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Discus: What Are My Chances?: November 2003 Archive: Bad grades, chances of re-admission to a new undergrad progr
By Overmind_00 (Overmind_00) on Thursday, November 27, 2003 - 05:20 pm: Edit

Greetings, I am extremely worried about my own terrible grades. I really want to do grad school eventually, though not in electrical engineering (the current program I am in). My first and second year grades are awful, and I feel like even if I work hard, improve now and graduate cum laude (I still have the oppretunity to do so, as I am in third year, and my school tabulates the cum laude GPA from third and forth year marks only) Any school I apply to will reject me based on these terrible marks. Since I can't do grad school yet, I want to re-apply as an undergrad in mathematics, since I am also interested in this. Im here to ask, what are my chances? Do grades like these indicate I am scientifically defective, and unable to persue a scientific discipline? Should I just quit now and not bother? My first year grades where bad due mostly to getting mono.. and it seemed like everything afterwards just fell to pieces. I want very much to succeed achedemically, but it seems like I am not doing something right.

I don't know who to turn to or what to do about my bad grades, or even if I should bother making another effort based on how pathetic my marks are now. After all, no scientific geniuses ever had trouble with school. Einstein included. Am I just stupid?

If I finish another undergrad degree in math, will graduate school look back to my engineering trascripts?

I've heard it said that the past doesn't equal the future. I want desperately to believe that, but from what I can tell my achedemic past will haunt me for a very long time regardless of any future success I could garner. Please tell me if this is just pessimism or the way things really are.

Below is my transcript to date, now in my third year :

Course Code Weight Term Grade Special
--------------- This is this year
MAT 2143 3 W-2004 NNR EXTRA
ELG 3121 4 NNR
ELG 3150 4 NNR
ELG 3170 4 NNR
ELG 4104 4 NNR
ELG 3120 4 F-2003 NNR
ELG 3311 4 NNR
PHI 1101 3 W-2003 B
ELG 3182 4 D+
ECO 1192 3 F
ELG 3101 4 F-2002 C
CEG 2131 4 D+
ELG 3311 4 D
ELG 3120 4 E
ELG 2910 1 W-2002 P
CSI 1102 4 C+
ELG 2135 4 C
PHY 2323 3 C
MAT 3321 3 Complex D+
MAT 2331 4 Differentials F-2001 A-
MAT 2322 3 Cal III B
ELG 2130 4 C+
PHI 2394 3 C+
PHY 1104 3 W-2001 B
MAT 1341 3 C+
PHY 1304 1 C+
ELG 1100 4 C
MAT 1322 3 D+
PHY 1104 3 E
ENG 1112 3 F-2000 A
GNG 1101 4 CompSci A
MAT 1320 3 Cal II B
CHM 1310 4 C
GNG 1100 4 D
GNG 1100 4 E
MAT 1320 3 E

Any advice is welcome. Thanks.

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