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Discus: What Are My Chances?: December 2002 Archive: Georgetown!!!!!!
By slickawilly on Sunday, December 15, 2002 - 07:01 pm: Edit

Has anyone heard from Georgetown yet?
If so, please list your stats. Thnx.
I haven't received mine yet! WHAT DO YOU THINK COULD BE THE PROBLEM!?

By Kahuna613 (Kahuna613) on Sunday, December 15, 2002 - 07:10 pm: Edit

Well, I have said over and over again where my stats are...but
4.676/5 Ap's have the same weight as honors
14/210 rank (6%)
5 on AP US, 4 on AP Chem.
3 Aps this year
MUN founder
scholarship to France full merit from AFS last summer

By Kahuna613 (Kahuna613) on Sunday, December 15, 2002 - 10:46 pm: Edit

oh and 1400 on SAT (720 V/680M)
and 690 Chem, 700 US His, 710 French writing, 740 Writing, and 770 French with listening (800 Writing/700 Listening)

By bump on Sunday, December 22, 2002 - 11:50 pm: Edit


By listeningtoledzeppelin on Monday, December 23, 2002 - 12:26 am: Edit

Well i suppose i could add onto this one here. I also applied to Georgetown thinking that they may want someone of my abilities and aspirations and even (apparently) lower level scores.

Here are my stats (i hate this word)
No SAT II's (they only recommend them and they are a waste of time and energy not to mention money)
4.02 WGPA
IB Diploma Candidate (6 IB exams)
(made a 4 on Psych, 5 on Mathstudies, both SL)
35/435 in my class (top 7% i think)

Pres.- Political Science Club 2002 (mem for 3years)
MUN member 3 years
Cross Country Captain 2002
XC-Letterman for 3 years
All-County Team 2002
All-state relay squad 2002
Ran track for 2 years..lettered 11thgrade
100's of volunteer hours
School and Community Theatre (acting, designer,etc)
founder of new literature club
Avid reader (kerouac, steinbeck, vonnegut)
Camp Counselor past 3 summers
the prestigious "Who's Who of American High School student's" recognition
fairly decent writer/speaker
had a great interview with the GTown interviewer
from the south (if that means anything)
white/middle class
son of one college grad
have bushy brown hair
brown eyes

Well that is all of which i can think. I applied RD so I havent heard anything from the GT folks. I am questioning whether or not i should have spent the outrageous 60 bucks it cost just to apply there. I would appreciate any responses that this shotty set of stats might attain. All of this information is factual. Thank you

By shadyjim on Wednesday, December 25, 2002 - 05:52 pm: Edit


By Me on Sunday, December 29, 2002 - 08:41 pm: Edit

you will not be accepted to Georgetown. You have less than a 1300 on the SAT, and that is below the 25th percentile for GTown applicants. For an "avid reader," you have a pretty •••••• verbal score. Plus, the SAT II's are very important, and the fact that you didn't even take them will hurt you. It could have been a chance to make up for your •••••• SAT score. You listed a lot of extracurrics, but there was no direction to them, no clear passion:

the prestigious "Who's Who of American High School student's" recognition
fairly decent writer/speaker

None of that matters at all, plus you might not want to mention that you're an agnostic if you're applying to Georgetown, a catholic school. If you're white or asian, you won't get in for sure. If you're black or hispanic, you have a decent shot, but still probably won't get in because you suck so much and sound pretty apathetic.

By _________________?________________________________ on Sunday, December 29, 2002 - 09:15 pm: Edit

"Me" does make some good points: no direction, apathetic, low SAT I, No SAT II, but what bothers me the most is your such a POSER! What, am I supposed to be astonished by your "cool factor" becuase you call yourself "listeningtoledzeppelin." In addition, you wrote some crap at the end that was supposed to be funny, but is wasn't, and you put down EC's and awards that = S H I T. Like Georgetown is gonna give a damn that *YOU* believe you're a decent writer and speaker. Maybe join a debate club to discover how much you SUCK!

By Shadyjim on Sunday, December 29, 2002 - 10:02 pm: Edit


By si on Monday, December 30, 2002 - 12:57 am: Edit


By listeningtoledzeppelin on Tuesday, December 31, 2002 - 01:32 am: Edit

What if I included that I was gay? Would they take me then, ••••••? Also, SAT scores do not equal intelligence. But, I appreciate the responses nonetheless. So what if I don't make it in? It's not like I have to criticize other's stats so that I feel better about my own chances at getting into these IVY league schools. Thank you,

By What a moron on Tuesday, December 31, 2002 - 03:39 am: Edit

hahaha your are such an idiot. You are applying to a Catholic school, and you want to tell them that you are a gay agnostic??!! HAHAH Yeah i'm sure that they'll let you right in hahahaha wow I hope there are a lot of people like you applying, it will help my chances

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