Chances for good NY/LA/Chicago school w/ pre-med program

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Discus: What Are My Chances?: April 2004 Archive: Chances for good NY/LA/Chicago school w/ pre-med program
By Owen (Owen) on Saturday, April 10, 2004 - 01:33 am: Edit

Hello. I'm a high school junior in Bakersfield, California looking for a school in either NYC, LA, or Chicago areas. Although I have not made any drastic decisions as far as majors, I'm leaning towards medicine. Here are my stats:
GPA: Between 4.5 and 4.6
RANK: at least top 3% of 180
SAT: 800M, 630V (I've taken it twice, first time 680M, 570V and plan to take it once more in the fall to boost V)
SATII: taking in May
COURSELOAD: Taken most challenging coarseload possible, next year will be all AP/Honors
EC's: Soccer, student government (president), peer counseling, student ambassador, work every day after school

What do you guys think? I'd like to think that I'm well rounded and all, but compared to some of you all...!

TIA, Owen

By Skulkarni1 (Skulkarni1) on Saturday, April 10, 2004 - 03:37 pm: Edit

how can ur GPA be between a 4.5 and a 4.6? btw...unweighted gpa is what what's ur unweighted gpa?

By Owen (Owen) on Saturday, April 10, 2004 - 05:43 pm: Edit

My Overal CUM is 4.57. That is on a 4 point scale with honors/AP recieving 5 points. Please note that - grades subtract .3 points and + grades add .3 points. I'm not sure exactly what you mean by unweighted GPA. I'm assuming that means without the extra point for honors/AP classes. That would make my unweighted GPA 3.93 since I have taken 19 honors/AP classes in the 30 classes I have taken. Thanks for your reply

By Gameguy56 (Gameguy56) on Saturday, April 10, 2004 - 07:23 pm: Edit

Look at Northwestern, NYU, or UCLA.

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