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By Elite_To_Be (Elite_To_Be) on Saturday, November 22, 2003 - 01:18 am: Edit put it simply..I think I might have a great chance getting into Princeton or Cornell at the least.

I am a Freshman in High School and I have always loved Princeton. I have taken the SAT 1 in 7th grade and I score a 1310 at that time and I didn't study. I was scheduled to take it Oct. 11, 2003 but I over slept. I will be taking the SAT 2 next year.

Right now.....I am taking 3 Honors classes:

Chemistry 1 Honors
Geometry Honors
English Honors

I these are my current grades in my classes with the GPA scale being 4.0
*NOTE: My high school doesn't weight freshman honors classes* - They are GAY!

Chemistry - A
P.E. - A
Orchestra - A
Comp. Apps. - A
English Honors - B
Geometry Honors - A
French 1 - A
Geography - A

GPA: 3.875

Online Health - A **I am trying to get my credits quick**

I do much community service at the local nursing home for seniors and work with tutoring for elementary students with their reading. I also commit much time to the Salvation Army especially during the Holiday season and during other times of the year.

I dont know if most of your have heard of the People to People Student Ambassador program founded by President Dwight Eisenhower. It is a very private program and getting into it isn't easy considering your odds at the interview are 1 : 10. I have traveled all around the world to the British Isles, Australia, and will be going to China next year. With this program, I have meet many very high political people such as the King of Jordan and Jimmy Carter at the annual PTP Convention in Kansas. I don't know if this will help in my admission any bit but possibly. extra curic activities include:

-3 years of Science Olympiad and winning Regions twice
-1 Year Varsity Tennis
-1 Year Academic Pursuit
-2 Years Spell Bowl
-10 plus hours a week of Orchestra downtown and at school and at home with private teacher

I think my biggest advantage would be the fact that I run a webhosting/design business. Its a relatively small business right now with 2 employees working during the day and my company having about 230 clients we host. our current growth rate...we have an outlook of of 200% growth every year. Possible more if I have the time to advertise more, and reach farther out internationally. I have partnerships with Cisco Systems and PaWare. Let me just tell you that I make enough income for me to have fun with!

Getting to the college rec's and essay I have to write, here is my plan. I plan to try to submit 4 rec's from the following:

Senator Evan Bayh (Indiana's Democratic National Senator in Washington) - I am a good friend!
Superintendent of my Township - Know very well
Principal of my high school - Know very well
A teacher - WHO?

I am hoping I can go far with my connection to the Senator in Washington....maybe President?

Also, for my essay, I plan to have help from a close friend who was a graduate of Yale. Hey, maybe I can get a few DETAILED pointers, considering my writing is already top-notch anyway according to my honors teacher.

Please give me some info on whether I can get to Princeton and possibly other Ivies if I'm not accepted to be a TIGER!!!

Thank you.

By Jason817 (Jason817) on Saturday, November 22, 2003 - 01:28 am: Edit

jesus christ, wait a few more years.

By Egreenberg (Egreenberg) on Saturday, November 22, 2003 - 09:54 am: Edit

Freshman-Junior Years, WORK, concentrate, but make sure you have a life - then the summer before Senior year, start to compile your stats - don't get into college because of "connections" but because of your own achievements, that is if you want to go to college with honor

By Alex86 (Alex86) on Saturday, November 22, 2003 - 01:36 pm: Edit

first of all, people-to-people is NOT very exclusive....i know loads of people who have/could have done it.... not saying there is anything wrong with doing it, just don't think it will get you into college.

second of all, in the politest way possible, just remember that you are only a freshman. good writing for a freshman, and good grades for a freshman, while certainly starting you on the right track, will not get you in college. especially since freshmen year is easier than the years that follow it (relative to your intelligence level.) colleges barely even look at your freshman year. use this year to get into the right "swing of things" and then, you can get into a good college. and take the most diffifult classes that you can do well in....that's what colleges want to see.

you are in the right track w/ the extracurriculars...just remember a couple of things. first of all, nothing earlier than high school matters. since you have multiple years of activities listed, i am assuming they are from middle school. just keep doing them and remember that it is depth over breadth.

also, in terms of must submit at least 2 teachers (usu junior year teachers) for most selective colleges. you can submit supplemental ones, but many colleges won't even read them, esp if they feel like you are just trying to name-drop.

keep doing what you're doing, but remember three years is a long time....nothing can be predicted now.

and best of luck when those days arrive.

also, don't use discriminatory, homophobic comments (even if you don't realize they can be interpreted that way.) it's just rude.

By Jennyzsong (Jennyzsong) on Saturday, November 22, 2003 - 04:45 pm: Edit

oh really? your school is attracted to other schools of the same gender? how unusual.

By Jadesark (Jadesark) on Saturday, November 22, 2003 - 04:49 pm: Edit

People who use the term "gay" as an insult don't deserve to go to Princeton.

By Whzup44412 (Whzup44412) on Saturday, November 22, 2003 - 05:14 pm: Edit

You're planning way too early. Finding recommendations for a process 3 years in the future is not something you should even be thinking about. Enjoy high school, you shouldn't be thinking about college freshmen year anyway. That's ridiculous.

College Essays!!!! You're a freshman and I'm sure your writing skills aren't fully developed. I can't believe you're in 9th grade and already planning your college essays. Seriously, have fun in high school, get good grades, and worry about college at the end of your junior year. Don't choose to do things based off the fact: i hope this can get me into college. Do things because you love them.

By Mjl86 (Mjl86) on Saturday, November 22, 2003 - 05:20 pm: Edit

Get a life...

People who do activities just to go to college don't deserve to go to Princeton.

By Pimpdaddy (Pimpdaddy) on Saturday, November 22, 2003 - 05:35 pm: Edit

holler mjl86
IMHO, anybody on this site should be a junior or older. wtf are u freshman doing on this site..."get a life" You'll work all through high school to get into college, if ure rejected u just wasted what should have been 4 of the best years of your life. If you're accepted, it really doesnt matter cause all ure life youve worked to get in and now ure life would be meaningless.

By Peterline (Peterline) on Saturday, November 22, 2003 - 06:17 pm: Edit

heres what you should do
not worry about college and other things so much when youre just a freshmen. go out and drink and party and have a good time. thats what high school is all about. if you spend all four years of it trying so desperatyl hard to get in at harvard or where ever, you will have a nervous breakdown at like age 19. seriously, go out and have some fun. who cares, its only high school. it doesnt matter that much

By Filmnerd86 (Filmnerd86) on Monday, November 24, 2003 - 01:59 pm: Edit

"They are GAY!" .....and you are ignorant...i hope you don't get into princeton...ivies are not a place for close minded people

By Filmnerd86 (Filmnerd86) on Monday, November 24, 2003 - 02:01 pm: Edit

oh...and people to people is one of the easiest programs to get into. All you need is the money to pay for the trip. Anyone with decent grades gets those letters. Don't be so naive.

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