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By Perintastic (Perintastic) on Monday, April 05, 2004 - 01:33 am: Edit

(i posted this at admissions too, but i'm thinking that there may be a different crowd on this board and it's related to both topics. mods, feel free to delete)

i was waitlisted at george washington and nyu. i'm not interested in nyu, so i'm telling them that.

i want to go to GW. really badly. especially because it's either get in there or go to binghamton, which i HATE (i could also go to u of delaware but my mom won't let me). i might meet with admissions this weekend to talk about this and i'm wondering if i should just give up now.

i haven't done anything interesting since i applied, and my senior schedule is ridiculously weak. nothing makes me stand out from other kids, and i'm not entirely likable so i don't know how i'll be able to convince these folks that i should be admitted to their school. my mom is telling me that i have no idea what i'm doing (although she supports my decision to keep trying), and i feel like such crap that i'm willing to give up. what's keeping me in this is how badly i want to stay the hell away from binghamton, and my mom is like, "just shut up about hating it, shut up about delaware, and accept that you're going to wind up there" and then tells me, "don't get your hopes up about george washington, and you have no idea about admissions at all" so what makes her think that i shouldn't just give the hell up now??

i donno. tell me what you think. is it worth a shot? here's my stats:

SAT- 1370 (690m, 680v) but the highest test was 1350 (670m, 680v)...idk which gw counts lol
SAT II- 770 (math 1), 770 (physics), 750 (writing)
rank- 16/152
WGPA- 4.317 (about a 93)
few ECs- four years of chorus/one year vocal ensemble, two years knowledge masters, two years mathletes, was the lead in the play freshman year (but i changed schools to where we only have musicals which i'm not interested in), one year community service club. this really screwed me over.
national merit finalist
one very good essay, one good essay (so i believe), fabulous teacher recs, stellar counselor rec

only 3 AP's, calc AB, spanish, physics, no 5's. everything else (except electives and senior year classes) was taken accelerated, even things like english and history that i'm technically not allowed to advance past grade level in. i have a weak senior schedule because i maxed out math and spanish, AP bio and AP lit didn't interest me, and AP gov't didn't fit in my schedule.

what my mom says makes me stand out (i'm not sure though) is that from k to 9th grade i went to a private school for gifted kids where they put me a year or two ahead in every subject. so after the school ended and i went to public school sophomore year, i didn't have any classes with other 10th graders, most were senior or junior classes. this kind of fizzled out though and i didn't take as many APs as i could have because i was going through a lot of stress at home (but we all know that in the real world, NO ONE CARES!).

i donno. do you think it's worth a shot? everyone's surprised i didn't get in at all but i figure EC's and a lack of AP's are what killed me, and i don't have much of an explanation for that. and i'm a bitter, evil, socially phobic person so i don't even think they'll like me when they meet me. =/

i donno. i just don't know. fhjdsfhjsajkj

By Ohio_Mom (Ohio_Mom) on Monday, April 05, 2004 - 07:16 pm: Edit

I'm surprised you didn't get in, too. And no, don't give up. Here are the waitlist stats from last year (USNWR):

Qualified applicants placed on waiting list: 1,826
Applicants accepting a place on waiting list: 818
Students enrolled from waiting list: 147

First off, did your GC call and *ask* them what the problem was? If not, he/she/it could do that for you so you would have a clue. I would also check my essays and see if there could be something there that could be the problem.

Before this weekend, became as familiar with GW as you can - especially the departments of interest, professors of interest, and specific research. Even if you are bitter and evil, it won't show so much if you can was enthusiastic about Prof. X's ground-breaking research into - mutants, I guess. This can lead to more positive consersation about what you and your math ability and enthusiasm can offer GW.

Now you also have to come up with something you did senior year that is positive. Maturing emotionally, maybe. Think hard about this one. You are a smart kid, but just going to a gifted program does not define you as a person.

There is a quote by Henry Ford at our equestrian barn:
If you think you can - you are right.
If you think you cannot - you are right.

For your meeting to go well, you've got to be positive and upbeat. Maybe music would help. Good luck and let me know if you decide to do the meeting.

By Julibean008 (Julibean008) on Friday, April 09, 2004 - 08:40 pm: Edit

My friend is waitlisted too.
The principal is writing a letter to the school saying how great she is. She made contact with an alum who contacted the admissions office. She's sending an update letter that will also restate her interest in the school.

Maybe these things can help.
Why doesn't your mom want you to go to UDel? I like the school a lot, maybe you should talk to her about it again.

By Caitlan2005 (Caitlan2005) on Friday, April 09, 2004 - 09:49 pm: Edit

I'm really suprised you did not get in. I really want to to go GW to and my stats are a lot weaker than yours. I agree with Ohio Mom. If you show them how much you truly are excited about GW then it gives you a chance. You most likely were waitlisted not because you are underqualified but simly because no one saw a spark in you (a piece of paper doesn't do much justice). You can change that.

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