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Discus: What Are My Chances?: December 2002 Archive: Australian Student - MIT, Carnegie OR Uni Washington
By Annonymous on Tuesday, September 03, 2002 - 07:26 am: Edit

Hi, Im studying Australia and was wondering what my chances were at those colleges.

There is a thing called HSC here, and ranks everyone in the state. Im ranked top 5 percentile of the state.

I have a lot of international and professional credentials including Microsoft certification and Cisco certification. Im a technical writer/author for a programming site. Lead developer of a programming company.

Ive attended (selected) many computer related summer schools, and have been to national level competitions in both science and sport .

My school results are as follow,
1st in Software Development
2nd in Info tech
8th Math
8th Math Extension
10th Chemistry

My school is a prestigious and well known in Australia and almost half of students in our school are placed at the top 10% of the state.

Lastly, I've been in australia for only 6 years and english is my second language.

What are my chances at Carnegie and Uni Washington (Seattle) ??? and MIT ?? Princeton (pushing it abit)

By Annonymous on Saturday, October 05, 2002 - 09:38 am: Edit

neone ?

By seeker on Saturday, October 05, 2002 - 11:27 pm: Edit

Have you taken your SAT Is and IIs? You'll probably need those to apply.

By Annonymous on Sunday, October 06, 2002 - 07:21 am: Edit


yes i forgot those

Ive got 800 and 600 (math/verbal) in SAT I
and 800 for Math IIC, and 700 for chem.

By Karim on Friday, October 11, 2002 - 07:24 am: Edit


I would say for Univ.Washington good chances!.Others NO.Oh I am assuming that you want to major in Computer Engineering

I am also MCSD,MCSE,MCDBA,MCSA and sun certified Java Programmer.
good luck

By Annonymous on Saturday, October 12, 2002 - 04:40 am: Edit

Is it my rank ?

By Annonymous on Saturday, October 12, 2002 - 07:57 am: Edit

By the way i have

CCNA, CCNP, CCDA, CCDP, MCSE, MCSA, MCDBA and CIW Security Specialist

I think these alphabet soups don't really show admission officers that much..i hoping that they will see my willingness to learn, and ability to catch up quickly with technologies. Also I would want them to see that.. i not only try but i also succeed when i try .. thats what i hope admission officers get out of these..nothign more..

Karim, could you care to explain why i have no chances in going to carnegie or mit, or princeton ? so that i can work on it if i can ?

By yce on Thursday, October 24, 2002 - 05:03 am: Edit

it's neat that your EC's aren't all over the place. i.e. obviously comps are something you enjoy, and you pursue and are recognized for that passion.
While it's apparent your verbal is low, your math is...well..: ) ...good! how about taking the SATs again? this time really pushing your verbal?
otherwise there's not much to stop you...

By Castor Troy on Tuesday, October 29, 2002 - 09:26 pm: Edit

Not onyl is my application the ••••:
1790 SATs: 900 math, 890 verbal
unweighted GPA: 5.98
860 math 2c, thinking of retaking
900 writing(i wrote a damn good essay)
6 on calc BC
everythin else i got a 5 on, dissapointing
physics 800

commander in chief of armed forces
invented electricity
discovered Uranium
bombarded plutnium with gold to create element 169: naoeishroahjfnaljnflka-IUM
president of the IEEE
i own the community threfore i need no service hours
i built the foundation of MIT and the rest of boston
but i have all these certifications:

CCNA, CCNP, CCDA, CCDP, MCSE, MCSA, MCDBA and CIW Security Specialist
MCSA and sun certified Java Programmer.
By the way i have a 7th level PhD in BS: Bull sh!t

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