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Discus: What Are My Chances?: March 2003 Archive: Georgetown Transfer
By Ae18k (Ae18k) on Wednesday, March 05, 2003 - 03:40 pm: Edit

I am looking at transferring to McDonough Business School at Georgetown University. I was just wondering what my chances are and wanted some advice. My SATs were extremely low. I did take them two times, but for some reason I just couldn't accomplish anything. I am confident that if I were to take them a third time, I would do well, but I feel that that would look bad since I'm in college now. Who can't score higher on the SATs after they've started college? I currently have a 4.0 GPA and am attending a small liberal arts school in PA. I do have one advantage, I worked for the Pennsylvania State Police and worked in management for Harley-Davidson Motor Company in inventory control/scheduling for two years. I only spent four months with the State Police. I guess I'm asking what my chances of getting into Georgetown are if I don't retake the SATs, if my essays and recommendations are stellar, and I maintain my current GPA. BTW, my SAT scores were 1070 and 1060 respectively. As far as ECs are concerned, I worked the whole way through high school (30-35 hours per week), so I didn't have a lot of time for anything school related. I did play one year of varsity soccer, and I have some community service/volunteer work under my belt, but nothing significant. I took all the Honors and AP classes in high school and had 4 years of Latin. I think I was ranked like 68/250 and my weighted GPA was like 3.5. Any insight would be greatly apprecitated! Thanks in advance.

By Smith (Smith) on Wednesday, March 05, 2003 - 05:20 pm: Edit

I don't think it would look bad to retake your SAT's, if you are confident that you can raise your score. After all you wouldn't have to report your previous scores.

Think about it like this: If you and an identical candidate applied to Georgetown and the only thing that seperated you from the other guy was a higher SAT score, he would get in. I only say this because the candidates that you are competing against that really want to get in to Georgetown but are unhappy with their score will have retake it.

By Notegirl15 (Notegirl15) on Wednesday, March 05, 2003 - 05:30 pm: Edit

I feel compelled to warn you though...I did decide to retake the SAT II's so I can transfer with higher scores, with the same initial thoughts as Smith. However, despite the studying I did, I got 100 below what my lowest Math IIC score was in all of high school. This is after having gone through ap calc a-c, vector calc and linear algebra. It seems that my math scores go lower and lower as I progress further and further into mathematical concepts.

So yeah, basically, my advice is to think long and hard. For your situation, IMO, it looks like a good bet to try and take them again. But beware, and make sure you're well-prepared.

By Smith (Smith) on Wednesday, March 05, 2003 - 05:31 pm: Edit

One other quick thing, still SAT related: The SAT is a test designed for those in a high school curriculum, so don't assume that it is easier for college students (unless you have been taking high school level math and english classes). However, I bet with the proper preperation you could increase your score significantly.

Having said all this, I'm only making a point about your test scores because they are the only thing you have any control over at this point (other than your gpa and essay).

What EC's have you been doing at college. One thing college's always want to know is what you will bring to their college community.

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