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Discus: What Are My Chances?: January 2004 Archive: Darmouth Interview
By Ivybound01 (Ivybound01) on Tuesday, January 20, 2004 - 06:41 pm: Edit

Hey everyone,

Just wondering if you could eval. my chances for Dartmouth RD. I'm wondering if I need (I've heard of people saying that Dartmouth's int.s are strictly optional and that people that have problems/need a boost should have one b/c it can only help). I would have to drive a 6 hour roundtrip drive, but I'm willing to do it b/c I really like Dartmouth and I want to express interest, esp. since I sent in the first form/decided to apply late and forgot to put things like I watched their video and used their FInaid calc. under the interest section. I also was unable to attend the group info. session 6 hrs. roundtrip away either earlier this year.

Here are my stats:

I have a 4.0 uw gpa and I'm 1 (although shared with 10+ people)in a class of about 200 or 5 in the same class weighted. I have Most rig. curriculum and all A's on my mid-yr report.

SAT is in the lower 1500's and I have an 760 sat II average.

I go to school in the midwest

Ec's: Sr. class president (been in stud. gov. for 2 yrs), a club prez and founder (last two yrs), another club's prz and founder (last two yrs), and prez of another club (last two yrs). Secretary of another club (been in it for 3 yrs) and membership in 3 other clubs (1yr only b/c of scheduling conflicts) to 4 yrs (Key club), NHS (2 yrs), etc.

I'm worried that b/c most of my ec's are in the last two yrs. I didn't 'just' do them for college. In most cases, I didn't have things planned out, I had other clubs and was too busy to join, or I wasn't elected.

Weakness: I have some leadership awards but they won't be recognizable b/c they're not famous or anything, and some math/sci awards, and some general academic awards. I don't have anything national and I think my awards list is where I falter...but I can't do anything about it now.

I'm an asian girl wanting to major math, possibly engineering at Dart.


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