What type of schools should I apply to?

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Discus: What Are My Chances?: January 2004 Archive: What type of schools should I apply to?
By Kazaraxa (Kazaraxa) on Monday, January 12, 2004 - 03:10 am: Edit

Okay kids, here goes:

15 and a junior (skipped Kindergarten).

GPA: 3.6, but improving drastically (I had a 4.0 by far this past quarter.)

Test Scores: PSAT-V-70 M-66 W-72 Selection Index-208

At the end of this past year, in which I screwed around far too much, my class rank was 17th out of 130. But that will probably go up to be being about 10th.

Extra Curriculars:

4 years of musical, 2 years chorus, 1 year small part (one song), 1 year a lead.

Odyssey of the Mind- 9 years participation. 2 times regional champions, 2 times New York State Champions, and this past year, World Champions.

2 out of school choirs.

4 years drama club (lead two of those years). This fall I directed a one act for our production.

National Honor Society.

Marching band.

Concert band.


Select Chorus.

Slect Women's Chorus.

2 area all states

NYSSMA- Level 2-26/28 level 3-25/28 level 4-26/28 level 5-93/100 level 6/all state audition- 96/100 (as a sophomore).

Essays- I'm not terrible, but I'm not exactly intending to be a journalist either. My writing general gets about a 92 in my college level courses, and that's with mediocre effort.

Reccomendations- I'm guessing highly enthusiastic, since I've already gotten into one school, Simon's Rock.

Thanks for your response!

By Kazaraxa (Kazaraxa) on Monday, January 12, 2004 - 09:32 pm: Edit

Please? someone?

By Carolyn (Carolyn) on Monday, January 12, 2004 - 09:54 pm: Edit

No one can really answer this for you until you do some soul_searching about what you want your college experience to be like: do you think you"d be happiest in a large school, a medium sized one or a small one? Do you learn best through class discussions or do you prefer lots of lectures? Is there a particular part of the country you'd like to be in --- and do you want to be in an urban, suburban, or rural area? Do you want a liberal arts school or a university? What are you interested in studying? Do you want to be surrounded with other students who are mostly liberal, conservative or a mix of the two? ETC, etc. etc. Once you have the answers to these and other questions, the people here should be able to make some recommendations.

By Kazaraxa (Kazaraxa) on Tuesday, January 13, 2004 - 03:34 pm: Edit

Small liberal arts school. I'm looking to study either english or music. I prefer small class sizes, more aimed towards discussion. I don't have any preferences to where it is located. I'm just looking for some suggestions as to places that might suit me, so I can perhaps read into them.

By Collegeparent (Collegeparent) on Tuesday, January 13, 2004 - 05:10 pm: Edit

With your theatrical background and based on your musical and literary interests, you need to check your stats against student profiles to see what you need to have and what a possible fit might be. In the meantime, you can look at Skidmore, Emerson, Bard, Hampshire, Bennington, for starters. And then there are Vassar, Sarah Lawrence, Hamilton and Connecticut College. You might also consider something like Middlebury, Swarthmore and Amherst for English, Berklee for music and Wesleyan for both and more. There are other LACs but they mostly have strong sports participation such as Colby, Bates, Bowdoin, Williams, Colgate and Haverford. Since you're a young woman, there are also Wellesley, Smith and Mount Holyoke. If you want larger, then Carnegie-Mellon and look at the Music School at Indiana-Bloomington. There are others, but this should keep you busy for a while.

By Collegeparent (Collegeparent) on Tuesday, January 13, 2004 - 05:19 pm: Edit

What I gave you was for the Northeast primarily. Look in the Midwest at Kenyon, Antioch, Denison, Carleton, Grinnel, St. Olaf, Macalester and Centre in Kentucky. In the West, check out Colorado College, Whitman, Reed and CalArts. In the South, try Davison, Guilford and the North Carolina School of the Arts.

By Kazaraxa (Kazaraxa) on Thursday, January 15, 2004 - 11:05 pm: Edit

Thanks. I have looked at skidmore, bard, and bennington. I live very close to Hamilton, and would not want to be so close to home. Same with Colgate (12 miles). But I will look into the others! Thanks!

By Carolyn (Carolyn) on Friday, January 16, 2004 - 04:27 pm: Edit

I'd also add Lawrence University in Wisc. to Collegeparent's list - it has an excellent music conservatory as well as being academically strong in other areas. You may also want to take a look at the College of Wooster and Oberlin, both in Ohio.
And, I'd also second Collegeparent's advice to look at Whitman College in Washington State - it has one of the most active theater departments in the country, puts on 12-14 productions every year.

By Usna_Reject (Usna_Reject) on Friday, January 16, 2004 - 04:47 pm: Edit

I was going to suggest small liberal arts school. The first thing that popped in my mind was St. John's College or Lewis University, but I don't know about music there.

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