Help!Very complicated bio...Chances?? {huh}

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Discus: What Are My Chances?: March 2003 Archive: Help!Very complicated bio...Chances?? {huh}
By Abibored (Abibored) on Tuesday, March 11, 2003 - 08:50 am: Edit

This is a compact version of my very long bio, so bear with me… It is relevant.
I’m just ending my Junior year of High school in a British boarding school. I am here because my father’s job moves us around a lot. So, the family is currently residing in Beijing, China, I am here, and we are all American citizens! We also have an US address n stuff…..So do I still come onto the ‘international student’ category? Also, when asked on an application: ‘Ethnic background’, I would fall under the Asian American category, but it ain;t what anyone would expect. A lot of people in this category tend to be the Chinese or Japanese-American stereotype who make amazing grades in maths and sciences…. Unfortunately, I don’t want to be classified as one of these people because, in fact, I am a Filipino-American with some Japanese blood.
My school is pretty exclusive, and among the top 20 schools in the UK… If u wanna just see what I mean, it’s at: My grades compared to my peers aren’t exactly amazing due to the competitive edge, but I don’t lack common sense, at least. I have a pretty wide-ranging extra-curricular scene, although I am one of the few people here who still understand what that means!!! I am captain of the Judo club, although I have never entered an external competition. I am a member of the school basketball team, despite my meager height of 5 foot 2. I also attend the Philosophy Society, and sing in the Choral Society. Unlike other schools, we are examined under the AS levels currently, NOT the International Baccalaureate. I am studying English Literature, Philosophy & Ethics, Biology, and History. In all of these subjects, I am predicted higher than a B, which should count for something since they could be seen as a higher standard than ur basic high school courses.
I’ve only taken my PSATs so far, but I am planning to take the actual SAT Is and IIs within the next 3 months. My PSAT score was a 55 in Verbal, 56 in Math and 51 in Writing skills. Take note that these scores were achieved without any preparation, during one of my school breaks.
I hope to study Philosophy and Psychology back home in the US. I’m thinking of applying to the following schools: Brown (early decision); Dartmouth, Duke, Ithaca, and I haven’t decided on 2 safety colleges yet…. Any ideas? I know the schools stated above might seem too ambitious, but that’s why I am askin if I really have a chance. What would my standing be among other applicants????
Thanks for your time!!!

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