What makes them wanna choose ME out of 44000.............

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Discus: What Are My Chances?: November 2003 Archive: What makes them wanna choose ME out of 44000.............
By Melissamelissa (Melissamelissa) on Sunday, November 23, 2003 - 09:31 pm: Edit

i really wanna get into ucla....and im doing a lotta stuff with ecs and stuff. i have 4.## gpa and 1400+ sat scores....im also in-state.
i think my chances are not THAT great....my school is so competative. i havent taken the best coarseload cuz my school offers so many APs.. this year is my first year with APs and im a Jr.....im taking 3 classes and 4 ap tests. next year ill def. take like 5 classes. ive taken alotta adv. and honors tho before. i really feel lik i dont stand out in the crowd. my passion is science....im interested in the medical field (maybe laser eye surgery) or business, possibly staying at the uni and being a professor. how do u guys think i could make myself stand out? ANY advice would help.......thanks so much.

By Collegehelp1234 (Collegehelp1234) on Sunday, November 23, 2003 - 09:47 pm: Edit

Don't worry! Your chances are great, as long as your SAT II scores are even somewhat close to your SAT I's. Getting into college is the easy part, for you. I am concerned at the fact that you want to go into "medicine or business." This comes off as sounding like you want to go into eye surgery for the money. This is not the most noble of goals, and your colleges won't think it is, either. Some of my friends talk about going into medicine even though they cheat on their community service volunteering at hospitals (by checking in and then just leaving, to check out later on). While I find my friends' goals inpermissible, I feel that it is unfair to put you in the same box with them. Make sure that your colleges understand that your reasons for going into medicine are noble: that you genuinely do want to help people. This may be an important thing to talk about in the UC personal statement (Question number 3 is the "open topic," right?). Sorry if I came off sounding like a jerk, but I just want to emphasize the importance of this one point. Good luck, and best wishes.

By Melissamelissa (Melissamelissa) on Monday, November 24, 2003 - 11:26 pm: Edit

thanks so much for replying

the thing is i really Do want to help people......not for the money. in fact, im among the few....and i mean VERY few people @ my school who try to do community service just to help, not for hours. the thing is, i am not into the whole "blood" thing and shots, . so I wanted to focus on the laser, but from what I hear the future stability of that position is not very secure. I need to think about my future, my 2nd choice is business b/c it sounds interesting, still have to look into it tho.

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