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Discus: What Are My Chances?: September 2003 Archive: Any chance at Columbia ED? - please help!
By Genericname (Genericname) on Friday, September 26, 2003 - 07:48 pm: Edit

I need to decide this weekend if I should try for Columbia ED, any help would be appreciated.


Scores: SAT - 1440 (740 V; 700 M) - might not retake becuase of good ACT. Should I retake?
ACT - 34 (36 writing;36 reading; 32 math; 30 sci)
SAT II's - 800 Writing; 800 World History; 750 Bio; 650 math Ic (I hate math)

Grades/Courses: I go to semi-prestigious Catholic Prep school. We don't have a 4.0 scale. Instead, we have a 100 scale. My 4 yr. avg is 97.6 which puts me in the top 2% of my class. I'm 9th out of 400. My school doesn't offer AP's or anything, but our course load isn't easy. From what I've been told, colleges "know [my] school."

Clubs: Speech and Debate: Varsity Co-Captain - 4 yrs. numerous awards, college tourneys, etc.
ETV (AV Club) - 4 yrs. News Director (2), Productions Supervisor (3), President (4)
Hospital Volunteers - 2 yrs, self explanatory
Volunteer Club - 3 yrs. I tutor Spanish speaking lower-income kids through this and I love to do it.

Awards: NHS, National Science Olympiad participant/commended, "Character Award" (some dumb thing from the school), National Merit - Commended

Essay - Pretty good I'd say, everone I've shown it to liked it

By Genericname (Genericname) on Saturday, September 27, 2003 - 09:23 am: Edit

anybody? anybody?

By Jamimom (Jamimom) on Saturday, September 27, 2003 - 09:37 am: Edit

Looks good. If Columbia is your first choice, go right on ahead. It gives you the best chance of getting in. You are certainly in the running. Just start looking for other colleges you may like with various selectivities. Though I would say you have more than a 50% chance of getting into, these are crazy times, and kids with top credentials have been turned down at schools with low accepts. You might want to get the apps ready because a lot of competitive colleges have a Jan 1 deadline. By the time you hear from Columbia, you won't have much time to get your other colleges together if you need to send out more applications. This is complicated by the fact that most schools close down around mid December or so for the holidays and do not reopen uptil after the Jan 1 deadline. And they want usually 2 weeks to process applications. You can see the problem. Early decision notification is about 12/15, That Johns Hopkins and Tufts applications are due 1/1. Your school lets out for Christmas break 12/19; they are bombarded all through Decemeber with 1/1 college apps and you walk in that week with 4-5 apps at least that you want sent out by the end of the week. I've seen many kids caught in that squeeze play and what often happens is that the school negotiates half the applications that the kid wants to send pointing out that the rules say 2 weeks lead time is required and they are doing you a favor. So cut the list down. Better you walk into the office after Thanksgiving with your stack of other choices giving them the full two weeks + to deal with them in case the news is not good.

By Genericname (Genericname) on Saturday, September 27, 2003 - 10:19 am: Edit

wow, thanks for the help! I couldn't agree more, 'these are crazy times' indeed.

By Genericname (Genericname) on Saturday, September 27, 2003 - 02:41 pm: Edit


By Nhlgoalie (Nhlgoalie) on Saturday, September 27, 2003 - 03:43 pm: Edit

I'd say without any significant sports or research you're going to fit into the crowd. I know it sounds rough, but think about how many high schools there are and how many kids get amazing grades and great SAT scores. The average SAT score in my school is 1450+ easily. Columbia, MIT, and Stanford are being applied to EA or ED by almost sixty percent of my class. So good luck if you do apply, but you may want to consider using your ED at another school.

Again, sorry to sound so negative, just wanted to be honest.

By Plopfkop (Plopfkop) on Sunday, September 28, 2003 - 02:46 am: Edit

I dunno, every year our school, also a selective catholic prep school, manages to admit 2-4 students to columbia out of an average graduating class of 35-40. We don't do nearly so well at any other school in that range. The students they admit are pretty good, they have great scores, grades, decent ECs, but they don't have original research or anything particularly amazing. Maybe there's something about the kind of kid our school turns out (kindof serious and studious) that Columbia likes. Who knows? I guess that didn't really help you, just saying that you have better credentials than many other kids I know who've been admitted by Columbia.

By Nhlgoalie (Nhlgoalie) on Sunday, September 28, 2003 - 07:55 pm: Edit

P.S. you aren't top 2% of your class

Now I understand the math scores :)

By Futureal (Futureal) on Sunday, September 28, 2003 - 08:03 pm: Edit

generic, i think you have a better than 50/50 chance.

I'm looking for Columbia ED, my stats are very similar but you have a better class rank.

good luck

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