Critique my weird situation plz

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Discus: What Are My Chances?: September 2003 Archive: Critique my weird situation plz
By Scorpion (Scorpion) on Friday, September 12, 2003 - 05:57 am: Edit

wtd. GPA (old school w/ IB): 4.4
un.wtd. GPA (current school): 3.99
SATI: 1200 (taking again Oct.)
ACT: 25 (taking again Oct.) looking at over 30
AP Eng.
AP. Calculus
AP Macro Econ.

(here are some of my ext. Curriculars.)
3 yrs of V. Volleyball + team Cap.+ MVP
2 yrs Co-cap. For V. Basketball
Ambassador for T.I.M.U.N (turkish one)
Hague M.U.N + Ambassador this year
Certificate of Nomination for National Student Leadership Conf.
3 yrs in Comm. Service Org. + Outstanding Contribution Award for Comm. Service
Presidential Fitness Award
Rep. For European Global Education Conf.
(all of these were obtained from my old school)

I am an international student who has lived in more than five countries. Being able to have contact with so much different cultures was one thing that I gained from this life, but unfortunately our family had to be posted somewhere else again at the end of my junior year (ya I know, the most crucial year). We had no choice coz our gov't said so (my dad works for the embassy). On top of that, my old school had the IB system and now my current school follows the AP. (That explains the two types of HS GPA in my stats) so my old school weighted the IB courses where as this school didn't coz it doesn't recognize them since they're not APs. I hope that the colleges just understand my situation and do not view it as slacking off. oh ya btw, i'm asian.

I want to study international business so I am looking at:

NYU (ED?), BU, UVA, Emerson,

I really like NYU, but do you think I would have a chance with ED?
Im not sure if I can accepted to them, please give me your honest thoughts. If you know any other colleges that might fit my stats, please tell me. Thank you so much! Any feedback would be most appreciated.

By Scorpion (Scorpion) on Friday, September 12, 2003 - 03:29 pm: Edit


By Rowan (Rowan) on Friday, September 12, 2003 - 03:43 pm: Edit

Work on your test scores and polish up the way you explain your situation and I'd say you'll be fine at the schools you're applying to. If NYU ED is really where you want to go, then by all means, put it in as NYU ED.

By Scorpion (Scorpion) on Friday, September 12, 2003 - 03:44 pm: Edit

thanks for the encouragement rowan, but do you think i have a chance at it? i mean i heard da pool for NYU(stern) ED is kinda hardcore, so may be i have a disadvantage

By Scorpion (Scorpion) on Saturday, September 13, 2003 - 04:18 pm: Edit


By Scorpion (Scorpion) on Saturday, September 13, 2003 - 04:18 pm: Edit

bump it up

By Alimshk (Alimshk) on Saturday, September 13, 2003 - 04:20 pm: Edit

pu ti pmub

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