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Discus: What Are My Chances?: August 2004 Archive: Help in making a list of schools to apply to
By Starryeyedgirl (Starryeyedgirl) on Thursday, August 05, 2004 - 10:26 am: Edit

Hi everyone! I've been trying to work on the list of schools I want to apply to this fall, but am finding that I do not know enough about schools (other then super reaches lol), to make a really comprehensive list. My stats are below, and any help would be welcomed :)

Hispanic Female; Permanent Resident of the US; Living in South Florida; Attending a well known & competitive high school, taking hardest course load available

Cumulative GPA: 4.77(w), 3.62(uw)...ouch lol

SAT I Score: currently 1350 (700v 650m), retaking in October, practice exams scores have been 750-800v, and 650-700m so far

SAT II Scores: taking in November; practice exam scores so far have been around:
Writing: 750-800 (with multi choice, and assuming decent essay)
American: 700-780
Math IIc: 680-700
Literature: 750-790

Class Rank: I think it's 23/475 (top ~5%), and first semester of this year it should jump up a few more spots b/c of my schedule

Academics (Math is always my weakness!)
9th Grade:
Hons. Geometry: B/B+
Hons. English I: A/A
Hons. Biology: A/A
PE: A/B (haha I know)
Health/Geography (Required split year courses): A/A
Chorus: A/A
Computer Programming: A/A

10th Grade:
Hons English II: A/A
Hons Chem: A/A
Hons World Hist: A/A
Hons Algebra II: C/C+
Hons Spanish IV: A/A
AP Euro: A/A
Yearbook (Editor, Hons credit given): A/A

11th Grade:
AP Spanish Lang: B+/B
AP English Lang: A/A
AP American: A/A
AP Psych: A/A
AP Chem: C/B
Hons PreCalc: C+/C+
Yearbook (Editor, Hons Credit): A/A

12th Grade Schedule:
AP Bio/Bio Study Hall
AP English Lit
AP Gov/Hons. Econ (required half year classes, so only allowed to take one of these AP)
AP Stats
AP Human Geo.
Leadership (required as I'm Pres. of Student Gov, trying to make this honors)

AP Scores: English 4, American 4, Euro 4, Psych 5, Spanish 4...I was burnt out by the end of junior year and didn't study for any of them

Academic Honors: National Ventures Scholar ('01-'05); Outstanding English Student ('03); Outstanding History Student ('03); Nova High School 2003 Social Studies Fair (2nd place); JETS TEAM 2nd place Regional and States, National Competitor ('04).

I had a rough junior year (my first truly difficult year of school...and man was it a disaster lol), but it did result me being stronger academically, to the point where I know what needs to get done in order to get the grades. I'm pretty confident that I can pull straight A's for my first semester of senior year, as I don't have any classes that I'm worried about (in junior year I -knew- chem, spanish, and math would be a problem), and I hope this helps me out around application time

Extracurriculars Activities: (this needs to be cleaned up. On my application I only want to include my stronger points)
Freshman year:
- School Choir (occasionally a soprano soloist)
- French Club: member
- Class of 2005 Board: Vice President
- Church Choir: Soprano

Sophomore year:
- French Club: member
- Class of 2005 Board: Vice President
- Exchangettes: Little Sister
- Key Club: founding member
- Church Choir: Lead Soprano & Equipment Manager
- Once Upon A Mattress (musical) presented by Nova High's School Troupe 4611- role of Lady Martha
- Olympian Yearbook Faculty & Staff Editor
- Cleveland Clinic Hospital: Summer Volunteer

Junior year:
- Church Choir: Lead Soprano & Equipment Manager
- Olympian Yearbook Clubs Editor
- WISE (Women In Science & Engineering): President, Chemistry tutor
- Key Club: Editor, Webmaster
- National Honor Society: member
- ESCN (ESOL Student College Network): member
- GSYA (Gay Straight Youth Alliance): member
- JETS (Science Club): member, competitor
- Circle of Philosophical Taoist: member
- YLB (Youth Leadership Broward): selected through application process and participated in organization; Chairperson of Community Service Project Group.
- LEAD Summer Program: accepted, attended UNC-Chapel Hill LEAD SBI
- Math tutor
- Lauderhill Boy's & Girl's Club: Volunteer (organized various activities).

Senior Year (tentative)
- Church Choir: Lead Soprano & Equipment Manager
- Key Club: Editor, Webmaster
- GSYA (Gay Straight Youth Alliance): member
- JETS (Science Club): member, competitor
- Olympian Yearbook "Ones to Watch" Editor
- SGA (Student Government Association): President
- National Honor Society: corresponding secretary
- YLB: Reunion coordinator/chair
- ESCN: president
- WISE: president

I have severe testing anxiety, which has had negative effects on my standardized test and in my classes (mostly in chem and math)

About 200+ service hours from various places (hospital, school, tutoring, etc)

Work Experience: I've been working at a local restaurant since I was 14 (9th grade), averaging 10-30 hrs a week, and being basically financially independent (my family has had a pretty terrible past few years lol). This did effect my grades a bit though, since on weekdays I got home from school at 5, worked at 5:30, and would be home by 10 or later.

Recommendations will be from my AP English Lang teacher who is my mentor and an amazing person, possibly my AP Chem teacher who knows my character the best, and possibly the Owner of the restaurant I work at who already wrote me a pretty awesome recommendation for a summer program. I'm interested in schools in the North East or California but would not object to a good school in any other area. I don't mind suburban or city, but I would like a school that is located in town/city type-area where stores, activities, etc. are within basically...just no corn fields lol. I want to study Anthropology, Sociology, and/or History and then go to Med School to become a Psychiatrist (:))

Where ever I apply I will need a lot of need based financial aid, hopefully 100% need sister goes to Princeton and received 100% need met and work study, and as of this (sophomore) summer my parents never have to pay for her schooling again!

Schools I have looked at include:

SUPER DUPER reaches:
Columbia, Duke, Cornell, Brown (my current favorite), Dartmouth

UF, UCF (in state)

I also requested an application from Reed. What I need are some matches, and I would also like to cut down the reaches list lol. I have a lot of big name schools on my list, simply because I don't really know anything about many other schools. If anyone can help me out, thank you in advance :)

By Quynh2007 (Quynh2007) on Thursday, August 05, 2004 - 10:34 am: Edit

ohh, i want to be psychiatrist too :-)

only, i'm majoring in psychology with a concentration in social psych and child development from one of the other college at cornell.

i wish i could help you out, i was stupid when i applied two yrs ago, only applying to 5 schools, and all of them reaches, i even considered UCSD (which I was out of state) as a Safety, so yeah, i was pretty stupid.

i suggest doing that survey, putting your scores and ec's into it and then it will tell you (semi-realistically) what your match schools are. schools you might have never considered. good luck, i'm happy to find someone who wants to be what i want to be.

By Slipper2002 (Slipper2002) on Thursday, August 05, 2004 - 10:37 am: Edit

I think you have good reaches, and Brown is awesome! I'd keep them, you should get into one. Matches include Emory, Vassar, etc.

By Linedeacon (Linedeacon) on Thursday, August 05, 2004 - 10:44 am: Edit

Look at Wake Forest. Your SAT is average to above average for there and you have a pretty good GPA taking tough courses. They give rather good need based aid too. Are you interested in large schools? or more medium sized ones? Look at Wisconsin-Madison however I don't know what aid would be like at a public school though. NYU, Lehigh. Schools in the 25-50 range would probably be good matches.

By Blaineko (Blaineko) on Thursday, August 05, 2004 - 11:20 am: Edit

How about:

Grinnell, Oberlin, Bryn Mawr, Haverford, Smith, Mt. Holyoke, Wellesley, Carleton, Claremont McKenna, Colgate, Connecticut C, Bard, Skidmore, Denison, DePauw, Rhodes, University of the South, Davidson, Bowdoin, Wesleyan, Vassar, Trinity C (CT), Lafayette, Case Western, URochester, Vanderbilt.

You might be surprised by any one of these schools. Don't limit yourself. You have excellent stats and great EC's. Just pay attention to your essays and recs, and you're set.

Just my 2 cents. :)

By Starryeyedgirl (Starryeyedgirl) on Thursday, August 05, 2004 - 06:27 pm: Edit

thanks everyone for your help & suggestion, does anyone else have any idea about what other schools I can look at?

By Starryeyedgirl (Starryeyedgirl) on Friday, August 06, 2004 - 05:12 pm: Edit

bump :\

By Starryeyedgirl (Starryeyedgirl) on Sunday, August 08, 2004 - 12:10 am: Edit

bump again! any of the parents have any input?

thanks :)

By Arthurd (Arthurd) on Sunday, August 08, 2004 - 12:16 am: Edit

I wouldn't put Brown in "super duper reaches" for you. I have a friend (hispanic male) with a similar gpa and slighly lower SAT who got into Brown pre-med. Don't want to give you high hopes, but you do stand a good chance from what I've seen.

Good luck!

By Starryeyedgirl (Starryeyedgirl) on Sunday, August 08, 2004 - 01:40 am: Edit

hi aruthrd, i just did a little song and dance hee hee

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