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By Ubiquitous (Ubiquitous) on Friday, January 16, 2004 - 12:35 am: Edit

Duke is the exit, but, which? -unknown. The following is what I've accomplished in my travels upon my own highway; I'm quickly approaching the exit and I would like you to add an extra detail or two to my road map.

Well, Okay.
Second Semester Freshman @ ECU(as stated below, which was originally posted December 8th, '03, and provided for extra info).

First semester finished on the dean's list with a 3.785 @ top 5% (210/3,569) I had a remedial in there...,oi. Now I'm in basic college
algebra which is a complete waste of time and money. My advisor was like: "Uhh...Calculus? Look son, I just don't want to see you get your as* kicked by it, so lets wait." Despite all my effort to convince him otherwise, he
wouldn't budge--that jerk.

By the way, I changed my major to Comp. Science.

Anyway, with that darn, confounded math class, my 14 semester hours will only
count as 12. SHooT!
I am enrolled in 7 classes now(21 semester hours) and I will be getting 6
credits for Italian Level 2(by pass level 1). So, come may of this year, I will have 36 Credits and there is NO WAY in hell that I'll be getting anything less than a 3.9 this semester.

Now, with that being said. If you'll
look over my nauseating secondary school record and incorporate that into your advice, it would help quite a bit, and I would be highly appreciative

I have become good friends with an individual who is known as a "Computer whiz," and was accepted to MIT. Needless to say, he's knowledgable. He has already began teaching me
about MS DOS functions and programming, and now - the third day into our relationship - I know how to access distant computers and retrieve
information, command my computer to certain lower-level operations from a DOS Command prompt, and within the next day or two, I'll be learning how to access distant, uncrypted wireless networks, and work with/manipulate C++ (programming).

I don't know why I listed all of that, but I guess it gives you an idea of what I have going for me here with the people I'm surrounded by.

-I'm now a Brother of PKA, and hold the Risk Awareness Chair, I was the only one who would take it because of it's work intensive reputation.
-Student Gov. Senator
-Worked at Vector Marketing firm over winter break and was promoted twice w/in 2 days.
-Leadership Program (9 sessions, 2hrs each throughout semester)

advice! Please!


P.s. - MIT is now a goal for Graduate work, and Harvard isn't really much of a desire anymore... I don't want any of my info to condratict itself or seem lop-sided, if you will, haha.

Be constructive guys, Thanks

Okay, here it goes. {Sigh}

Grew up in Fairfield, CT (where about 40% of my peers were accepted to Ivy
and Patriot league schools) and went through high school looking around and
at the floor like "Whoa, interesting. Why am I here?"[Ambiguous(School and life)]

Not to dump too much on the audience, but I sufferred moderate depression
for the duration of Soph, Junior, and Senior years. This - as unfortunate as
it is - is the pathetic justification for the downright terrible credentials
that I am about to list.

2.94 GPA
990 SAT 520 Math
470 Verbal :'(
4 yrs Italian Club
1 yr Stock Investment Club
1 yr Snowboarding Club

2 yrs JV Golf
2 yrs Varisty Golf(Div I state champs)

throughout those four years, worked the following jobs:

Caddy: Summer 99,00,01,02,03
Gap Sales Associate: 08/00 - 01/01
Greenskeeper[Golf Coarse] Summer 01
Bus Boy: 08/01 - 10/01
Bar Tender-Coffee shoppe 11/01 - 01/02
Marshalls-Sales Associate 11/02 - 4/03

I am now a freshman at East Carolina University enrolled under a Business
Mgmt Major. I have been as uncomfortable here for the last 4 months as an
American soldier surrounded by 5 Iraqis with guns(Interesting analogy, eh?)
Needless to say, I want to get the heck out of here. At the end of high
school when it was time to fill out applications, I looked around and
noticed what type of position I had put myself in. I couldn't bear to show
my face because I felt like such an idiot. Much like I do here, but I've
realized that effort helps. haha.

( : \ )

I have approximately a 3.8 right now, but there are still a few
opportunities left to boost it to a 4.0. As of late I have taken a
ridiculously profound interest in Computers and I will actually be changing
my major to Computer Science/Engineering tomorrow. The thing is - I have
incredibly high goals set for myself that which cannot, well...be 'unset,'
if you will.
Obviously the fact that I did so poorly on my SATs is what will keep me from
going to the places I really want to go, or will they?

Math was never my favorite subject throughout high school, but now I enjoy
it quite a bit. I was placed in Remedial Math once I took the placement test
at Orientation here(obviously I'm going to be placed in low math if I hate
it) but I have about a 97 in that class right now, and I'm confident that I
take on anything - reasonable that is. My goal is, like I said, to change
majors and take on a whole new course load of work consisting of Physics and
Calculus. The average advisor would probably consider me looney for the
desire to attempt Calculus, but I am going to take it regardless and get an
A. I have plans to transfer to North Carolina State University because of
their Engineering program after this year, but the thing that I am doubtful
about; however, is my goal or desire that I mentioned earlier. I want to go
to MIT or Harvard from NC State, and hopefully as Undergrad, but I don't
even know if it is humanly possible. I wouldn't hesitate to think that
you're laughing on the floor right now, normally, but I am so motivated that
I am oblivious negative feeling.

You hear stories about people transferring into Ivy League schools from
Community colleges occasionally, so I figure that I have a decent shot at it
as long as I have some guidance. I plan on taking the SAT again next fall.
If I study all summer and learn every type of math covered in high school,
and become familliar with calculus inside-out, I think I can bring my Math
score up remarkably and then all I'd have to worry about would be my Verbal
score...I'll read profusely and commit as much of the dictionary to mind as
possible - seriously.

Now, like I said, I have a 3.8 and I'm going to try as hard as I possibly
can to bring my SAT score up, I'd like to list my EC activities for this

100 hours community svc
Member - Senate, Student Gov.'t Association
Intramural Volleyball
Intramural Soccer
Intramural Golf
Brother of Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity
Proud Fundraiser+donor of $500.00 to the Ronald McDonald house Aspiring Violinist+Pianist

I'm also going to try out for the golf team, but my 6 hdcp will only get me
the last spot.

I have one more semester left at ECU to make a mark, and I'm going to get
involved into a few more things, but a workload of 18 hours might keep me
from doing much. I want to do as much as possible from this point on, so if
you have any advice Please give as it will accepted with pleasure. I
consider myself Ivy material because of my level of Motivation. Am so
inpired in so many ways that it's hard for me to contain myself sometimes.

I have all summer to enroll in any or every type of activity one can think
of, and I know I'm going to need everything I can get. If you have any
ideas, please PLEASE tell me. I want from this message not an evalution of
what my chances of admission are, but a suggested path to the life I desire.
I want you to be my advisor, my mentor, my savior, and/or that source of
pressure that I never got from my parents...

Thank you...

*This topic is also posted on the Duke Forum. Just trying to get as much advice as possible.

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