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Discus: What Are My Chances?: September 2003 Archive: Biomedical Engineering/Chemical Engineering I GOT A ?
By Cornell00 (Cornell00) on Friday, September 19, 2003 - 09:32 pm: Edit

hey everyone thanks for taking the time to read this post, im afraid i have terrible news well for me at least
any way some college view books just got here and my parents freaked out with the tuitions! so well they said they would pay but only 4 years! and that they dont want me to apply for fin aid
:( im sad beacuse my plan was to attend med school or vet school but well seems like its not gonna happen anymore :(!!!

well now my question
what can i use these majors for? how can i actually apply them for a career with out studying 8 years!!

Biomedical Engineering/Chemical Engineering

THANK you!!!

an also one more quick question! what other majors are there related to animal science's or health sciences? something with out 8 or more years of study , im just looking for a 4 year major
:) thanks again

By Cornell00 (Cornell00) on Saturday, September 20, 2003 - 12:39 am: Edit


By Abz1986 (Abz1986) on Saturday, September 20, 2003 - 12:53 am: Edit

1. You can always take lones. That's not financial aid (I have no idea why your parents wouldn't let you try for financial aid), and if you become a doctor you can pay if off once that cash starts rollin in.

2. You can NOT aim for a tier 1 college. Over hear where I live, I know a couple of people who are trying to get into UMKC (University of Missouri at Kansas City), and others are going to KU (University of Kansas) or whatever for their undergrad and then have enough money to pay for med school. Look for some local public schools that are cheap. Really if your dream is to be a doctor or vet, money shouldn't stop your dreams.

For biomed engineering/Chemical engineering, if you do not go for masters or phd, I'm guessing (don't quote me) you can get a job as an engineer for some company or whatever. I mean I don't think you can do research unless you're phd (at least thats for biomed engineering), so if thats your goal than don't count on it

By Cornell00 (Cornell00) on Saturday, September 20, 2003 - 01:13 am: Edit

well i guess i just have to look for less prestigous schools right?
like not so expensive ones, they said 34,000-36,000 tops and NOT 40,000!!! the truth is its crazy 40 gran wow!!

heres the thing about "me school" its normally 8 years long and +2 more to especialize on something!! i know that there are 6-7 year MD programs but lets get real i am an international yes top of my class and all but it is still real hard to get into those kind of programs!!!
I really like more the idea of vet school! its 8 years and its something id love more than being a doctor. I love!!! animals!! its something i can do all day long, and being a doctor well atleast helping one is facinating but at the end of the day its kind of stressing.

ok another reason why my parents well atleast my mom doesnt want me to go for med school is that she thinks a girl shouldnt study such a big carrer and just get married because she thinks that when you marry you arent supposed to work!! i mean she should really lighetn up and see that we are not in those kind of times anymore at all!!

i know engineering doesnt sound that much fun to me , i dont like it.

so what good safe public schools do you guys recomend for a pre-vet or pre-med
Cornell is my dream school!!! and their vet is amazing!!!!!!:) aw!
but i do plan to play college tenis or soccer so it could maybe help me to get aid??

By Cornell00 (Cornell00) on Saturday, September 20, 2003 - 02:38 pm: Edit


By Esotericstorm (Esotericstorm) on Sunday, September 21, 2003 - 10:00 pm: Edit

Case Western has a very good biomed engineering program. It costs about 36,000 I think, but they offer really good scholarships. You might want to check it out.

By Chemyst (Chemyst) on Monday, September 22, 2003 - 12:54 am: Edit

Dude, that sucks. That's my problem, too, wanting to be a chemistry/chemical engineering major. I just learned the other day that we won't get any financial aid, nor will I be able to take out any loans. I sure hope I get to go to school somewhere. :( :( :( Good luck to you!!! I'm sure you could get a job at a company as a chemical engineer, especially if you graduate from a good school. At least, that's what I plan to do.....maybe even do that work part time while going to college. ;)

By Cornell00 (Cornell00) on Monday, September 22, 2003 - 05:20 pm: Edit

yeah no kidding ! it trully does suck!!i heard about kettering univ! my older borther goes there they hve an amaizing co-op's!!
but what exactly does a chemistry/chemical engineering do>? what kind of job could i get?

hey well muy plann is to go to mcgill since its public and its uh cheap! and then i could go to med school no problem
but still its a 3 year bio major and 4 years in med schooland 2 more if i want to specialize!!

im just confused!!!!:S

By Cornell00 (Cornell00) on Monday, September 22, 2003 - 10:34 pm: Edit


By Dreadpirate (Dreadpirate) on Tuesday, September 23, 2003 - 09:24 pm: Edit

Check our Rice. Total cost is 27-28K. Many merit scholarships. Residential college system. Only 2700 undergrads. More faculty members in the National Academy of Sciences and National Academy of Engineers than most Ivies. Extensive undergrad research opportunities. 96% med school admissions rate, and the top, albeit most competitive, BS/BA/MD program (Rice/Baylor Medical Scholars).

By Rubenizm (Rubenizm) on Tuesday, September 23, 2003 - 09:47 pm: Edit

and we come back to rice again.

By Cornell00 (Cornell00) on Tuesday, September 23, 2003 - 10:29 pm: Edit

yeah im starting to like the idea but! wouldnt just going to mcgill univ for a 3 year bio major and then med school be cheaper???

By Wobudong (Wobudong) on Wednesday, September 24, 2003 - 11:25 pm: Edit

You should check out the cost of the med schools that you might want to consider down the road. If they are considerably cheaper for in state students, then the possibility of becoming a resident of a particular state during your undergrad years could reduce the total costs significantly and, consequently, influence your choice of a college. Get your hands on the September 3 edition of JAMA and compare total enrollment, costs and number of quality med schools in various states and include that information in your total cost analysis.

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