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Discus: What Are My Chances?: December 2002 Archive: University of Pennsylvania Defferals
By UPenn on Saturday, December 14, 2002 - 04:52 pm: Edit

Anyone who got deffered from UPenn, state your stats. Also, if anyone knows anything about the acceptance rate of deffered applicants please tell!!

By munchyM&M on Saturday, December 14, 2002 - 05:50 pm: Edit

3.6 unweighted GPA
1350 SAT
610/630/750 SAT2s (=bad)

15 percent get in after deferral

By kevin on Saturday, December 14, 2002 - 06:05 pm: Edit

96-97 GPA 12/230 (Rank is what killed guess)
1490 SAT (710 V)
800/740/680 SATs (taking again Jan)
Chem-5 CompSciAB-5 Psych-5 USHistory-4
creative essay but could have used some more work and the upenn essay was standard.......
4 letters of rec (went overboard)

can't say I would rather be rejected but defferal really really sucks......

By bioyuki on Saturday, December 14, 2002 - 07:48 pm: Edit

Unweighted 3.95, Weighted 4.67
Ranked 5th out of 500
1460 (670M/790V)
760 Bio, 720 Writing, 650 IIC
Most rigourous courses
Bio 5, US History 4, German 2, Calc 2

I think it was my math scores that hurt me :(.

By fazed on Saturday, December 14, 2002 - 10:09 pm: Edit

top 10%
1520 (760/760)
800iic, 760 wr, 720 bio-m
6 aps (hardest courseload)

By Sara on Sunday, December 15, 2002 - 12:43 am: Edit

whoa the person who was the legacy candidate? were you deffered at Penn ED w/a 1520 and those courses? thats crazy!

By spelling crusader on Sunday, December 15, 2002 - 12:46 am: Edit

For God's sake people
It's D-E-F-E-R-R-E-D!

Sorry to be so anal,
Spelling's a pet peeve of mine

By fazed on Sunday, December 15, 2002 - 11:30 am: Edit

yeah sara i was deferred.

By username on Monday, December 16, 2002 - 10:12 pm: Edit

SAT I: 1550 (V 750, M 790)
SAT II: IIC-800 Writing-740 US History - 760 Bio M - 770 IC-790
My school doesnt rank, probably top 10 though%
91 or 92 unweighted (i forget exactly), 94.8 weighted
3 APs this year (I guess i could have take 1 more, but... still got some honors)
3 AP test 5s (calc AB, Gov Pol, US history)
Extracurriculars - Mostly political/debate, NHS, a couple leadership positions and awards
National Merit Semifinalist

I was applying to M&T Joint Degree (Wharton as 2nd choice) however, so that is probably why

By username on Tuesday, December 17, 2002 - 06:04 pm: Edit

*i meant 1540, i was really tired, sry.

By fazed on Tuesday, December 17, 2002 - 10:00 pm: Edit

username whats your email or screenname?

By Username on Tuesday, December 17, 2002 - 11:59 pm: Edit

aim sn: "ale2357"
Thats probably the best place to reach me, although i dont know how much i will beyond until the second week in January. I have a lot of stuff, vacation, and a school trip so...

By username on Wednesday, December 18, 2002 - 12:02 am: Edit

*be on
I really have to get some sleep.

By Rajman777 (Rajman777) on Wednesday, December 18, 2002 - 03:06 pm: Edit

Deferred by Pennsylvania
International Applicant from Calcutta,India.
SAT I 1390 Verbal-660,Math-730
SAT IIs- Math IIC 760,Math IC 720, Physics 740(the first time I gave it got 720),Writing 690
Excellent essays
I had applied to the M&T Program with Wharton School as second preference(!!)
What are my chances of getting in?

By Pleasehelp on Monday, December 23, 2002 - 01:34 am: Edit

SAT I - 1510 (710 V, 800 M)
SAT II - 740 (US History)
740 (Math IC)
740 (Writing)
GPA - 92 (Unweighted), 10 APs (Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, American History, English Language, English Literature, Physics B, Statistics, French, Calculus AB, European History)

ECs - Editor-in-Chief of Newspaper, Editor-in-Chief of Political Magazine, President of Model UN, Founder and President of DECA, Founder and President of Junior State of America, Founder and Secretary General of Regional Model UN Conference, President of the Investment Club, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Online School Newspaper, Delegate to the Board of Education Intern at NYC2012 (NYC 2012 Summer Olympic Bid), Intern for New York State Assemblyman

National Merit Commendation, AP Scholar...etc.

Do I have any shot? I'm sure it was my average that killed me, that is what everyone tells me. My teacher and counselor recommendations, as well as my essays were pretty good. I really want to go to this school, anything I can do to better my chances? Thanks.

By Hopeful (Hopeful) on Monday, December 23, 2002 - 06:10 pm: Edit

to all u ppl who got deferred w/ above a 1500 which school at penn did u apply to?

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