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By Melissamelissa (Melissamelissa) on Monday, November 03, 2003 - 06:24 pm: Edit


(Some of this stuph is what I will most likely get, unless a miracle happens and I do better or unless I screw up really bad)
GPA uw: 4.20
SAT: 1440
Writing: 700
Math 1c: 780
Physics: 750

Freshman yr:
Biology: A+, A
Spanish 2: A, A
Geometry, A+, A
English Honors: A-, A
Geography: A+
Computers: A
Health: A+
Orchestra: A, A

Sophmore yr:
Chemistry, A, A+
Spanish 3: A, A
Alg 2 Trig Accelerated: A, A-
Badminton: A, B+
English 2 Accelerated: A, A-
World History: A, A
Intermediate Orchestra: A, A

Soph year college:
US HIST: C ---took it as an introduction to history at school for following year

Junior yr:
Superior Orchestra: A, A
Precalculus Honors: A, A
AP Spanish 4: A, A
AP Lang: A-, A
US History, A, A
AP Physics B: A-, A-

Sr yr (probably what ill do and get):
Superior Orchestra: A, A
AP Eco: B+, B+
AP Physics C: A, A
AP Lit: A, A
AP Bio: A, A
AP Calc: A, A

AP test grades:
On app-
AP Physics- 4
AP Lang- 4
AP Spanish- 4

After applying:
AP physics c: 5
AP bio- 4
AP calc- 5
AP lit- 4
AP eco- 3 or 4

a whole lot i dont wanna list--some are NHS, interact prez, abc 123 prez, club hope activies commissioner, SCience olympiat vice prez, CSF, international volunteering, 100+ hours, 4 year job.........etc. too much to list

background- turkish
dad went to USC, mom came here after college
good recs and GREAT essay :)

By Andrey1225 (Andrey1225) on Monday, November 03, 2003 - 06:44 pm: Edit

wow, youre in really good shape for some great schools.

your grades look awesome, and your standardized test scores should put you in the running for schools like UPenn, Cornell, Brown, Berkeley, UCLA, Northwestern, JHU etc (although they will all be reaches unless youre in cali in which case UCLA and berk are matches) all depends where you want to go and what you want to do. The colleges listed are all medium to large size, but if you prefer a smaller campus consider LACs like Carleton, Harvey Mudd, Pomona, Williams (I can see by your SAT II scores you probaby want to do something science/math related and these are the liberal arts colleges typically associated with those majors)--again those LACs were reaches.

As far as safeties go you can have your pick of the lot from Brandeis to UCSD to USC....

You really need to give us something to go off of instead of just asking colleges to reccomend for you. What schools have you looked at?

Also, what's this "post your stats" business? Do you want to know what colleges we're applying to and what our stats are? Sorry, I hope I wasn't the only one confused by this.

By Melissamelissa (Melissamelissa) on Monday, November 03, 2003 - 09:55 pm: Edit

thanks for really does mean a lot to me.

i think that i am on the math/science route and i prefer big campuses. actually, i prefer any school with a big name (just wanna make the parents proud)........

i have looked at a few colleges because i think that i dont have a chance at the ones i want for some reason. i really want UCLA or Berkeley. Brown Cornel Dartmouth would be nice too.....i realllyyy want NYU...but i dont seem to trust the stats on princeton and stuff because they are all "averages"---that means they include the people with connections or the music or sports majors that really didnt do good in school.

i meant "post ur stats" as in......i was trying to make a message board where poeple like me could post their stats too to get comments from others, no need to take it in the wrong way. i only had good intentions...

thanks again

By Andrey1225 (Andrey1225) on Monday, November 03, 2003 - 10:35 pm: Edit

i didnt take it in a negative, way i just wasnt sure what it meant. I honestly think you won't have a problem getting into NYU, its a great match for you!...the only thing that throws their mid SAT score off is the caliber of applicants accepted to Stern school of business, and since you want math/science stuff it won't be a problem with your scores and grades.

Although don't take what I say to heart, because I'm far from an expert....actually just a kid with stats pretty similar to yours (1450 SATs).

Best of luck to you

By Melissamelissa (Melissamelissa) on Monday, November 03, 2003 - 10:38 pm: Edit


best of luck to you also

By Cmaher (Cmaher) on Tuesday, November 04, 2003 - 12:28 am: Edit

I hope you get in my black brother.

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