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Discus: What Are My Chances?: September 2003 Archive: Chances @ Chicago and WUSTL
By Anduin (Anduin) on Sunday, August 31, 2003 - 01:42 am: Edit

I know that no one's a lock at Yale, Harvard, and (to a lesser extent) Brown, but would you be so kind as to rate my chances at the University of Chicago and Wash. U?

SAT I Verbal 770
SAT I Math 800
SAT II Math II/C 800
SAT II US History 800
SAT II Latin 750
ACT composite 36
BC Calc AP 5
Latin Vergil AP 5
US History AP 5

Grades and school stuff:
I go to an extremely, extremely competitive public (not magnet) school with lots of resources of which I have made extensive use.
Class rank: 36 out of 768
GPA 4.3 out of 4.0
Workload: The heaviest. I am in all AP classes this year, including a nationally regarded Chem-Phys program, and for math I am taking a Real Analysis course in conjunction with Northwestern University and the University of Chicago

Math Team 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grades
2nd in state on Junior level individual contest in 2003
Member of state champion frosh-soph relay team in 2002
Member of state champion Freshman team in 2001
Scholastic Bowl 10th, 11th, and 12th grades
Varsity co-captain 11th and 12th grades
I have been active in my church's youth group throughout high school
Tutoring 10th, 11th, and 12th grades

1-week missions trip to Mexico
Participated in the 6-week Hampshire College Summer Studies in Mathematics

Recommendations (I expect): Glowing, full of superlatives

If I'm missing any useful info lemme know.


By Anduin (Anduin) on Sunday, August 31, 2003 - 01:56 am: Edit

One clarification:
I took BC Calc Sophomore year, Vergil and USAP junior year
One addition:
I will likely be working with a professor at Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management on a project involving small-world network theory

By Girl (Girl) on Sunday, August 31, 2003 - 12:54 pm: Edit

In my totally non-expert opinion, you have an awesome shot at U. Chicago and a great shot WUSL.

For both schools (esp. U Chicago), I also heard it is a bit of a benefit to NOT be from the midwest, but your scores/ECs are so stellar, I'm sure it won't matter much. Good luck!

By Pgs1300 (Pgs1300) on Sunday, August 31, 2003 - 01:16 pm: Edit

You should get in easily,you can even push for a scholarship.Very good candidate.Please eval my stats under

Chances at RPI,MIT,U.MICH...

By Firebird12637 (Firebird12637) on Sunday, August 31, 2003 - 03:48 pm: Edit

"GPA 4.3 out of 4.0"

if the maximum GPA is 4.0, how could u possibly get a 4.3??

what is your UW GPA??

By Anduin (Anduin) on Sunday, August 31, 2003 - 05:26 pm: Edit

I can get a 4.3 out of 4.0 by the magic of weighted grades. I honestly don't know what my UW GPA is, sorry.

By Futureal (Futureal) on Sunday, August 31, 2003 - 05:42 pm: Edit

how long have you studied latin for?

By Anduin (Anduin) on Sunday, August 31, 2003 - 05:50 pm: Edit

This will be my fourth year of Latin, and second of AP.

By Anduin (Anduin) on Monday, September 01, 2003 - 02:18 am: Edit


By Reba616 (Reba616) on Monday, September 01, 2003 - 11:23 am: Edit

You have a 1570, perfect grades, an awesome class rank, and good ECs... why would you bother to post here asking that?

By Sosodef (Sosodef) on Monday, September 01, 2003 - 12:49 pm: Edit

you are wrong a 4.3 out of 4.0 gpa is not possible if your gpa is wieghted then its 4.3 out of 6.0

By Anduin (Anduin) on Monday, September 01, 2003 - 02:20 pm: Edit

To Reba: I posted the same reason almost all of the crazily qualified people who post on this board do so: to seek information and to shore up one's own insecurities.

To Soso: True, it would be 4.3 out of something greater than 4.0 (I would estimate somewhere in the neighborhood of 4.6). I'm not sure what you mean by 6.0; is that the way your school does it?

Thanks for the encouragement all

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