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By Bucephalus on Friday, December 20, 2002 - 12:22 am: Edit

Hi all,

Iím a senior from Colorado applying to the College of William and Mary as a history major. Could you please give me your opinions on whether I have what it takes to make into William and Mary from out of state?

G.P.A: 3.8 on a 4.0 scale (school does not weight)

Difficulty of Course load: Iíve taken (or am taking) advanced placement and accelerated courses in history, English, and Geography. I was a year ahead in math. I have taken regular science classes.

SAT I: 770 V 620 M (best combination of scores, took it twice)

SAT II: 670 Writing (argh), 800 U.S. History, 800 World History (Took these in December. Unfortunately, I donít have a chance to bring up the writing.)

A.P.ís : 5ís on A.P. European History and A.P. American History

E.C.ís :

100+ hours of volunteer work at the Colorado Historical Society, lol.


Well-written (according to my A.P. English teacher) essay on how a childhood book spurred my passion for history. Hopefully this will help offset my abysmal writing score.

Teacher Recommendations:

Sadly, these are mediocre. I was going to ask my teachers to write more personal letters than your average ďheís an intelligent, compassionate student sincerely interested in the world around himĒ spiel, but I didnít want to seem demanding. So what happened? I got just the kind of letters I didnít want. I regret not asking now, since I definitely donít think they would have cared, but what can you do?

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By humpty dumpty on Saturday, December 21, 2002 - 01:25 pm: Edit

Buce --

I think that one of the reasons that it's so difficult to give you much feedback is that William and Mary does not seem to break out their admission statistics for in-state vs out-of-state applicants. Since the VA state universities have signed on to limiting out of state enrollment to 35%, things are exceedingly competetive and all the more so because of the significant numbers of out of state applicants.

If we were just going by the the 25-75% stats that they release, you would stand an excellent shot since their range is 1240-1400. Your 1390 would place you solidly at about the 75th % of those admitted. As I said, the problem is comparing to the out of state numbers. Check out of scattergram data as suggested in the other threads. From it, I see only 1 out of about 6 students in your range being admitted, and that was an ED candidate.

On the flip side, they probably don't get a lot of applicants from Colorado, and that could work hugely to your favor. Of course, they love being able to say, we have students from all 50 states, so in some sense you have to compare your statistics to those of other Colorado applicants. So you really just need to be better than the other folks from CO. Given that your numbers are far superiour to the CO median, that may be a reasonable bet....

Sorry that the bottom line isn't really much help here. Basically the best that I think anybody is going to be able to tell you is maybe you're in and maybe not. I can say that it's definitely not crazy to think that you have a shot. On the other hand, I'd suggest taking that attitude that you'll be pleasantly suprised if you get in as that might make the other outcome less painful.

Good luck and best regards however it goes!!

By Bucephalus on Sunday, December 22, 2002 - 10:04 pm: Edit

Thanks for the input Humpty Dumpty. Anyone else have opinions?

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