Should I send SAT IIs to Stanford??

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Discus: What Are My Chances?: December 2002 Archive: Should I send SAT IIs to Stanford??
By sebastian on Wednesday, November 20, 2002 - 12:55 am: Edit

I sent my SAT I score report direct to Stanford so they have that score (a 1550), and i know they strongly recommend the SAT IIs but my scores are average (750 IIC, 610 Writing, 610 History), so should i send my SAT IIs to Stanford? Will showing that I strived to take the tests outweigh the low percentiles?

By asheridan on Wednesday, November 20, 2002 - 11:18 am: Edit

Sebastian -- When you sent your SAT Is, all scores you had as of that date were sent. So if you had taken the SAT IIs by then, Stanford already has them. Unless you are applying ED, what don't you retake the writing and history, or try two others?

By sebastian on Wednesday, November 20, 2002 - 05:28 pm: Edit

No, they do not have my SAT IIs, i took the SAT Is first in Oct.

I cannot take another SAT II administration except in January and Stanford's app says they do not accept scores after their application deadline (Dec. 16) unless that is not strictly upheld, I cannot take the SAT IIs a second time and again I ask, should I send them to Stanford?

By bob on Wednesday, November 20, 2002 - 05:39 pm: Edit

No. You'd get rejected in a second with that Writing score. If it was 700ish, then you'd probably still have a chance, but a 610 is telling them that there is a serious problem with your writing - something that is of paramount importance at Stanford. A 1550 on the SAT and a 610 on the Writing test will send a mixed message: it'll look like you're good at processing little pieces of information (like 5,000 other asians applying there), but can't think creatively (hence the poor score on Writing, as it requires a writing sample). I have a friend who's in a similar situation as you... he got a 1570 and a 630 on writing, but he unfortunately does not have the luxury of withholding his SAT II scores. The 610 on history won't help either, and a 650 on IIc is only 77th percentile, so you should definitely not send those test results in. You'd be shooting yourself in the foot if you did.

By bob on Wednesday, November 20, 2002 - 05:40 pm: Edit

750 on IIc... my mistake

By sebby on Wednesday, November 20, 2002 - 06:35 pm: Edit

will my essays not outweigh the 610 wirting score though?

And as far as the 77 percentile with a 750 IIc, what can they expect when an 800 will only yield an 88 percentile? Judging by percentile is ludacris if a 750 is deemed not worthy.

By revolted on Wednesday, November 20, 2002 - 07:26 pm: Edit


By bob on Wednesday, November 20, 2002 - 07:44 pm: Edit

Well, your essays can certainly help make up for a poor writing score, but they don't turn it into an 800 in the minds of admissions officials: at most it'd probably cause them to shrug it off, which is what you can achieve by not sending it in the first place. Remember too that the writing subscores are sent along with the overall score, so if you did fine on the essay and poorly on the MC (which is just grammar), a good essay won't offset the score at all, since it's probably been proofread five times, and a MC deficiency will hurt you.

An 800 on the IIc is 91st percentile... but the thing is, if you got an 800, what is there to say that you didn't answer all of the questions correctly and are in an even higher percentile, as there is something like a 5-question buffer on the exam? By sending a 750, you are telling them "I got 39 or 40 out of 50 questions right", and that represents quite a deficiency in your exposure to the material (unless you took Alg2 in 8th grade and are in linear algebra now or something). An 800 says "I may have gotten a perfect score, but at worst I got a 45/50", something colleges will like much more. Besides, I somehow doubt Stanford really cares about the M2C exam... so don't sweat in not sending your score.

By rsa on Wednesday, November 20, 2002 - 07:46 pm: Edit

fabolous. >_< (thehorror, oh, the horror)

By revolted on Wednesday, November 20, 2002 - 10:07 pm: Edit

I am the only one who caught the egregiousness of sebby's error?

There are rappers, and there are words. Do try to keep them straight in your inferior mind.

By monica on Friday, November 22, 2002 - 09:48 am: Edit

it's a double edged sword - either they think you haven't taken the initiative to take the IIs, or they know you messed up on the writing exam. personally, if i knew my essays were good enough, i would send my not so hot writing score in order to assure them i take their "strong recommendation" seriously. the stanford lady who came to talk to us was like - um, take the sat2s.

i'm finding bob's analysis ridiculous. anyone telling you "you'll be rejected in a second" with that writing score is an idiot - anyone who's worked in college admissions or even frequented these sorts of websites (heh) will tell you that one score alone will not sink an applicant. these are people who work with standardized testing, and they understand the range of error even bright students can make on them. his analysis on "processing little bits of information" is ridiculous, unless he sits in their admissions office. he's got no way of knowing how the stanford adcoms view these tests.

a 750 IIc score is better than a Ic score anyway. the reason it's such a low percentile is because that test is taken by the all the people who live and breathe math. an average student would not take any satIIs, and most take the Ic if they have to take a math exam.

to revolted: yes. ludacris = rapper. ludicrous = word. we get it.

By yce on Friday, November 22, 2002 - 10:59 am: Edit

the "processing little bits of information" doesn't bother me so much [plenty of people come here lecturing and discouraging without knowing jack about college admissions] but would bob like to explain his slight on asians, please?

By More Input on Friday, November 22, 2002 - 04:06 pm: Edit

I read the above posts and i want to add my knowledge. My college councelor, who is quite respectful and recognized in her field, says that Stanford SAT II are only optional, and told me that i should not send mine b/c of the same situation as described above (High SAT I verbal, high ACT writing, high SAT II in all areas except writing)

By antiracismantiwar on Friday, November 22, 2002 - 05:34 pm: Edit

it'll look like you're good at processing little pieces of information (like 5,000 other asians applying there), but can't think creatively (hence the poor score on Writing, as it requires a writing sample).

FU sonofa___ BOB go to hell

I am asian and not only am I able to perform well on the SAT I and process little pieces of information (like 5000 other asians applying there) BUT I also perform very well on the SAT II writing test.

to your arrogant little rednecked punk a$$: I have a 1600 SAT I, Combined SAT II of 4000 (5 tests including Ic, IIc, Writing, Biology, and Science), have completed numerous independent microsurgical research projects, have held a great job (25 $/hr) and have numerous presidencies in clubs of great actual secular importance: Interact (youth Rotary), Environmental Club (60 members, awarded best youth organization in state by governor), and Vegetarian Club (we have 40 members, many intillegent, morally "correct" students who embrace the diet of vegetarianism").

I am the son of a very wealthy asian family thusly giving me power of a large finance. My parents have allocated 600,000 dollars for my undergrad and grad school fees. I have a f_ck1N6 2002 BMW 5 series with custom CLOTH seats and, in all situations other than ones in which I am racially assaulted, extremely humble and modest. I am 17 years old and have never had a drop of alcohol, a puff of any type of smoke, and have never violated the holiness of a woman's virginity. I am a true AMERICAN: I FOLLOW THE LAWS - NEVER SPEED, I RECYCLE - CARE FOR THE ENVIRONMENTAL WELL BEING OF THE COUNTRY, AM AN ACTIVE PHILANTHROPIST - DEMONSTRATE MY CARE FOR THE COMMUNITY, I DON'T DRIVE A GAS GUZZING SUV - I HELP MAKE AMERICA MORE INDEPENDENT OF FORIEGN OIL AND THUSLY OF SADDAM.





By v on Friday, November 22, 2002 - 10:21 pm: Edit

I second Monica's take on Bob's analysis.
antiracismantiwar, I would hardly call Bob's stupid statement a "racial assualt" and hardly worth your pompous tirade. If you've been reading any other posts on this site, you'll see that there have been so so many worse.I really don't understand why there have been so many anti-asian (particularly anti-chinese) remarks everywhere. and I have to say some of the asian posters bring it on themselves when they immediately apologize for being asian and think it means they won't get into college.
Hello!!! It's not like you can change your identity/ethnicity, so try worrying about something that's actually in your control...

By Daryl Sams on Saturday, November 23, 2002 - 03:49 pm: Edit

Antiracismantiwar...come on now. You really think the drivel you posted is going to convince anybody of anything? Yes, bob made a mildly insensitive comment about Asians. Take it in stride. Even if you are telling the truth about your SAT 2 writing score, you obviously can't write very well; the post comes across as rude, morally awlf-righteous, and in a unfortunate juxtaposition, complete bullsh*t. I also have trouble understanding how you are in the midst of deciding between these 5 schools when your post was made in...(cough) November? Good any event, you have no moral high ground; your car isn't the most fuel-efficient automobile available, let alone the most efficient means of transportation (hello Toyota Prius, public transportation, and the bicycle).

Finally, your lack of consumption of "illegal" substances? The fact that you've never been with a girl? You think those are laudable things? Obviously you've been thoroughly inculcated with whatever Puritan value structure your parents have brought you up in; learn to live a little bit, you come across, unfortunately, as a pretentious child who has no experience living in the real world and a dearth of social fluency. Good luck.

By nice on Monday, November 25, 2002 - 01:13 am: Edit

Beautifully said.

By . on Tuesday, December 31, 2002 - 03:03 am: Edit


By sweet thang on Sunday, January 05, 2003 - 09:20 pm: Edit

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By imsolame on Sunday, January 05, 2003 - 09:23 pm: Edit

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