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By Slayer (Slayer) on Monday, January 26, 2004 - 10:55 am: Edit

How is this essay to use for a couple scholarships asking to write about a person who has influenced my life?

And in the real essay, it says Ms. G**** not Ms. G, i just blocked it out...

yall can be honest. i'm sure this is really bad and I know I'm not like ivy caliber or outstanding essay writer or anything. but tell me how you think it is. thanks :)

It’s not an uncommon occurrence to find Ms. G laughing hysterically at one thing or another; oftentimes, though I have no idea what could possibly be so funny, I find myself beginning to chuckle along with her. S. G’s energy is contagious. As a history teacher and the sponsor of my school’s Broadcast Journalism department, Ms. G informs, enlightens, and inspires all of her students—myself included.
When I walked into my ninth grade Civics class, I despised all types of economic, legal, and political matters. As far as I was concerned, the happenings of the world that weren’t on MTV had no relevance to my life. Ms. G opened my eyes. Her zany teaching methods had me quickly engrossed in the mechanics of the American legal system. I acted out the part of Johnny Cochran and presided as OJ Simpson’s lawyer in one of our mock trials. I learned about the work that goes into an election as I organized a pseudo-campaign to elect Oprah Winfrey President. I witnessed firsthand the ups and downs of the stock market as I tracked NASDAQ’s Hershey and Guess reports from week to week. The fervent classroom style of Ms. G got me excited about subjects I never thought I’d care about. Though adamant in her own beliefs, she persuaded me to be informed and make my own opinions. “The world is yours,” she told me. “But to win the game, you have to know how to play! If you want to make your mark out there, you need to know the way things function.”
She pointed out to me my potential for leadership. First encouraging me to run for office my freshman year, she continued to support me as I served for four years as my class’ only female member of student government. For three years with our Broadcast Journalism program, Ms. G wholeheartedly championed for me as I expressed my creativity and opinions through “W***’s” biweekly television productions. Under her guidance I fell in love with the field of journalism. Incidentally, my positive experiences under her leadership are what have inspired me to want to further my exploration of journalism.
My entire high school career Ms. G’s influence has driven me to achieve some of my proudest accomplishments. “Get involved,” she professed. “Find the things you care about and step up. Dedicate yourself, work hard, and enjoy what you do! You can’t just follow what everyone always tells you to. You have an obligation to think for yourself and to lead others!” She’s a single working mom, a brilliant educator, a dedicated club sponsor, and an intelligent, passionate woman whose selflessness could even light up the face of Ebenezer Scrooge. She’s more than a teacher; she’s a mentor, inspiration, and friend. Without S. G's motivation, I wouldn’t have a fraction of the self confidence and the will to succeed I possess today. By believing in me, Ms. G taught me to believe in myself.

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