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Discus: Parents Forum: 2004 Archive - Part 2: Emory Scholars question
By Txtaximom (Txtaximom) on Wednesday, September 08, 2004 - 02:33 pm: Edit

Could anyone tell me what type of application Emory sends in the fall "packet" for the Emory Scholars program?

My son asked his guidance counselor to call Emory to request the packet per the information on the web site. To our knowledge, our son is the first that has inquired from our school and will be the only interested student this year. His counselor has never seen the packet before.

When she called, however, she was told that Emory already sends packets--to the two OLD schools in our district. We have been consolidated for four years, and most of the lead counselors and college center people have moved on.

She related this information and asked if the packet could be sent directly to her name, and they said, "no." She explained again the situation, how misdirected mail can take days to find the right desk, and how she is one of two counselors for over 900 seniors. And they said, "no." (a bit off-putting in my opinion, and it doesn't give me a very good impression of their admissions staff)

So, now the GC has contacted everyone in the school who might end up with this packet, (nobody has ever seen it, so I don't know where it has been going in the past), and she is hoping to lay hands on it with enough time to process it before the deadline.

I am just wondering what kind of time is needed for this piece of the application, since it is doubtful that this will be a timely process.

By Interesteddad (Interesteddad) on Wednesday, September 08, 2004 - 03:05 pm: Edit

Your school has to nominate you for Emory Scholars. No big deal. The GC just calls Emory and asks for the nomination forms. Nobody at my daughter's school knew anything about Emory Scholars, but it wasn't that hard to make it happen. Believe me, Emory leaves no phone call, fax, letter, or e-mail unresponded to. The have a computer driven response/tracking system that the Pentagon should copy for war planning.

The actual application package is due right around the time of Early Decision apps. Maybe Nov. 15th or Dec. 1st. -- I can't remember.

The Scholars App includes an additional essay (on top of the regular common app essays) plus an additional recommendation letter from the school. My D's Principal wrote her recommendation.

By Txtaximom (Txtaximom) on Wednesday, September 08, 2004 - 03:21 pm: Edit

Thank you! This helps with planning time. With 4,000 students in the school and only two counselors for over 900 seniors, it is nice to know what kind of things will need to be gathered and by when.

I did call the toll free number and got a wonderful person who told me that our school is not in the system, and to have the guidance counselor call back again. She gave me a direct person for our GC to call. Hopefully this will get the packet sent to someone who knows what it is!

By Interesteddad (Interesteddad) on Wednesday, September 08, 2004 - 03:40 pm: Edit

The guidance counselor (or probably you!) could e-mail a request to Emory for the nomination package to be sent to the school. Like I said, Emory misses nothing when it comes to replying to e-mails.

I cannot recall if the actual application package was sent directly to my daughter or to her school's guidance counselor.

The only real additional work that will be required from the school is the additional recommendation letter that accompanies the application. However, in a big school environment, your kid will have to stay on top of the guidance office to make sure things happen when they are supposed to. My daughter's guidance counselor had to "ride" the Principal to get the letter she had volunteered to write!

The "extra" essay was a bit of a pain. My daughter had taken her best shot on the application essay (which would have been PERFECT for the Emory Scholars essay). But, she decided to leave her application alone and come up with something different for the Emory Scholar's essay. It turned out OK, but nothing special.

We felt that she had little or no chance of getting real money out of the Emory Scholars program, but there were admissions reasons to pursue it above and beyond the potential merit-aid -- specifically to communicate serious early interest in Emory without submitting an Early Decision application. They claim that the Scholar's process is completely independent of the admissions process, but I don't believe that for a New York minute. The whole point of Merit Aid programs is admissions and yield related.

Even if they don't throw money at you, Emory presumably uses the Scholars program to increase their yield of strong applicants (I would!). I feel that they might well have strung my daughter along as a "semi-finalist" to schmooze her a little bit.

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