Read me.... Please..... I need help getting into UT

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Discus: What Are My Chances?: December 2002 Archive: Read me.... Please..... I need help getting into UT
By Kason (Kason) on Thursday, December 05, 2002 - 12:08 am: Edit

Im looking for some honest answeres. For some reason my mother's advice is tainted. I just want to go to University of Texas Austin

GPA 3.59
SAT m 600 v 570
Class Rank 72 - 100
(St. Joseph is an extremely competitive school)

President & Founder of Chess Club
Christian Life Community elected officer
Art Club
Speech Club
Volunteer work- ~350hrs with various organizations
Varsity Soccer- 3 yrs
Independent study class in Robotics and Computers
Some random honors courses
St. Joseph Computer Programming Award
National Honor Roll(Whatever that means)
4 Eng
5 Math
5 Sci
4 Soc Sci
2 Lang
Random Info
I love computer art. Here are a few pieces
(change the "*" with "." to see the link)
I will do Army or Air Force ROTC while in college.
I have conveyed that I am a Computer Nerd on my apps
Oh and I am Hispanic(in case that counts)

Essay: Describe a significant setback, challenge or oppurtunity in your life and how it has affected you. (or something like that)

Life is a series of events; while some merely happen around us, others have the power to change our lives. How a given event affects us is a combination of the event’s magnitude and how open we are to it. This essay is supposed to be about one of the significant events that changed my life. For me there are all too many to choose from. In my short life I’ve experienced the pains that are associated with having a loved one fall to suicide, death, and addiction, and coping with the consequences thereof. These events changed who I am, but I fear that any recount of these past events would prove to be a hackneyed and exhausted version of what I felt then lost within the whirlwind of emotions created by my present frustrations.
You wanted to know about a significant event in my life and before you it sits. What could be more life changing, more significant than to ask yourself every day, ”What must I do today to become the man I hope to be?” Every morning I wake up and wonder what the next four years have in store, and every night I go to sleep questioning what I could have done within the last twelve years to make this whole “college application” process easier. Trudging through all the questioning is a confused, frustrated, and yet determined teenager trying to find his niche in life.
Within the last three months, my life has become an endless parade of homework, soccer, clubs, and tests, all of which seem to have raised the bar of expectation while I was not looking. As I meet these new-- yet old-- challenges there is one more small matter that needs my attention. I have to figure out who I am, decide where I want to go, what I want to do for the rest of my humble existence, and how all these things will affect my future posterity and myself. As if all of this was not enough, on top of everything else I must determine just how I am to accomplish my goals and how exactly I am to go about paying for them. Thus, I am here, writing my thoughts on a computer, in a dark lonely room, so that hopefully the person who reads this will be somewhat impressed. This pressure can lead to two things: utter failure or absolute victory.
For me there is only one option: I must succeed. I will find a way. I cannot be deterred. Now I must drag my past mistakes along with me as I run full speed toward a goal that seems far in the distance. I must do all this while ignoring all those who think I can’t or won’t make it. I must be victorious.
I can only prevail by taking what I’m best at and adding a little spunk and creativity. Technology is my passion. Some have even ventured to proclaim me as a “computer nerd.” Society was not made for the half blind, programming-addicted, chess-playing, “computer nerds” that I tend to be so kindly associated with. However, this stereotype is woefully inadequate. I can sum up who I am in two words: idiot genius. Although no one can be embodied by a few words, I feel this comes close. To accomplish anything great one must first know oneself before he can attempt to know anything else.
Determination and perseverance will get me through this troubling time in my life. At the end I will come out the victor. I will look back on all this and smile. If this transition into the “real world” is not life changing, I cannot possibly know what is. No matter what lies ahead I know that I will be able to draw on the abundance of determination and self will that these last few months have provided me to get me through even my darkest hours, or maybe just a Calculus midterm.

I am not the smartest but im no idiot. Tell me what you think please.

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