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Discus: What Are My Chances?: January 2003 Archive: Freshman seeking guidance
By Akt88 (Akt88) on Wednesday, January 15, 2003 - 03:14 pm: Edit

Sorry, I know this is for juniors and seniors...but I just want some advice from people who've gone through college applications.
My question: Would two C+'s really make your college transcript look bad? I've only taken 1 sport and 1 club, and I feel like a really wasted my freshman year...

By Hopeful (Hopeful) on Wednesday, January 15, 2003 - 04:10 pm: Edit

well, all colleges like to see improvement and dedication. this is my suggestion; get all A's(or as close as possible ) next yr, work ur ass off for them, also stay in this one club and 1 sport, and possibly join another sport or club or community service activity. good luck!

By AzN_Cowboy on Wednesday, January 15, 2003 - 04:11 pm: Edit

No man it's alright. Don't worry about it. Just begin to hustle more. It's only your Freshman year. Work harder in the future. You have many more chances to improve yourself academically. Don't waste them.

Good Luck from a fellow Freshman

By cornellian on Wednesday, January 15, 2003 - 07:40 pm: Edit

I got a C+ in sophomore year english, and I was accepted to Cornell early decision. So obviously it's not horrible. But I also had a great improvement in junior year.

By Jive Turkey on Wednesday, January 15, 2003 - 08:50 pm: Edit

Yeah, your college life is pretty much over now. But if you push real hard for the next few years you just might get into a nice community college, and get a cozy job at a newspaper stand.

By asdf on Wednesday, January 15, 2003 - 10:10 pm: Edit

lol, ouch

By koil on Wednesday, January 15, 2003 - 11:03 pm: Edit

jive turkey is an idiot. ignore his post. maybe b/c hes headed to community college with his 700 SAT hes lashing out at the world.

first of all get a C might not ruin your chances. it all depends on what kind of school you want to go to. ivy? top25? top50? tier 2? look at that factor

i dont think colleges would mind much. high school is a big transition from middle school and with it being ur first yr and all i know college adcoms would understand.

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