How to raise SAT I score by 150 points in a couple months!!!

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Discus: What Are My Chances?: January 2003 Archive: How to raise SAT I score by 150 points in a couple months!!!
By whatsup on Sunday, January 12, 2003 - 04:00 pm: Edit

I have done everything I can to prepare for the SAT I. I have done all of the practice tests in the 10 Real SATs book, but I have consistently scored between 1350 and 1400 on them. :( Although I do well on sentence completions and analogies, I have a very difficult time on the critical reading, which is bringing down my verbal score. As for the math, I always make stupid mistakes. Please help me; I need to raise my score to the 1500+ range!!!

By Weidamengxing (Weidamengxing) on Sunday, January 12, 2003 - 04:03 pm: Edit

dude, do the 10 real SAT readings over 2 more times, don't memorize the answer. Think about what will the testmaker be looking for while reading. understand why each wrong option was given, how do they intentionally wanted to trick u.

By David Weiss on Sunday, January 12, 2003 - 04:25 pm: Edit

get the kaplan sat book, take some tests-it's the best book around, not counting the 10 real

By 1210 to a 1440 after PReview on Sunday, January 12, 2003 - 05:22 pm: Edit


By asdfasd on Sunday, January 12, 2003 - 06:38 pm: Edit

1550 SAT I, 1600 junior PSAT after sophomore PSAT uh...1300? the what you got wrong...KNOW why you got them wrong..and just don't make the same type of mistake again...that's what I did.

best of luck to you.

By smilinchick on Wednesday, January 15, 2003 - 12:10 am: Edit

did u take any prep classes

By Burberry (Burberry) on Wednesday, January 15, 2003 - 12:43 am: Edit

go to the library. check out 3-5 practice books. take every single test. i locked myself in my room for 2 weeks straight during the summer and took 1 practice test a day = 14 tests = 50+ hours of prep.
score improved by 200 points.
prep classes are a waste of time and money.

By Mike on Thursday, January 16, 2003 - 12:10 am: Edit

Take the Princeton Review!!!!!!!!!! i went in and i was like, this is stupid, but just the fact that you are taking practice tests every weekend will raise your score. i went in with a 1430 and about a month and a half later took the SAT and got 1560, email me about it, i was really happy

By Nikolas on Thursday, January 16, 2003 - 12:38 am: Edit

Read Moby Dick, and think about the book...that's what I did, and what my sister did...800 verbal for both of us :)

Math...I just went in and took it...800 fun stuff :)

The review books bored me to death...I quit looking at the one my friend had after five minutes. Too boring...get a real book, preferably with a good plot, and read it & think about it in depth & talk about it with someone.

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