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By Xtech (Xtech) on Monday, September 08, 2003 - 10:47 pm: Edit

What are my chances at getting in ED at Hopkins for an International Studies/Relations major?

Ok, I'll start with the stats:

GPA: 3.6 Weighted, 3.4 Unweighted

SAT: 1380(730v/650m, plan to retake in Nov. and I'm pretty sure I can get my math to 700+)

SAT II: Haven't taken any yet, I was planning on it in June but the week leading up to it and test day I came down with severe food poisoning so I was unable to get last minute studying done or go and take the test.) However, I'm taking Writing, US History, and Math IIC in October and I've scored 700+ at least once on all the practice tests I've taken for them, and I have a month more of review in front of me.

Ranking: Top 25% :( , i really can't comment on the competitiveness of my school, it's a public in an affluent, upper-class town, my class in particular has been pretty strong compared to others

Freshman and Sophmore year I had 2 honors each, Junior year I had 2 honors and an AP(CompSciA-4) and Senior year which I just started I have 5 AP's and an honors and I'm sure I can keep my grades up even with the tough classes.

As far as clubs and sports I played JV Tennis Freshman and Sophmore year, partcipated in Computer Club Sophmore, Junior, and Senior year(VP now), and have been in Young Politician's Club(I've tried to get a Model UN going at our school which didn't happen, so I have to stick with this) Junior and Senior year(Pres now).

Since I'm planning on going for an International Relations school I know that having only 2 years of a foreign language is going to hurt me. French was my worst subject and despite the time I spent on it I could never get higher than a low B/high C. However, I know Urdu(Pakistani language, similar to Hindi) and have begun to learn Arabic as well which is what I would most likely study as my language as is required by most IR programs. Other than that my grades have been high B's and A's except for Freshman year where things may have leaned a bit more toward high B's. Junior year I did great with a 3.7 unweighted, 4.0 weighted GPA. I'm hoping colleges see my improvement throughout HS, and Junior year especially, as well as my tough course work Senior Year which I think I'll do great in. One final thing, I don't know if there's anyway I can fit this in or if it could help, but I'm a minority, born here but my parents are immigrants from Pakistan, and I'm the 1st in the family going to college.

So, what chance do I have at getting in? I know I did poorly early on but my GPA improved every year and I took increasingly harder course loads while doing so. The rank and foreign language thing worry me but I'm hoping to find a way to let them know about my Urdu and Arabic. I dropped French knowing it was something I wouldn't want to study any longer, especially in college, since I plan to do Arabic there. It felt like it was becoming a waste of time while I could take other classes which I did. After dropping French I continued to have a full course load.

Also, besides Hopkins ED, what other schools do I have a good chance at? I'm set on my reaches being JHU, Georgetwen, and Tufts, though my chances at getting in are slim, matches I'm looking at GWU, PennState-University Park, and I need to find some others. For safeties probably American U and Seton Hall. Thanks for any help. If you can think of other schools with good IR programs that I have a shot at just name them, I'm still looking at schools for my RD list. Sorry if I tended to ramble on about something things or go over them twice.

By Pistolpete (Pistolpete) on Monday, September 08, 2003 - 11:02 pm: Edit

You have a good chance for getting in ED to Hopkins. Their ED acceptance rate is 60%; your SATs are in the range of normal; you have pretty good ECs...Your GPA is a little low, but that's not a big enough deal to keep you out. Besides, colleges will see the upwards trend in your grades--in fact, some cut out freshman grades and recalculate your GPA. Since you're applying for IR, it is CRUCIAL that you let you know about your Urdu and Arabic. Earlier today a friend from school who wants to do IR told me that he's applying ED to Colgate...I would assume, that they, too, have a strong IR program.

Please evaluate my chances for Tufts at "Tufts ED." Thanks for any help you can offer.

By Xtech (Xtech) on Tuesday, September 09, 2003 - 09:28 pm: Edit

60% ED sounds good. I really do hope they notice the upward trend like you mentioned. I was wondering how I could mention those languages I know out of school. Is there a place on the app or would I have to fit it into an essay or is there some other way? I haven't recived my application yet so I don't know. Also, I know of one other person in my school who may be applying to Hopkins ED. He's got a higher GPA but a lower SAT(1250ish) and no EC's or anything, and he's applying bioengineering or biology. Would this hurt me in anyway? Frankly, I don't think he has much of a chance since that's their toughest program to get into and his SAT and lack of doing anything out of class will probably hurt him. This brings up one more thing. Do you think the acceptance for majors other than say, bioengineering, are lower to get into due to how many applicants they must reject from bio? I know international relations is the 2nd or 3rd largest major there, but it does comprise a variety of departments and can't put too big of a burden on the school. Just a couple of things that popped into my head. Thanks for the help.

By Chen (Chen) on Wednesday, September 10, 2003 - 07:04 pm: Edit

I must ask, how is a 3.4 representative of a GPA that's probably a B+ or A-? You don't have any low B's. I believe a 3.5 is a B average?

By Xtech (Xtech) on Wednesday, September 10, 2003 - 10:14 pm: Edit

At my school 3.5=90, 4.0=100, every 2 points is equal to .1 GPA point.

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