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Discus: What Are My Chances?: November 2003 Archive: WUSTL (ED1)
By Belowivy (Belowivy) on Saturday, November 22, 2003 - 08:07 pm: Edit

A) Academics
1)GPA:3.5 weighted (3.2/3.3 weighted)
2)By end of senior year I will have completed 4 AP's (Statistics, Enviromental Science, US History, Americn Government)

1)SAT 750M+680V=1430
2)AP: US(4)
Stat (4)

C)Extracurriculars(in order of importance to me, after top 4 their all about the same)
1)Wrestling(4 years, 3 yr. Varsity, 2 yr. Starting, XXX-Team awards:State tournament champs, State dual meet champs 3rd nat'l preps XXX-Personal awards: qualified for Md nat'l team w/ 3rd place in greco roman and freestyle finishes in state, a few tournament 3rd places )
2)Debate(4 year "varsity team" member. Not a captain but did qualify for states(didnt go due to a Spanish exchange trip)
3)Music(7 years of trumpet. In HS I was part of the concert band, jazz band, rock band, and music tech class)
4)Rockclimbing(President + Founder of rock climbing club at my school Hoping to get sponsored ba climbing company so I can climb a few peaks in Peru for my senior project for free, ive competed in competitions too w/o placing)
5)Track(2 years JV. Didnt run junior year due to mono which also shut down the latter part of my wrestling season)
6)1 year of JV Soccer
7)Community service at hospital wrking with kids in the process of limb lengthening
8)Countless programs(3 years of CTY, JHU re-college, NSLC, WHos who in highschool students, etc.

I visited WUSTL and loved it.

Possible EDII choices:Tufts or Emory
Regular decision schools:GW,American, U of MD, Dickinson, F+M, Trinity

I'll be a political science major

So what do you guys think? Im from a very tough prep school and thats why my school does not rank.

By Destaany (Destaany) on Sunday, November 23, 2003 - 04:59 pm: Edit

Yo, i'm applying to WUSTL also. I think you have a good chance at getting in. What made you want to apply there?

By Belowivy (Belowivy) on Sunday, November 23, 2003 - 05:16 pm: Edit

I liked alot of things....
(in no particular order)
1. Great location, close to a major city but w/ it's own campus and a park right next door. Lots of stuff to do nearby.
2. Awesome campus
3. Impressed by faculty, Nobel prize winner teaches econ, Senator teaches poly sci. And they teach freshman too.
4. great incoming speakers including both Bushes, the clintons and more.
5. "wet campus" - not that I would want to drink during the school day or too much at all (athletics comes first). But this shows the "liberalness" of the school and the students. The school used be the world fair site so they have a mock world fair or something and the teachers get trashed w/ students which is pretty sweet if you asked me. I have close relationships w/ teachers but I could never get drunk w/ them lol.
6. Great ranking (although not that important at all to me)

It's a beast of a school.

Keep the comments coming, Thanks!

By Syders11 (Syders11) on Sunday, November 23, 2003 - 07:54 pm: Edit

Hey I'm applying to WUSTL ED I as well. Are you guys social? Because I really want a social and academic school.
G.P.A: 3.936 (unweighted)
SAT: 1370
ACT: 29
Lots of ECs- Senior Class Pres, Pres of County Division of Student Councils, basketball- 4 years captain, tennis- 4 years captain.

What are my chances? I'm also poli sci major

By Spencerpowell27 (Spencerpowell27) on Sunday, November 23, 2003 - 08:31 pm: Edit

i as well am applying to washu early decision and want to be a political science major

GPA 3.55 unweighted
SAT 1440
AP: Stat 4
World Hist 5
US Hist 4
Calc BC 4
AP Lang and Comp 3
US Gov Pol 4
Comp Gov Pol 4

(AP Physics B and AP Lit currently)

I do many extra curriculars although my big one is that I have been taking the Ph.D. poli sci methods sequence at the near by University of Rochester since. I started in junior year and am taking the third and final course in the sequence currently.

What do you think my chances are?

By Syders11 (Syders11) on Sunday, November 23, 2003 - 11:31 pm: Edit

ok there are 3 poli sci wash u ed on this board? is it popular there?

By Bing04 (Bing04) on Monday, November 24, 2003 - 01:15 am: Edit

im applying rd to wash u.....i hope i get in too, but you guys all seem to have a better shot---i live in stl, so wash u just seemed natural to me.......and yes, i want to major in poli sci as well, go figure!! haha

By Momx4 (Momx4) on Monday, November 24, 2003 - 11:56 am: Edit

Belowivy, my friend's son is a soph at Wash U and is a serious rock climber too. He was afraid that he wouldn't have much opportunity to go rock climbing at WashU but he found there is. I think he and another student had to form a climbing club or something like that, but there is a climbing wall that they go to. He also likes to do the "real thing" at exotic locations. I'm sure you'll find him through your mutual interest if you go to Wash U. By the way, wrestling is a serious EC and colleges know how much time and effort it takes. One of my sons was a wrestler and I'm sure that had a lot to do with his getting into Stanford (he graduated from Stanford last year). Your username suggests that you might like to consider an ivy; if you do, contact the school's wrestling coach and let him know you are interested. Make sure you fill out the NCAA information sheet. You never know, your wrestling record can take you far. A student in my daughter's high school with lower stats than yours is applying to Penn and assumes he will be considered based on his wrestling EC.

By Momx4 (Momx4) on Monday, November 24, 2003 - 11:58 am: Edit

BTW Belowivy, I forgot to add that my oldest son went to Wash U (he graduated in 2001) and loved it there! He's now a grad student in UW in Seattle (yes, he went from WU to UW) and hopes to be able to move back to St Louis after he gets his doctorate and teach at Wash U.

By Belowivy (Belowivy) on Monday, November 24, 2003 - 06:59 pm: Edit

Thanks for the info Momx4.

The only thing I was dissapointed about at Wash U was their athletic facilities. My school's facilities are easily nicer than Wash U which is a turnoff but since I won't be a Varsity athlete since they don't have wrestling it won't be a big deal. Its good to know there's a climbing gym nearby Wash U. it's a great sport.

Im hoping my EC's will bring me up. In addition to what I've listed I've held 3 jobs during HS and was elected to the Student Gov't. I'm just so worried my GPA is a little low. I have like a 3.5 and most people who get accepted RD to Wash U have a 3.9 from my school.

Wash U is truly a great place!

By Syders11 (Syders11) on Tuesday, November 25, 2003 - 11:13 am: Edit

yah i agree belowivy, the only turnoff is the athletic facilities and the lack of interest in sports. Since I am very athletic, I wish the school was more into sports, but oh well.

By Txgal86 (Txgal86) on Tuesday, November 25, 2003 - 06:34 pm: Edit

Hi Iím an asian female from a top magnet high school in texas(ranked top 50 HS in the nation). I plan to major in biology

im applying ED I at WashU.

1420 SAT (690V, 730M)
220 psat <- natíl merit semifinalist
690 math iic
750 writing
670 biology
740 chinese
4 on Cal BC, Eng, and Econ

GPA: approx. 4.05 <-weighted, in top 15% of class of around 340 people
I know it isnít very high :/ but I take the most advanced classes

-Junior yr difficult classes: AP English, AP Econ, AP Cal BC, anatomy & physiology, differential equations, organic chem
-Senior year hard courses: AP English, AP stats, AP bio, microbiology, pathophysiology, physics
-have taken 3community college classes
-attended summer scholars program at WashU, took 3 classes: psych, bio, writing(2As, 1 B+)

12 hr/wk internship at hospital
ballet- since age 4
student govít- President, Secretary,Treasurer, Parliamentarian (all 4 yrs of HS)
Cello- since age 7, orch in school
Piano- since age 6, lots of competitions, probably 20+ awards total, UIL state
NHS- since sophomore yr, was on advisory committee,
450+ hrs @hospital/library
Program for minorities in engineering- since 9th grade, historian, 3rd in bio at regional contest
Asian Youth association- since 9th grade, VP, secretary
Various other awards, top 10% award, etc

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