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By Skistar1800 (Skistar1800) on Monday, August 02, 2004 - 05:26 pm: Edit

Hey guys, this is my first time posting, so here it goes:
Based on my stats (I am a rising senior), what do u think my chances of acceptance are at the following schools:
Cornell, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, MIT, Yale, Tufts, WashU in St. Louis, Duke, Amherst, Penn, Dartmouth, Columbia, UNC-Chapel Hill, and UMich-Ann Arbor. I am definitely not applying to all these schools, but I'm trying to determine which ones would be good matches for reach/safety/target. Thanks for the help.
White/Public School/Long Island, New York

(AP=advanced placement, H= honors, HH= high honors)

9th grade
French 2H: 99
Law Core: 98
PE: 96
Multimedia: 100
Band: 97
Earth Science High Honors: 95
Science Research: 98
Math B (2H): 100 (teacher's second 100 in 17 years)
Global History 9H: 99
English 9H: 98
Highest course load offered
UW average: around 97.8
W average: around 107.8

10th grade
Band: 99
Chemistry High Honors: 98
Research second level: 98
Foundations of law: 99
Math B second level: 98
PE: 96
English 10H: 98
French 3H: 100
AP World History: 100
Highest course load offered
UW average: around 98.5
W average: around 109
AP history exam-5
SAT II history: 790
SAT II chemistry: 730

11th grade
AP English Lang: 95
AP Physics: 99
AP American history: 99
College level french (AP not offered): 100
Pre-calculus: 98
Research (third level/highest level): 99
PE: 97
Forensics and Criminology: 99
Band: 99
Highest course load offered
UW average: around 98.35
W average: around 111
AP Physics- 5
AP American- 5
AP English- 5
AP statistics (self taught)- 5
SAT II Math IIC: 780
SAT II Writing: 770
SAT II physics: 750
SAT II american history: 780
SAT I: 800 M, 760 V =1560 (first try)

Expecting to be valedictorian (1 out of 425)

Senior year classes:
AP Biology
AP Calculus BC
AP English lit
AP Government
French 5H (highest level school offers---taking AP exam on own)
AP Psychology/College-level accounting (havenít decided)

Will have great teacher and counselor recs and great essay (will post when finished)

Summer experiences:
after 9th: Johns Hopkins CTY-college level genetics (3 weeks)
independent research at Miami Children's Hospital (2.5 weeks)

after 10th: UPENN Summer Science Academy (4 weeks)
Independent research at Columbia (Institute for Cancer Genetics)-4 weeks during summer, continued throughout year

after 11th: Columbia University independent research again, planning to enter Intel (both ISEF and ISTS this year)


9th grade:
New York State School Music Association Award for receiving an "A" on a level 6 (highest level) piano audition
Interscholastic mathematics competition: 3rd place
Long Island Science Congress: Countywide achievement award
JV tennis team: best singles record on team
International Library of Poetry National Editor's choice award

10th grade:
New York City Columbus Day Parade marching band-1st place
National Museum of Natural History, Young Naturalist Award- national semi-finalist
New York State Biology Teacher's Association award: state merit award
Science Olympiads: Placed countywide for cell biology test
Nominated to attend National Youth Leadership Forums, National Youth Leadership Forum in Law, and National Youth Leadership Forum in Medicine
Long Island Math Fair: bronze medal
American Mathematics Competition- 3rd place
Toshiba Exploravision science award: National Honorable Mention Award for research concerning cochlear implants
New York State School Music Association award: level 6 "A" for piano, and "A" for trumpet
National French Contest: 10th nationally
FBLA Intro to Businessó3rd place in the county
FBLA Business Math---4th place in the state

11th grade:
same NYSSMA award as 9th and 10th grade
Nassau County Interscholastic Mathematics League: silver medal
Bausch and Lomb Science Award and scholarship
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Math and Science Award
University of Rochester Humanities/Social science award
George Washington University Engineering Medal
The Dartmouth College Book Award
National Merit Semifinalist/Finalist (anticipated)
Long Island Science Congress County WINNER, admitted to ISEF for next year
Long Island Math Fair: silver medal
National French Exam: 8th nationally
Toshiba Exploravision Award: National Honorable Mention Award
New York State Biology Teacher's Association Award: State finalist
Young Naturalist Award: national semifinalist
All County Jazz Trumpet
All County trumpet (regular)

EC's/ Leadership positions---I'm not going to post everything I've done with these clubs, but I am extremely active in all of the ones I am mentioning:

Future Business Leaders of America 4 yrs (treasurer, VP, Pres)
Tri-M Music Honor Society 3 yrs (council representative, VP)
Science National Honor Society 2 yrs (co-founder, Pres)
National Honor Society 2 yrs (Junior board position, Pres)
French National Honor Society 2 yrs (junior board position, Pres)
NOTE: for all honor societies besides music, u cannot enter until 11th grade
School newspaper 4 yrs (staff writer, news editor, assistant editor-in-chief)
South Shore Y JCC teen council 4yrs (treasurer, fundraising VP)
Key Club 4 yrs
Science Olympiads 4yrs
SADD 4 yrs
School tennis team 4 yrs (JV as a freshman, varsity other three years)

Other things:

Columbia University Science Honors program (highly selective program) 11th/12th grade
Entering Intel this year with original cancer genetics research
Piano 12 yrs
Trumpet 8 yrs
Tons of community service, including performing on piano at concerts in nursing homes (free admission, obviously)
Hebrew high school: 3 hours per week
Tutoring math and science, free of charge
Helping at local soup kitchens on my own and through World Hunger Action Club

***In 6th, 7th, and 8th grade, I was my school winner for the National Geography Bee, and in 7th grade, I was selected as a state competitor and was #1 on Long Island---I was also selected for states in 8th, but could not go due to intervening circumstances

Note: My grandfather attended Columbia U, if that helps at all

That's all I can remember off the top of my head, thanks for the help :)

By Dmxdawg (Dmxdawg) on Monday, August 02, 2004 - 05:46 pm: Edit

You're pretty much in, why are you asking, you bragging ? :) I'd say cause you're so strong you're either waitlisted or admitted with the schools you listed...

If you have a first choice, apply ED and you'll be in for sure.

By Sammo (Sammo) on Monday, August 02, 2004 - 10:19 pm: Edit

wow, you truly are an overachiever. Keep it up. And I think you can get into any school you choose.

By Sammo (Sammo) on Monday, August 02, 2004 - 10:20 pm: Edit

Please tell me my chances of admission into schools I have named, preferably Ivy League.

Korean American male, Junior in Georgia in one of the top public schools in my state

4.1 Weighted, 3.83 Unweighted GPA, Rank: 37/512 (plan to be top 5% soon)
SAT: 1430- 780 Math, 650 Verbal, trying hard to raise that verbal
- if English is 2nd language I learned, will colleges be lenient even though I have lived here since I was ten yrs old? Probably not, but just asking.
- Will take SAT IIs in Math IC, IIC, US History, Spanish
(I do not know about writing because of New SAT coming up)
should I take SAT II asap or wait, because I could take Math and Spanish now?

Taking 3 APs (U.S. History and AP Calc AB, BC) & 5 Honors this year; I will take at least 4-5 APs Senior year (Gov, Mic Econ, Stat, Spanish, Physics)

ECs (is this enough or do I need more?):
NHS- President
Habitat for Humanity- Vice President
SGA- Homeroom Rep
Key Club- Board
Beta Club- Secretary
Spanish Club
Spanish Honor Society
Math Team
Mu Alpha Theta (Math Honor Society)
Lacrosse (JV)
Concert Band
Guitar Club

Habitat for Humanity in Downtown Atlanta (summer)
Scottish Rights Childrens Hospital for 8 wks; worked with kids (summer)
Spend 2 wks in Mexico / 2 wks in Peru for Mission Trip (summer)
Praise leader for church worship band; play guitar & piano well
Teacher for Vacation Bible School for 5 yrs.
*So far I think I have about 500 hrs of volunteer work. Is that enough?*

Awards / Honors:
Honor Band (trumpet)
Concert Band (1st chair)
Student of the Month (responsibility)
World Geography
Math Team
Math Honor Society
National Honor Society
Spanish Honor Society

Schools Iím thinking of applying:
Boston U
Washington U in St. Louis
U Penn

more schools I should consider?

Majors Iím considering are East Asian Studies, History, Geography, Urban Studies, Mathematics, honestly Iím quite not sure. Is that such a bad thing?

By Sammo (Sammo) on Wednesday, August 04, 2004 - 05:49 pm: Edit

do i have chance at any of them?

By Tkdgal (Tkdgal) on Wednesday, August 04, 2004 - 10:09 pm: Edit

Sammo. Don't hijack threads - make your own! It's perfectly ok :)

OP - wow. How tough is your school!? Earning 99's and 100's is UNHEARD of at mine, except maybe for a required religion or gym class. Crazy!

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