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Discus: What Are My Chances?: December 2002 Archive: Can I get in?
By Canigetin (Canigetin) on Wednesday, December 18, 2002 - 12:05 am: Edit

I already applied to Stanford ED, but I'm too scared to call because I know I'm going to get rejected. I'm thinking about UPenn, Cornell and Pomona college. Do you think I stan a chance?
I'm thai (Do they look at this as minorities since I am asian but not many people are Thai)
English is not my first language, so I have a score of 640m/500v 3.95 uw GPA on my SATs but I took the TOEFL to substitute for it all.
I'm full IB diploma candidate
12 AP/IB classes
ASB Vice President
Model UN Presidential advisor
American Red cross youth team President
Swim team captain, 4 years varsity
Water Polo, captain 2nd team district honors
YMCA volunteer Summer camp counselor, Chosen for 10 best counselor
HIV/AIDS peer educator
Since my father died in the middle of school I left for thailand for awhile and came back to join courages kids grief camp
I play Piano and compleated syllabus exams level II,IV and V
Downhill skiing
I work as an Assistant chef at a local thai restaurant for 6 hrs/wk
Lifeguard 6hr/wk
Swim instructor
Oregon Literature student of the year
District 4j honors diploma
I studied in school in Thailand the summer of my 9th grade year
Last summer I went on an independent study program in Costa rica for 2 weeks
Right now, I'm currently ranked one of the top water polo player in the district and I have a good shot at making the Zone team.
My dad is dead, my momo works as a research assistant who earns less than 20 thousand a year
I wrote great essay
great recs
I'm worried about my test scores, do you think they take into consideration that English is not my first language? Please help me.....I think I got rejected from Stanford! But what about the other places?
Is Thai a minority since not many people are thai. Is diversity just a type in total or do they look at someone from different countries?
Please reply soon

By Gregon on Wednesday, December 18, 2002 - 12:11 am: Edit

1140, that's sort of low.

The rest of your application looks really strong...

You do have the whole asian Affirmitive Action problem BUT...

Maybe, just maybe, Stanford would accept you to disprove the whole "Asians all have perfect SAT" myth. Then they'll truly be providing a service to a disadvantaged kid. If they look beyond the whole 1140 asian and take a gander at the rest of your application you may have a shot.

That's just a ray of hope. You're almost certainly going to be rejected. If you had a 1350 or even a 1250 then what I just said may have applied but your score is 100 points lower than that. Don't get your hopes up.

By Canigetin (Canigetin) on Wednesday, December 18, 2002 - 12:18 am: Edit

How about the other colleges? do you think they consider the fact that English is my second language? because I know a Thai person who got into Stanford with a 500 verbal SAT, plus I've been back and forth between Thailand and America so my english is not very strong.

By jen on Wednesday, December 18, 2002 - 04:47 pm: Edit

Hey, I'm Thai too! Your stats are similar to mine, but I'm applying to different schools (Lafayette, Lehigh, Bucknell, Rutgers, NJIT, and Drexel). In my honest opinion, I think that you should apply to more safety schools. What are you interested in pursuing? I can help you if you can list what majors you plan on studying. You are a longshot of getting into the schools that you mentioned, but like Gregon said, don't give up. If you want to talk to me more, you can e-mail me at

By Iggy boy on Wednesday, December 18, 2002 - 05:13 pm: Edit

You seem to stand out a lot, If they look past the SAT you probably have a really good shot.

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