Chances for UPenn, NYU, Columbia....

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Discus: What Are My Chances?: September 2003 Archive: Chances for UPenn, NYU, Columbia....
By Xenowang (Xenowang) on Thursday, September 18, 2003 - 07:33 am: Edit

Hey there all, this is CrnchyCereal's brother. I know I'm definitely going to get flak from him for posting here because I always jab at his obsession with college admissions, but I figure what the hell- it doesn't hurt to get opinions.

So I was just wondering how you people would evaluate me in terms of getting into schools like UPenn (ED), NYU, and Columbia. I still have to choose a few target schools, and safety schools are not an issue.

Here are my stats:
SAT I: 1560 (800 V, 760 M)
SAT II: Writing- 730, Bio- 720, Math IIC- 660 (going to try to hike up the writing and math this october)

Weighted GPA: 4.565 out of 5
Class Rank: 3 out of 220 (went down to 6th Sophmore year but climbed back up last year)

Marching Band- 3 years
Jazz Ensemble- 3 years
Pit Orchestra- 3 years
Debate- 3 years
NHS (whatever)
Private Guitar Study- 2.5 years (have received administrative acclaim for an original composition performed in several school events, including playing for the Board of Education)

I've taken all the AP courses that have been available to me for the past three years. The one apparent gaping hole in my profile might be my schedule this year as I'm only taking 3 AP courses out of a possible 5 in the schedule. Oh, and I switched out of AP Java the second day of school for a Constitutional Law/Religion in America course. But would it seem as if the course was too hard for me or that it was just a last minute preference change? Thanks for all input!

By Xenowang (Xenowang) on Thursday, September 18, 2003 - 07:47 pm: Edit


By Crnchycereal (Crnchycereal) on Thursday, September 18, 2003 - 07:59 pm: Edit

Face it, Brian, you're hopeless. You're not getting in anywhere. Now scoot off any make me a sandwich!

By Chen (Chen) on Thursday, September 18, 2003 - 08:18 pm: Edit

I don't believe colleges will see whether or not you dropped a course. I'm not sure how they'd indicate that, or maybe just my school doesn't show you dropped a course.

Your scores are very high, but in my opinion (coming from someone who doesn't know too much about admissions), you have no special talents. Your ECs are pretty weak, but at least you have something to put down. I can't tell what kind of interests you have, really, and whether or not you're brilliant or just good at memorizing.

By Xenowang (Xenowang) on Saturday, September 20, 2003 - 12:23 pm: Edit

Alright, a couple more things (just an excuse for a bump, hehe)

-Tutored three Japanese kids for about 9 months in all subjects.
-Worked last summer as a custodial aid at a local elementary school (40 hours a week)
-The music and guitar aspect are actually quite larger than I made it out to be. I normally dedicate 1-2 hours a day practicing, have played on numerous occasions for public events, have done recordings, etc.
-I was on the 1st place Biology Team in the New Jersey Science League
-Achieved a perfect score on the National WordMasters competition last year (maybe a few handful did that in the nation)
-Attended Berklee College of Music's Summer Guitar program last summer.

By Xenowang (Xenowang) on Monday, September 22, 2003 - 03:43 pm: Edit


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