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Discus: What Are My Chances?: December 2002 Archive: New and improved stats: enough?
By Liz (Liz) on Saturday, November 23, 2002 - 10:32 pm: Edit

Well, I was actually going to wait to ask this until we re-ranked at the end of the semester (my junior year) but I'm bored, so...What Are My Chances?

At: Duke, Davidson, Yale, Columbia, UChicago, Johns Hopkins (not premed, lol) and Wellesly. Maybe some other places. I'm looking into classics and general literature/writing stuff.

New and improved SAT: 1550 770V, 780M
No SAT 2's as of yet. Predict (from practice books) 750+ Lit, 750+ Writing, hopefully 700+ Latin (it irks me that there are no practice books for this one).

Currently 3.9 GPA, estimated 5-10 of 400ish, a decent public school in NC.

Taking this year: Hn Precal, Hn Latin 3, Hn Orchestra 3, AP English, AP US History, AP Physics B. Predicing A's (a little optimistic, I know)

Next year? AP English, AP Euro, AP Calc (dunno which) AP Chem, AP Political Science, Hn Latin 4 - AP not offered, Hn Orchestra 4.

Active in church youth group, and youth choir. Local Youth Symphony, various orchestra stuff (11th chair viola of 15 at All-State Orchestra, play in a quartet that does gigs locally). Umm....Academic team, marching band (baritone), latin club, NHS, Key Club. And outdoor track this coming spring. I may be forgeting some stuff, but I seem to have all the important stuff.
My essays will probably be better than average, and my recs will be excellent (hopefully). I may send a tape of my playing.
So, chances at any of the colleges I asked about?

By zee on Sunday, November 24, 2002 - 12:15 pm: Edit

I'm taking the LIT SAT II in December, which prep books are you using? Barrons? What are your prep-book raw scores(most dont have scales)?

I did well on my SAT I verbal(790), but I haven't taken any Lit courses, so I really don't know how well I'll end up doing on the test.

By Liz (Liz) on Sunday, November 24, 2002 - 03:29 pm: Edit

I haven't taken a Lit course either (at least, not Brit Lit). I bought the Barrons prep books for Writing and Lit, but I'm basing my Lit score off of the Real SAT 2 book (740) and my PSAT writing score from last year (690 - I know, I'm studying over winter break) I was disappointed with my verbal score (was hoping for an 800) but I'm not retaking. I haven't looked closely at the Barrons books yet, but they're supposed to be good. Hope that helps.

By Liz (Liz) on Monday, November 25, 2002 - 04:37 pm: Edit


By Liz (Liz) on Friday, November 29, 2002 - 07:48 pm: Edit

Bump. Again

By Liz (Liz) on Sunday, December 01, 2002 - 07:43 pm: Edit

Bump this again. Please respond, I would appreciate it.

By Pat57575 (Pat57575) on Sunday, December 01, 2002 - 07:56 pm: Edit

looking good thus far

By Pimp on Sunday, December 01, 2002 - 09:14 pm: Edit

I'd say you're definitely in at Duke, Davidson and Wellesley. John Hopkins I'd think so too because your SAT's are above average (check out 25th - 75th percentile in US News rankings). No one is ever secure at Yale or Columbia, but you've got a decent shot

By Liz (Liz) on Sunday, December 01, 2002 - 09:51 pm: Edit

My freshman year I took lower courses than I should have because I made bad grades in middle school - Hn Earth Science, reg. Geometry. But after that I shaped up. Will colleges look down on my substandard courseload (one girl at my school is taking 5 AP's this year, she beats the pants off of all of us, and one or two are taking 4.)It's really hard to take all of these courses, a foreign language, the required courses (PE, Health, etc) and Orchestra...

And thanks for the encouragement.

By Liz (Liz) on Saturday, December 07, 2002 - 10:30 pm: Edit

Bump again - I just found out that I'm one of two people in my county who got into the summer governer's school program early(most people don't find out til later, but each county gets to garruntee two people admittance. You know, the whole geographical diversity thing. I think it's called "superintendant's choice student" or something. Getting in early I mean.) Anyway, how does it look now that you know my life story?
Thanks for any advice - please respond.

By NYU on Saturday, December 07, 2002 - 10:55 pm: Edit


i hope the admissions officers at yale see that.

By Cheese on Saturday, December 07, 2002 - 11:23 pm: Edit

SAT II's: HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend you take Writing, Math IIC, + other (literature or latin)
Math IIC = very important
Seeing how you did so well on your SAT I score already, IIC should be a breeze.
ANOTHER VIOLIST!!! You're my new best friend!!!
Since violists are in high demand in basically every orchestra, definetely submit a CD/videotape.
Colleges like to see extra stuff, and if you're good enough to play in all-state, make a CD!!!
Reccomend you put some unaccompanied Bach on it, and one of the 3 major viola concertos: Hindemith, Walton, or Bartok
So in short, study for the math IIC, make a ***viola**** CD, write one superb essay, and I say you're in anywhere you apply to!
Good luck =)

By Liz (Liz) on Tuesday, December 10, 2002 - 09:56 pm: Edit

Thanks Cheese - violas rock!
As for the other poster, if I see another post correcting grammar/spelling I'm going to lose it.
So I can't spell one stupid word. Did you seriously go through my entire post looking for mistakes?

By Uncbtheplace4me (Uncbtheplace4me) on Wednesday, December 11, 2002 - 12:13 am: Edit

Are you at the Big I? It looks like you'll be able to get into...all of those schools. Decide which one you want to go to well!

By Liz (Liz) on Wednesday, December 11, 2002 - 03:33 pm: Edit

What's the big I? Sorry, I must seem pretty ignorant, but I seriously have no clue.

By mike on Wednesday, December 11, 2002 - 11:11 pm: Edit

damn get a life man, this •••• is a pain, i am applyin to duke and ••••, but i wasn't comin on here when i was a junior, go out and drink and have some fun, man, have fun not worrying about college yet, unless you have no social life, or friends, in that case, which means your life will suck forever

By Sat on Thursday, December 12, 2002 - 12:11 am: Edit

Did you get your SAT II results?

By Liz (Liz) on Thursday, December 12, 2002 - 10:04 am: Edit

No, I'm taking two in january and then two or three more in june.

By Liz (Liz) on Saturday, December 14, 2002 - 06:00 pm: Edit

bumb this - seriously, wouldn't the "rigor of curriculum" factor rule me out? I mean, I know Princeton counts the number of "solids" you take, and I have at the most 16 or 17. Plus with my serious scheduling problems - I had to have a "guidance page" period and no lunch just so it would work out - I only have three honors/three APs. Five AP's next year at most. All these other posters are so much more academically qualified than I am. It's kind of depressing.

By Me12345 (Me12345) on Saturday, December 14, 2002 - 07:47 pm: Edit

Haha. Everyone on this website is an overachiever. None of us are average students. Don't get depressed. I am going to Cornell next year, and even that's probably looked down upon by many here since it's acceptance rate isn't below 20%.

By what? on Sunday, December 15, 2002 - 01:47 am: Edit

the big I= Independence High School, Charlotte, NC



By Liz (Liz) on Sunday, December 15, 2002 - 11:02 am: Edit

No, not from independence. They have a good marching band though. I'm from farther west in NC, Winston-Salem. Our high school football is good, but not that good. Our other sports are pretty good though (from a completely objective standpoint, of course).

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