosaic Club: 2002 Present
Member: Culture Club: 2002 2003
National Honors Society
Student Advisory Board (Student Government)
Representing the class of 2005 in the Information Technology Committee for our school
Junior Varsity Tennis Team 2004
Internship at Pratt & Whitney
170+ Hours of volunteering at a native american museum

By Knightmare123 (Knightmare123) on Friday, August 06, 2004 - 11:01 am: Edit

Can anyone help me out here please. Thanks a lot, and hope to hear from you all soon. :)

By Duke3d4 (Duke3d4) on Friday, August 06, 2004 - 11:53 am: Edit

One more post like that and you're banned. Moderator Skyhawk

By Knightmare123 (Knightmare123) on Friday, August 06, 2004 - 12:33 pm: Edit

Beautiful Post :P

By Knightmare123 (Knightmare123) on Friday, August 06, 2004 - 03:53 pm: Edit

*Knock Knock*

By Quynh2007 (Quynh2007) on Friday, August 06, 2004 - 04:26 pm: Edit

your volunteering is good, especially if you are affliated with an american indian tribe.

you'll get into at least one of those schools if you sell your volunteer experience and raise those SAT scores.

By Dadofsam (Dadofsam) on Friday, August 06, 2004 - 05:53 pm: Edit

Your chances of geting into a "decent" college (the ones you mention are more than just decent) look pretty good, although your test scores might be too low for any merit scholarships.

For the more selective colleges (better include NYU in that group), three things you need to know. 1-the chances of most students being accepted at a specific selective college are rather low - they are long reaches for just about everyone; 2-these schools will reject many, many students whose qualifications look better than yours (so don't take a rejection personally); 3- at these colleges you will be in the middle of a large pack of applicants with similar qualifications as you; you need to distinguish yourself from the others in that pack somehow, for example though your essays.

Apply to a reach or two anyway, but look for what are called "match" schools, where your GPA and test scores put you in the upper part of the typically admitted freshman class.

By Knightmare123 (Knightmare123) on Sunday, August 08, 2004 - 11:39 pm: Edit

Thank you for your postings. On another note, do you recommend any colleges that would be a good reach/match for a Biomedical Engineering program? I mean, Case Western has an awesome BME program, and that certainly is my #1 choice, but I would love to know a couple of more schools. Also, I'm not American-Indian, but Indian-American. I'm from India. [That is Indian-American right, since I was an Indian before an American...ah..so confused].

Also, how much do deans of admissions view recommendation letters as? I am not sure which teachers would be "better", per se. I mean, I am planning on doing Biotechnology or Biomedical Engineering, and thus, a recommendation letter from a US History teacher seems almost useless. Am I right to think that? I have a pretty good relationship with a teacher I have been in class with for the past three years, but it's in Computer Science. I was thinking of my chemistry teacher as well, since it's science, but my grades in that class weren't as I had hoped to achieve. What about Math? I mean, I am not a person to judge a teacher or anything of that sort, but Math is more of a "Let's get down to business" type of class. So, would a recommendation letter from a Math teacher be as effective as some other teacher? Next year, I will be taking AP Biology, but I have yet to know the teacher myself. So, I don't think it would be right to ask that teacher for the recommendation letter, correct? Thanks again for your responses.

By Arthurd (Arthurd) on Sunday, August 08, 2004 - 11:50 pm: Edit

First, you are Indian American. The other "Indians" to which you referred are Native Americans.

Anyhow, you are pretty right in your guess that a rec letter from a US History teacher for your intended major is useless, especially since you are considering tech schools primarily.

Math and science teachers will always be the best bets here as long as they know you well and can affirm your being a good candidate for admittance.

I'd pray that your AP Bio teacher takes a liking to you over the next year because that would be an awesome rec to have, but not absolutely necessary.

In regards to your school list, I think you stand a good chance at most of them. My GPA was about equal to yours and SAT slightly higher with more ECs and good recs. I got into RIT, and I'm sure you have a good shot there and at the rest.

Also, give the schools on your list more credit than just "decent" colleges. CWRU, WPI, RPI, RIT, and U of R are very good schools with excellent academics in many fields. Not as selective as Northwestern or some of the other schools, but better than decent, and you should be proud to attend many of them.

Good Luck!

By Elizabeth22 (Elizabeth22) on Monday, August 09, 2004 - 11:34 am: Edit

I think that's a good list.

High Reaches:
UCB (out of state)

UCB (in-state)
Case Western

I'd say the rest fall between match and safety- I can't determine exactly, because I don't know all that much about them. I think you've got a great shot at getting into at least some of the schools you've listed.

By Knightmare123 (Knightmare123) on Monday, August 09, 2004 - 01:32 pm: Edit

Thanks for your postings.
I have yet another quick question (hopefully, you're not sick of me already :P):
Since I will be taking the SATs one more time in October, for a better shot for my "higher end" colleges, what score should I be shooting for? I mean, all of those colleges seem to require, if I may say, more than 1350+. Is that a good place to put the bar at?
Also, back to the colleges, what would be the better of the two classes (AP Stats || AP Western Civ.) for the more selective colleges? I've seen that they 'recommend' 3 to 4 yrs of social studies, and next year, I will not be taking one. But, in contrast, I will have taken 8 science classes (5 of them being lab courses), and also have taken 5 maths. Will they, in a way, substitute my maths and sciences for their 'recommended' social studies, or do they just stick to one subject? Thanks again for your responses.

p.s. Arthurd: I was saying the whole thing about me being Indian because Quynh2007 had said something about me being "affliated with an american indian tribe." So I had to clarify that. :D

By Knightmare123 (Knightmare123) on Tuesday, August 10, 2004 - 08:14 am: Edit

la la la

By Sweetbee03 (Sweetbee03) on Tuesday, August 10, 2004 - 02:56 pm: Edit

knightmare, I would say since you are taking that many science and math classes, it might be a good idea to drop one of them and take a social studies course, that way you'll look more balanced and well-rounded. And for your SAT, 1350 will be a good enough at most colleges if your math score is high because you're going to major in engineering. Also, definitely ask your computer science teacher to write you a recommendation letter if you've done really well in that class for three years and the teacher like you.

By Knightmare123 (Knightmare123) on Wednesday, August 11, 2004 - 01:04 pm: Edit

Actually, I, too, was thinking of dropping AP Stats and putting in Western Civ., and as per my math score, I'm planning on getting atleast a 730+ on it..I got a sad 690, but I have a good excuse for that. I was distracted for this one idiotic girl in front of me who had her useless cell phone on vibrate, and it kept on going off every two seconds..and even though it was on vibrate, with that tension, the quietness, and the calm weather...you could hear that little sucker really loudly..damn I hated that. Anyways, yes, I am planning on getting one from my Comp. Sci., and she really will give me a good rec...I made my final year project on this voice-recognization thing that moved fish...fascinating lol..
So, the verbal scores of the SATs would be mostly disregarded for if I was doing solely engineering? That's good to hear.

By Knightmare123 (Knightmare123) on Thursday, August 12, 2004 - 11:29 am: Edit


By Alan5 (Alan5) on Thursday, August 12, 2004 - 11:37 am: Edit

Dont' forget Boston University for Biomedical Engineering. Your stats are right within BU's range but may be too low for merit aid.

By Knightmare123 (Knightmare123) on Friday, August 13, 2004 - 08:32 am: Edit


By Knightmare123 (Knightmare123) on Tuesday, August 17, 2004 - 02:26 pm: Edit

Any more comments/responses?

By Knightmare123 (Knightmare123) on Thursday, August 26, 2004 - 01:26 pm: Edit

Hmm, I was just looking at some of the requirements of colleges, and are you sure about the Case Western thing? I mean, I am planning on takin the SATs again, but Case Western still seems like a pretty good school for biomedical engineering, or engineering in general, and it has some high SAT requirements:
SAT Reasoning Verbal: 590 - 700
SAT Reasoning Math: 630 - 730
I received 550 Verbal and a 700 Math (I will be taking it again). But, at the same time, I am within their ACT requirements. Just how important are these numbers?
And WPI seems to have the ACT score range higher than mine as well...hmm...So, you're sure that I will have a good chance at them? Or are they all reaches, or what?

By Liek0806 (Liek0806) on Thursday, August 26, 2004 - 08:02 pm: Edit

In my opinion you'll defenetly get into case western, i mean their acceptance rate is 75 percent of applicant's based on princeton review, getting that 1350 will only guarantee you that much more that you'll be a shoe in, but i still think that you'll get into case western with your stats right now, samething for RPI which has an admissions rate of 80 percent, i mean to me that doesn't seem so selective, if i were you i wouldn't worry so much on getting in, you should rather concentrate on getting your applications in on time.

if your in state, berkeley, can be a reasonable reach, the only problem is that they accept like 24 percent and no matter who it is, it's a reach for everyone. the 1350 should help you more at berkeley and northwestern, i say apply to northwestern regardless because if youa pply online you don't have to pay the application fee, it is already waved for you.

By Kk19131 (Kk19131) on Thursday, August 26, 2004 - 09:01 pm: Edit

Penn really is not that much more selective than Berkeley and Northwestern, apply to all three.

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