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Discus: What Are My Chances?: January 2004 Archive: National leadership conferences
By Fire03 (Fire03) on Saturday, January 03, 2004 - 05:09 pm: Edit

i got something in the mail about national leadership conferences. has anyone attended them and how good are they in general and for college?

By Suegymswim (Suegymswim) on Saturday, January 03, 2004 - 05:39 pm: Edit

I attended NYLC and GYLC. They are great if you love meeting new people and taking on leadership roles. I doubt the two I attended helped me get into college.(I guess it may have looked good that I attended a program over the summer rather than doing nothing) I think most people get an invitation in the mail (its mostly a matter of who pays the money to go and who doesn’t). No academic challenge at all. I loved NYLC so much though that I went back next year to GYLC. If your looking for leadership "type things" that may enhance your college chances try getting into programs that are more selective.

By Wo4567 (Wo4567) on Sunday, January 04, 2004 - 05:27 pm: Edit

hi... I'm an alum of the National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine Summer 2003. To be honest, you will love this or any of the NYLF programs so much that enhancing your college chances really shouldnt be a factor in deciding to go. I spent eight days at Georgetown (D.C.) for the program and I heard the Surgeon General of the US speak, I watched open heart surgery, and I was able to watch a dissection of a cadaver. Before I went I was somewhat sure that I wanted to go into medicine; after the experience I am positively sure. NYLF also does programs on Law, Defense, and Intelligence. If you can afford it I highly recommend taking advantage of the opportunity. You can be nominated through PSAT scores (I had 201 selection index if that helps) or by a teacher or alumnus/a who goes to your school.
In terms of an educational experience, obviously I learned a lot about my future field. We had to do a research project over the course of three days that culminated in a presentation before the entire Forum (300 students plus advisors.) We also did a project in which we were given symptoms a woman displayed over a period of time and using the Med Library at Georgetown discovered and simulated the treatment of her ailment (clinically.) I took a trip with fifteen other students to the University of Maryland School of Medicine and toured the school including the cadaver lab. I also went to a hospital in Towson Maryland and watched two surgeries (one of which was open heart,) toured a pathology lab, and spent an hour in the ER. In the Forum we were put into groups of 25 students plus a faculty advisor, usually a grad student. The people in my group came from all across the country. Everyone was motivated and intelligent. We had sooo much fun.
Regarding whether or not the NYLF programs help in college admission, I ended up spending ten minutes of my Harvard interview talking about why I want to go into medicine; the NYLF experience helped me explain my reasons. Though I haven't yet been accepted anywhere (regular decision sucks) I would think that the fact that I did the NYLF/Med program would add to my application.
So, if the program to which you were invited is the National Youth Leadership Forum... go! Its an incredible experience.

By Ithinkican (Ithinkican) on Monday, January 05, 2004 - 10:28 pm: Edit

I have many friends who have attended those leadership programs, but if you are looking for something to "boost" your resume, this is not the one to pick. Everyone gets those brochures in the mail, and adcoms probably just kinda breeze over it if you do put it on your app because it is so common. Sure, they can be inspiring and fun, but they have no academic value.

If you really want to have an impressive accomplishment, attend one of the summer programs offered by some of the top universities: yale, columbia, duke, stanford, notre dame, cornell, etc. Find info by visiting their websites and looking for summer programs for high school students.

I attended the Stanford Summer Session this past summer. Not only did I take real undergrad classes with Stanford students, I got to stay in a dorm with almost 200 other high schoolers doing the same thing. You get college credit because you are actually attending the university for the summer. I got to send a stanford transcript to each school I applied to. But trust me, this isn't some kind of nerd camp. I barely studied and still got A's in my classes. You just get to have a fun, laid back summer in Palo Alto and make lots of friends. It wasn't strict at all, there was no lights out policy, we could take the train down to San Fran anytime we wanted, you basically are living real dorm life on campus.

The ONLY downside to programs offered by universities are that they are very expensive. Scholarships are offered though.

Good luck!

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