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Discus: What Are My Chances?: January 2004 Archive: Chances at these women's colleges
By Luvvlise (Luvvlise) on Sunday, January 11, 2004 - 05:30 pm: Edit

I'm aware that one can't ultimately predict chances at any of these highly selective institutions, but I've already submitted my applications, and I am brooding nervously around these boards once every while (since after all applications went in, I've uncovered all sorts of free time that even EC's, homework, movies, books, t.v., scrabble, and ample sleep can't get rid of.

I have applied to UC's (Santa Cruz, San Diego, Santa Barbara) for financial safety (instate tuition - not "safety safety" will send those applications in later) and women's schools Bryn Mawr (ED II), Smith, and Mount Holyoke. And Sarah Lawrence (although it isn't a women's college.)

First language: Thai
GPA: 3.5 uw, 4.0 w (UC GPA)
SAT: 730V (3rd retake!), 630M, 710W, 620 French w/listening, 580 IC...
AP: 4's in Euro, APUSH, and Statistics

Essays and Recs: I've posted my essay earlier, and many liked the idea behind it at least, and I'm pretty sure my recs are good/excellent.

EC's (a condensed list, but none stick out as amazing as many of lists I've read here):
- Wind Ensemble (First chair flute and first chair piccolo) -- also, many hours with flute choir (and volunteer performances)
- Lacrosse (have spoken with the Bryn Mawr coach, who will write a letter for me and thinks I'm a strong candidate - says that I'm "well-rounded" -- although for some reason I can't take that as a compliment... someone drilled into my head that it's better to be stellar at something, rather than ok at many things)
- Piano for 10+ years. Several minor competition awards, and I teach beginners voluntarily.
- Guitar for 8+ years. Self-taught, but I perform at the hospital where I volunteer at (some of the patients make oldies requests). Am taking lessons in classical.
- Hospital volunteer (patient care assistant, but most of the time they make me sit at the front desk and smile, not sure if all the hours spent doing this will look that great.)
- Tutor kids k-8 in english, reading, and social studies (not math and sciences... I know when I am beaten.)
- French (club member, and 8th place in national standardizing test)
- Have had a steady job for 4 years.
- Huge time commitment to Thai Buddhist temple (competed in pageantries, Miss Popular title of Thai New Year pageant, L.A., also cook Thai food/sell on Sundays donating profits, and have graduated Thai School since 8th grade)
- Did a summer program at Northwestern (4.0 on NU transcript) and a neat Honors certificate for writing a good research paper.
- Speak HTML... so do many people here. (webmaster of

My main concern is that I don't have great leadership positions to make up for my average stats - well, that I feel are very average because I've honestly read every post here, in my boredom, and my self-esteem has been somewhat affected by everyone's great accomplishments. I understand if my feedback won't be quite comforting, but... this kills the waiting time til Bryn Mawr decision comes out 2/1. Thank you for reading this!

By Luvvlise (Luvvlise) on Monday, January 12, 2004 - 04:28 pm: Edit

bump - I'm particularly curious about Smith. The test score average seems lower than many schools as selective as it is. GPA is clearly a more important factor?

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