All right, all my California buddies...

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Discus: What Are My Chances?: September 2003 Archive: All right, all my California buddies...
By Guardgirl (Guardgirl) on Thursday, September 11, 2003 - 03:26 am: Edit

i have some questions about the ELC program (eligibility in local context), and i'm a little upset/peeved/angry at the whole thing.

as you may know, you must be top 4% by UC point-system to qualify. does anyone actually know the real way they calculate it?

i, sadly *tear*, did not qualify. however, i'd like to have my transcript reviewed after changing errors in it. however, it says on the website, no reevaluation after you've already received results.

here, i'll explain my exact predicament. i have a misnamed course on my transcript. they are practically the same class, but with different titles that are readily changeable. the deal is, the one listed that went for evaluation was not the stupid UC a-g course, however the alternative is. another discrepancy in my transcript is a grade change i need.

so is the main deal that the more a-g classes you take, the better? or does that not really matter. i'm sorry i'm really confused in all of this

is anyone else seeing that as ridiculously unfair? how can they not re-review a transcript if the school screwed up in the first place... *anger* there is poor management in the administrative department at my school (could you tell?)

also, if someone could clarify the benefits of ELC in the first place, that would be awfully helpful. someone told me that qualifiers get guaranteed admission to a UC but that sounds like it's got a catch to it. or is it like just some stupid title? i qualified for the statewide thingy, but what's the difference between the 2 besides your rank, essentially?

maybe i'm making a big deal out of this, i don't know. i just wanna go to college, give me a break!

thanks for reading all that, i know it was a tome. your answers are really appreciated!

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