Junior, thinking of applying this year

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Discus: What Are My Chances?: September 2003 Archive: Junior, thinking of applying this year
By Cosmology2020 (Cosmology2020) on Thursday, September 11, 2003 - 06:02 pm: Edit

heyall!, i had a crazynotion of apllying ine leventh grade - whatare disadvantages andf could get in this eyar with what ive done so far? imight try because i have littl emore to learn with only 'easy' aps like human geo left.

how would a junior like me do applying to ivy leagues

my public school is one of those top newsweek ones, lke top 50, last year, 2-4 went to harvard, couple to yale, 4 to upenn, i think 2 to mit, possibly one or two to princeton, couple to stanford - all seniors of course

WGPA: probably around 6.2 by the end of this year, top 2 because i dont want ot brekamyback tkaing clasess at college to beat the otehr guy
unweighted: 4.0 once my french teacher overrides the B (if i have a 3.951, is that a 4.0 on an application?)

satI: estimating from the psat, should be 800 math , 730+ verbal

satII: 800 chem - after 1 year hiatus atfer apchem test
800 mathIIc
estimage: 730+ writing

Extracurriculars: i actually did a number just because i liked doing them (like Bridge Club)- colleges say they dont like that so i'll just put ones where i was al edaer:

Book Club: cofounder/Vp
Chess Club: Revivor/President/tournament cordinator
Socialsciencecompetitorsclub: great,fun club, i'm the treasurer, they do model un, geobee etc.
Science National Honor Society: Chapter Initiator/President
some honor societies i dont care about and wont pay dues for
oh, team palmetto: teach elderly how to use the computer - also fun

i like to compete: math comps(MA0), social sciences(above), quiz bowl (which they dont have at our school so i found a few smart ppl and took them to one, made the school pay), amc, aime (only 4 right)

biggest competition where i was a winner: David Essner (http://www.math.miami.edu/~paulmcd/colcar.html) and by that list, the winners go to pretty good schools (but thats probably because competittive aplicnts tend to win the david ensner)

i also like tutoring: math/science tutoring through honor societies, elderly tutoring(teamplmetto above), i work by tutoring for any courseoffered at our school, children tutoring(chess)

thought some kids would like to learn chess so i set up a board at the library and they played. morekids than i htought woudl come came, they love it and i love teaching - especially the ones who dont know how to play at all, its a regular program now

oh yea i also like chess hehe

also recently started a internship doing research on malarai through a schoolprogram

basically i'll have taken every ap colelgeboard ofrfers but the languages, music, and studioart by end of senioryear

ve gotten top scores on all aps so far, i expec tto continue

this year: AP: french, english lang, american, world, physics, compsci(online) .. and a multivariablecalculus/differential equations class from the university but taught at the school

did i mention i lik emath?

summer: oh i also tutored failing summer students past two summers, wen tto a leadership forum on medecine - a doctor profession soudns really cool

thisismy first post, thanks fo rthe comments! ohs orry, i think this was a long post

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