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By Flyattreelevel (Flyattreelevel) on Saturday, January 31, 2004 - 10:34 am: Edit

Hey Iím a junior starting to look at colleges, and I want to know if I have a chance at the ones Iím looking at so far.

SAT I: Math 660; Verbal 750; Total 1410
I took it twice and took practice tests, and I canít seem to raise this score, so my final score will probably be around a 1410-1430.

SAT IIís: Writing 720; Biology 770; U.S. History 600

Junior Year Schedule and Grades
My final grades are all almost locked in, so assuming I donít mess up anything thereís like a 99% chance Iíll end the year with the following grades in the following classes.

AP Chemistry Ė A
AP English Lan Ė B
AP American Hist Ė A
AP European Hist Ė B
AP Environmental Science Ė A
AP Psychology Ė B
Honors Algebra II - A

Senior Year Schedule
AP Biology
AP English Lang
AP Economics/Government
AP World History
Honors Spanish III
Chorus (required)
Human anatomy (local community college)
Accounting math (local community college)

GPA after 11th grade will be a 3.51 unweighted and a 4.73 weighted
GPA 9th grade was 3.5uw/4.17w; 10th grade was 3.42uw/4.28w; 11th grade will probably be 3.57uw/5.50w (yes 5.50)
Rank will be about 60th Ė 66th out of 700 so about top 9%
My school is very competitive and is ranked in the top 50 public schools
I took THE most competitive courseload possible. In 9th grade I took all honors core classes, and in 10th grade I took 4 honors, 1 AP class, and Spanish (regular since thatís all they had).

I took the AP test for human geography so far and got a 4
I have 6 more AP tests to take at the end of this year and 4 more to take at the end of next year


-Member of Key Club, FBLA, Spanish honors society, Amnesty International, Ecology Club, Biology Club
-Vice-president of ecology club, treasurer of FBLA
-Iíve had a job at a computer store 5-12 hours a week since mid-10th grade
-Last summer I spent at the library and got 350 community-service hours and I will have 400+ by the time I graduate
-I had no clubs or ECís during 9th grade, but I donít think that matters
-Although I donít have an established business, I do often partake in eCommerce and Iím sure that can be considered an EC

The schools Iím interested in are:
Cornell (1st choice and I want to get into it MUCH more than the other ones listed)
U of Chicago
UVA (out of state)
UNC-Chapel Hill (out of state)

How are my chances at them? If theyíre not so good what can I do to improve them?

By Flyattreelevel (Flyattreelevel) on Saturday, January 31, 2004 - 01:42 pm: Edit


By Flyattreelevel (Flyattreelevel) on Saturday, January 31, 2004 - 03:36 pm: Edit


By Acinommta (Acinommta) on Saturday, January 31, 2004 - 06:33 pm: Edit

Wow: I'm a junior, and in many respects my stats are similar to yours. You're taking quite a large amount of AP courses, which should be very impressive if can excell in all of them. I'm not sure what your chances are for the schools that you listed, but it would always help if you chose a unique activity to make your passion and focus a lot on that. (For example, I'm really into math/science, and I've done some independent research and internships.) I don't know what you're interested in, but it might be a good idea to participate in state/national contests relating to your subject of interested in (essay contests, etc.) Good luck in your future endeavors.

By Flyattreelevel (Flyattreelevel) on Saturday, January 31, 2004 - 10:36 pm: Edit

Acinommta: I am going into biology, although I also like business related things. Do you have any recommendations as to where I can do science-related essay contests? I'll also look into an internship or something of the sort at a nearby college. Thanks for the advice.

By Leejwwc (Leejwwc) on Saturday, January 31, 2004 - 10:43 pm: Edit

If you're serious about Cornell
Retake US History (get around 700 if possible)

GPA definitely needs to go up. I don't know if it will be possible, but work hard and try to pull strait A's. The lowest GPA you should have is a 3.8 unweighted, b/c most competitive applicants will have that or more.

You're SAT's are fine. A 1400+ is competitive almost anywhere. I would suggest concentrating your energies elsewhere.

As a direct consequence of raising your GPA, your class rank will and needs to go up. Although I admit rank is pretty futile considering the great disparity in difficulty from school to school, a 60 does look pretty bad. You should rank at least in top 5%.

In regards to your EC's, volunteerism is what will shine on your app. 400+ hrs looks great if you can do it. It shows both commitment and self-sacrifice. Keep it up. The rest of your EC's look fine.

Well thats just my 2 cents. Good luck. btw, what school do you go to that's top 50?


By Acinommta (Acinommta) on Saturday, January 31, 2004 - 11:16 pm: Edit

Flyattreelevel: I don't know of any science-related essay contests, but I have heard of the Concord Essay Contest, if you're talented in history. Anyways, if you're into Biology, you might want to consider competing in the USA Biology Olympiad, and even if you don't make to the international level, success in this competition will look very good. I personally have pursued independent research in physics/chemistry, and I'm sure there also interesting research topics in biology that you could look into.

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