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Discus: What Are My Chances?: April 2004 Archive: Colleges I can go to?
By Stinkou53 (Stinkou53) on Wednesday, April 07, 2004 - 09:52 pm: Edit

Hey Everyone I am into my third trimester of my sophomore year. I was wondering if I kept up how I was doing what colleges I could get in to. These are all normal courses. I am in the tenth grade.

Spanish: B B+
English: B+ B+
Geometry: A- A-
Chemistry: A A
This all factors out to a GPA of 3.63. I am going to bump this third try to try to get all in the A range. Still one tri to go.
I got a 1150 to 1250 range on my PSATs as a sophomore when I took them in early fall. I didn't know any geometry really then so I am going to have a pretty good score
Extra Work
I do occasional volunteer work. I stopped going to Model UN but I can rejoin. I have done, for two year both Football and Track.
I go to a private school in Pennsylvania and received High-Honors last trimester and regular the one before. My mom went to UoVirginia and my grandmother went to UoPenn.

I am taking AP Bio and AP US History for my junior year. I will also take regular pre-calc, Spanish 4, and English.

What schools would you recommend for me if I am curious about going into business?

I really want to go to UoPenn. Is this possible with my grades and going through the legacy program? If not, how much do I need to improve my grades? Any other Ivies a possiblity?

By Stinkou53 (Stinkou53) on Wednesday, April 07, 2004 - 10:56 pm: Edit


By Mochika88 (Mochika88) on Wednesday, April 07, 2004 - 11:20 pm: Edit

stinkou i have an A in everything but physics and math as long as i can push hard this mp and keep it up we can go to harvard :) and its good to see you were sensible enough to quit Model UN to pull up your grades, I quit wrestling and Extempt Forensics here as well

By Newyork20 (Newyork20) on Thursday, April 08, 2004 - 11:04 am: Edit

probably a state school, or you could even start with a community college. I see these options as your best odds at a higher education. The ivy's is a little to much of a stretch for you. But, you can bring it up (GPA) and ddo good on the SAT's obviouisly. Good Luck.

By Stargzrlilychk1 (Stargzrlilychk1) on Thursday, April 08, 2004 - 11:33 am: Edit

first off, where in pa? im right outside of philly.

second off, a community college??? it bugs me when ppl on these boards think, ok if you don't get >1400, then it's a community college for you!(not that they're bad or anything though)
there's LOADS of great schools that you don't need PERFECT scores to get into.

if you think that you can get that SAT up into the 1250-1300 range and bump up your gpa, here's some good ideas:

Penn State (U Park)
Rowan (NJ)

you could apply to penn too b/c you're a legacy, so it might help.

also, having geometry DOES help a lot for the SATs. my score went up like 100 points between the beginning of sophomore and the end of junior year.

By Stinkou53 (Stinkou53) on Thursday, April 08, 2004 - 08:48 pm: Edit

haha yeah, I haven't actually taken the SATs yet. I expect them to be somewhere around 1350+ atleast. PSATs are for Juniors. I got letters from NYU, UoChicago, and Brown among other schools from my PSATs. I am not sure why someone recomended me a community college. It's like 3.63 out of 4. It's an A- average.

By Acennace (Acennace) on Thursday, April 08, 2004 - 09:42 pm: Edit

Don't worry. My stats are lower than you in many ways (1290 SAT, 3.6 GPA), but I still got into UVA. Community College? NO!

The problem now is... what kind of school you want to attend. Small or large population, party school or no, etc. I want to know your criterias of a great school so I can give you some suggestions.

By Stinkou53 (Stinkou53) on Thursday, April 08, 2004 - 10:10 pm: Edit

Well I am wondering what my shots are at Ivy Leagues, especially Penn. How much would I need to improve? In terms of size, I don't want a really small school. I want to go into business. I also don't want to go too far out from Pennsylvania.

By Taching2006 (Taching2006) on Thursday, April 08, 2004 - 11:36 pm: Edit

Whoever recommended community college is prolly just bitter. You have really good grades. You have a shot in the ivys.

By Acennace (Acennace) on Friday, April 09, 2004 - 12:14 am: Edit

It's actually hard to predict the chance for the Ivies. Make Ivies your reach schools and find some schools for your matches and safeties. I suggest you to look into these wonderful colleges:
-Boston C.
-Boston U.
-UVA (good deal especially with your legacy)

By Ultimatejude (Ultimatejude) on Friday, April 09, 2004 - 12:18 am: Edit

Post removed.

By Stinkou53 (Stinkou53) on Friday, April 09, 2004 - 01:13 am: Edit

Thanks guys. I have really loaded up next year in terms of two APs. I really work well if I am under constant pressure with work up my butt. If I get my grades up to like a 3.7 or 3.8. How does that look for Ivy's? Have I hurt my chances a lot with a "bad" soph year?

By Rana (Rana) on Friday, April 09, 2004 - 01:14 pm: Edit

Ivys are tough to get in to, even with "perfect" scores and grades, but why are you only considering them? There are lots of other great schools who would love to have someone with your grades and drive AND will give you a great environment for learning and prep for grad schools. What majors are you considering? That will help us all come up with some really top-notch non-ivy alternatives...

By Stinkou53 (Stinkou53) on Friday, April 09, 2004 - 05:18 pm: Edit

I was thinking maybe Economics, Philosophy, or Business Management. Something along those lines.

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