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By Scarletbluesky (Scarletbluesky) on Monday, August 02, 2004 - 02:17 pm: Edit

Hello everyone I am new here and I wanted to know what you guys think are my chances..Here goes..

Name: Scarlet (rising Senior)
-white female
School: Public School in Maryland
Rank: 40-60/400-this was in the middle of 10th grade and I know for sure that I am at least in the top 10% now, if not the top 5%.
GPA-3.8uw/ 4.2w

I have taken 5 AP's, but will have 10 by graduation:
U.S. History-2 , Chem.-4, Lang. and Comp.-4, World History-5, and Satistics-5.
Next year I will be taking AP Literature, AP Latin IV, AP Bio, AP Euro. Hist., and I can't remember the other .

SAT-1450(700v) I will take again
SATII's-750,w 750,m 750chem. (way too many 50s)

Plan on having really good essays and recs, but you never know.

CS club-(10,11,12)-11 Info. Officer
Latin Club-(9,10,11,12)-10,11,12- President for all
National Honor Society-(11,12)-12 Vice President
Math team-(11,12) Won 1 competition (only one comp. a year)
Youth Jury-(11-12) 130 hours-this was very interesting and it is a very vital program in our community. I will have another 130hours after senior year.
I started a club at my school and will be the president next year.
Part of a Cancer research club at another school in county (11,12) no officers.
Varsity Tennis-(11,12)
Bi-lingual self taught second language

Over 300 community service hours so far
~130hours youth jury-where you sit in on cases of other teens and sentence them like a real jury.
~ 65hours of school beautification projects
~ 6 hours drug program
~ 103.5 hours at a family support center on Air Force Base.
~ 50 hours in CS club
Ran in several marathons
I plan many programs and school events each year.
CC classes- Fencing, sign language, pre-calculus, and psychology.

5 scholarships- about $11,000
Several academic, Piano, and national CS awards

So what are my chances at these schools¡K..thanks

Yale, John Hopkins, Rice, Columbia, MIT, NYU, Duke, William and Mary, Emory, Wellesley, Williams, Amherst, Cornell, Brown, and Dartmouth

By Bmwlegacy1 (Bmwlegacy1) on Monday, August 02, 2004 - 02:29 pm: Edit

Count on NYU, William and Mary, and Emory as pretty much sure bets, the rest are toss ups, except for maybe Cornell and JHU, those aren't so much of a crap shoot as the others. Choose one ED or EA and your chances will skyrocket. good luck

By Scarletbluesky (Scarletbluesky) on Monday, August 02, 2004 - 06:23 pm: Edit

Thanks Bmwlegacy1, anyone else????

By Jj111111 (Jj111111) on Monday, August 02, 2004 - 07:46 pm: Edit

i'm just curious. What kind of stuff do you do in the latin club??? I am thinking of starting one at my school.

By Scarletbluesky (Scarletbluesky) on Monday, August 02, 2004 - 09:19 pm: Edit

Well, you see that is kind of the problem with Latin clubs, there isn't too much to do. One of the major things we did last year was to figure out activities the club should do this coming year. The things that we have done in the past are...attended and competed at Latin Day at the U of Maryland College Park.....they do Video and Costume contests that pretain to that years theme as well as a whole Latin porgram. Last year they had schools come from all over so if you live in the states surrounding Maryland or Maryland you can look into that. Also we do a lot of movie nights were we watch varies Latin movies and movies about the Roman Culture. We also celebrate all the Roman holidays and we end up having parties and stuff for them. We also do tutoring and we do a trip at the end of the year to Italy. This up coming year we are planing to visit varies in Baltimore and one in New York. We also are planing on enter a kind of Latin (knowledge) Competition with other Latin Clubs in the County. Hope that helps, but really you can do what ever you want with your club. The best thing though is probably to see what you can do in your community or state Latin wise.

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