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Discus: What Are My Chances?: January 2004 Archive: Chances for Emory, Tulane, Duke, UVA
By Ladybajan (Ladybajan) on Tuesday, January 20, 2004 - 06:11 pm: Edit

Okay you all were really scaring me cause I thought I could get into Tulane easily. And Emory with around a 1320 which was the average score for 50% or more. But now I am kinda wondering. . . so could anyone tell me what my chances are because for some reason I thought just because I wanted to stay in Georgia and go to Emory that I would get in with some work. And after a recent change in school in my junior year, I lost my 4.0 so. . .

Unweighted GPA: 3.97
Weighted GPA: I don't know, have one B and rest all A's. One AP for now. 19 creds.
African American Christian female
SAT: Take it this Saturday but I expect around 1340.
SAT II: When Emory says it recommended, is that a sly way of saying you had better. I guess I'll take the writing and biology.
Top 10%
Not a lot of extracurriculars:
80 hours of community service
1 year of track
Outside school:
Tennis(3 yrs), swimming(7 yrs), dancing(2yrs), martial arts,and piano (4 yrs, but only one when I was actually in highschool)
Work Experience: 2 yrs of being a receptionist at a doctor's office over the summer.
Most Honors classes in fresh and soph.
AP English junior year. Next year AP English and AP Statistics

Far Reaches but if I get like a 1420 SAT.
1. Yale (These two are my mother's dream schools for me not mine, though.)
2. Harvard
3. Duke

More my Level
1. UVA (Don't know about this one, heard it is hard to get into)
2. Emory

1. Tulane
2. UGA
3. UNC @ Chapel Hill (hopefully)

By Ladybajan (Ladybajan) on Tuesday, January 20, 2004 - 06:13 pm: Edit

Also I don't know if those extra curriculars out of school count. Can anyone clarify about which extra curriculars colleges like?

By Wanttotransfer (Wanttotransfer) on Tuesday, January 20, 2004 - 07:01 pm: Edit

Well, let's put it this way. I got a 1310 on my SAT and got into Emory (I'm from Rhode Island). I really don't think you need SAT II; if they say it's not mandatory, then it's not. I think that if you want to go to Emory, you should express A LOT of interest. They have a checklist of all the the contacts you've made with Emory on the application; I hope you checked at least three of them! I recall checking the boxes that had contact w/ alumni, students, viewing their CD (of the campus, etc.), stuff like that. If you show interest, that will def. make your chances of getting in higher.

By Ladybajan (Ladybajan) on Tuesday, January 20, 2004 - 07:39 pm: Edit

Thanks, Did you take the SAT II? I have an appointment to visit in February. Although, they might take into consideration that I live in the state so it wasn't all that hard for me. Did you have family or friends that go there?

By Wahoos (Wahoos) on Tuesday, January 20, 2004 - 09:19 pm: Edit

You have a good shot at UVA, Duke I'd say about a 40 % chance

By Dewey (Dewey) on Tuesday, January 20, 2004 - 10:05 pm: Edit

UNC definitely is not a safety if you're out of state...and same with UVA- hard for out of staters. But I think you have a good chance of getting into Emory.

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