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Discus: What Are My Chances?: April 2004 Archive: Chances at some schools-Columbia, Pomona
By Rayo (Rayo) on Thursday, April 15, 2004 - 01:30 pm: Edit

I wanted to know what my chances were for Columbia (ED), Pomona, Cornell, NYU-Stern, UCLA, UCB, USC, Wash U in St. Louis?

SAT I- first time (750M, 640 V)
second time (730 M, 670 V)
thinking about taking it again in OCt

SAT II - taking history in May, Math IIC, Writing in June

Rank - 1/780

GPA- 4.00 UW

current class schedule:

AP Physics B
Spanish III Honors
AP US HIstory
Math analysis/Calc I honors (will take calc ab test)
English III Honors

took AP Computer Science A as soph, got a 4

PSAT - 214 (70 V, 67 M, 77 W), prob commended


NHS- publicity (11), Secretary (12) (4 years)
UNICEF- publicity (11), (4 years)
Project 540 - facilitator (11), leader (12), (2 years)
Amnesty International - secretary (12), (4 years)
CSF- possibly board member (12), (3 years)
IB club- prez for 2 years, but not in IB anymore (don't really know if I should put this)

Outside school EC:
volunteer at hospital - 200+ hours
play violin (6 years), piano (9 years)

work at dental office as secretary

Top ten in class (3 years)
Principal's honor roll (3 years)
Dean's list in math (3 years)
and other school related ones I can't remember right now

schedule for senior year:
AP Statistics
AP English Language
AP Calculus II (BC)
AP Psychology
AP Economics
AP Government

my grandfather went to Columbia, should I put this on the app?
I am a CA resident

I think thats it...thanx!

By Rayo (Rayo) on Thursday, April 15, 2004 - 05:28 pm: Edit


By Jsberting (Jsberting) on Thursday, April 15, 2004 - 06:33 pm: Edit

6 aps? :/~ im not any where near senior year but it looks like u just want to impress colleges

By Greskel (Greskel) on Thursday, April 15, 2004 - 09:26 pm: Edit

...well, it looks like you're nowhere near senior year. A lot of people these days take more than 5 APs, and some even take as much as 11.

There's also this crazy guy who took 25 (independent study).

By Ohlookasquirrel (Ohlookasquirrel) on Thursday, April 15, 2004 - 10:07 pm: Edit

How do you take eleven in one year?

I take a lot of AP's, all of my classes this year are AP's, and all of my classes next year are AP's.

But that only puts me at ten ap's total, not even in one year.

That said, I do take half days of school.

But honestly, I thought there were only twenty or so AP tests even offered, how can one take 25 even with independent study?

And more importantly, how can you take eleven? How do you have eleven classes in one year??

Unless you attend school 8-7pm, that seems pretty impossible to me.

By Rayo (Rayo) on Friday, April 16, 2004 - 04:08 pm: Edit


By Rachelvish (Rachelvish) on Friday, April 16, 2004 - 11:13 pm: Edit

Put your grandfather on the transcript since he is in your immediate family.. I think you have a 50% chance for columbia, a good chance for NYU.

By Sns22022 (Sns22022) on Saturday, April 17, 2004 - 02:46 pm: Edit

Greskel...25 AP's? Crazy

By Velvetoneo (Velvetoneo) on Sunday, April 18, 2004 - 12:51 pm: Edit

More than 50% Chance at Columbia. I've known people with worse extracurriculars and class rank, along with SATs 80 points lower than yours, who've gotten in.

By Starchybean (Starchybean) on Sunday, April 18, 2004 - 01:28 pm: Edit

Uhh, you have a good chance at both... your GPA and class rank are, well... perfect, your SAT scores are quite fine, as are your extracurriculars. And you're taking a rigorous schedule it seems, so what's the big deal?

By Rayo (Rayo) on Monday, April 19, 2004 - 08:10 pm: Edit


anyone else?

By Garland (Garland) on Thursday, April 22, 2004 - 10:02 am: Edit

Just to let you know, the Columbia app does not ask for legacy connections, only where your parents went. My son's grandfather went to Columbia, too, but he didn't put it down (also, at the info session I asked, and they said they don't count grandparents, unfortunately.)

By Nyc292 (Nyc292) on Thursday, April 22, 2004 - 07:59 pm: Edit

My school only offers 9 AP Classes:
AP Calc, AP Stats, AP English, AP Euro, AP US Hist 2, AP Physics, AP Bio, AP Chem, AP Psych.
We used to offer AP Spanish & Italian (we only have 3 languages offered total. those 2 & the highest latin is latin 3)

This year it's only possible for me to take 1 AP, AP US Hist 2. I could have taken an AP Science except Physics, b/c junior year the more advanced people take physics hon & then senior year is when they take the AP class. Except for sciences & AP US Hist 2, only seniors are allowed to take AP classes.

In total, I'll only have taken 4 by the time I graduate & I plan to apply to BU & Syracuse for communications. I don't think my list of AP classes would be very impressive to them. Next year, instead of going on to Spanish 5H, I'm taking Physics H. It will be 3H, 1AP & 1 reg. How is that? Is it a smart move to stop Span (more geared towards communications - advertising/marketing) or to take it & skip physics? (I don't want to take physics in college) I intend to take the SAT IIs in spanish.

By Jimjunior (Jimjunior) on Thursday, April 22, 2004 - 09:41 pm: Edit

For the person who said 50% at Columbia I doubt that. I had these stats and got waitlisted
35 ACT (1570 equivelant)
780 average SATiis
230 psat
4.0 uw
Captain of both sports teams I play on and work full time construction every summer (35 hours/week)

I got in Pomona though

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