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Discus: Parents Forum: 2004 Archive - Part 2: Quick Political Note
By Ilcapo (Ilcapo) on Friday, September 03, 2004 - 07:57 pm: Edit

Just wanted to let all of you know who have kids turning 18 soon...

Enrolling in the selective service, a stupid age old requirement, is sadly still that, a requirement.

Let me make it clear, that there will NEVER be a draft. Think about the protests for the RNC alone...imagine if a draft was reinstated, then youd have both parties converging to protest! This isn't the sixties, and kids aren't as willing to "go off to war to die for their country", and if they are, then they can go ahead and register themselves. The whole draft bill was a political ploy put forth by a DEMOCRAT to raise awareness about the unfair recruiting practices in minority or low-income neighborhoods.

BUT...let me get back to my point. If you send a letter registered mail to your Congressman stating "I, John Doe, hereby formally declare myself as a conscientous objector to warfare", then you have solid evidence if you were ever to be called before a draft board (once again, never will happen).

Because I work in a Congressional office, I have told many a nervous mother to go about this route, especially when the draft debate was going strong. Make sure to include a note with your letter saying, "please keep this on file".

Hope that helps anyone who might be nervous about registering.....though personally I will NOT be registering.

By Achat (Achat) on Saturday, September 04, 2004 - 04:03 pm: Edit

My son got a letter in the mail. Actually 2 letters (one with his previous name and one with his current name) because he had a formal change of last name.

He registered on the web (sss.gov) using his current name. Paranoid that I am, I'm wondering why they have the old name as well on file in the social security office. We sent a letter to the social security office with the affidavit showing the name change.

By Backhandgrip (Backhandgrip) on Saturday, September 04, 2004 - 04:43 pm: Edit

So, what are you hearing will happen if someone does not register, Ilcapo?

By Tlaktan (Tlaktan) on Saturday, September 04, 2004 - 04:52 pm: Edit

Actually, the military has far sufficient numbers in recruiting to increase the current size three-fold. Trust me, there will never be a draft. The # of potential recruits being denied daily is about 3x the current size of the current military.

The current sponsors of the bill are merely trying to prove a political point. Nothing more.

By Backhandgrip (Backhandgrip) on Saturday, September 04, 2004 - 04:58 pm: Edit

I don't know. Anything can happen anytime.Look at recent news concerning Iran.

By Ilcapo (Ilcapo) on Saturday, September 04, 2004 - 05:55 pm: Edit

The same thing will happen as it has for the past 30 years. Most kids don't even know they have to register, thus the government will not waste the time and resources to prosecute those who do not register.

But....there will never be a draft. :)

By Backhandgrip (Backhandgrip) on Saturday, September 04, 2004 - 07:39 pm: Edit

It's an interesting subject. Recently I took a poll of men I encountered in different places when standing around waiting for something, like grocery clerk, home depot worker, guys who wallpapered my home, etc. and asked all if they had registered for the draft when they were 18.I got an overwhelming, 'huh...' or 'naw' or 'I didn't know that'.It would be laughable if it wasn't such a dead serious subject.

By Backhandgrip (Backhandgrip) on Saturday, September 04, 2004 - 07:56 pm: Edit

Ilcapo;I'm putting this here because your other thread is too long now. If you have having problems purchasing/returning books at the school store go at off peak hours. Find out what the store hours are and go late the first day, like at 8:30 if it closes at 9 or Sunday at 5:30 PM.I used to do this all the time in college and never had to endure long lines except that first time.

By Backhandgrip (Backhandgrip) on Saturday, September 04, 2004 - 08:01 pm: Edit

Ilcapo; Now how the heck did I get you mixed up with Collegeat30! I'm very sorry .Delete that last stupid post.
Anyway, how do you KNOW there will be no draft?
Also, how is it going with all those courses? What did you decide to drop?

By Ilcapo (Ilcapo) on Saturday, September 04, 2004 - 09:09 pm: Edit


Hah no worries, although you did confuse me for a moment. There can't be a draft, it just is not feasible. We live in a world where Dems and Repubs alike both understand the repurcussions of FORCING people to go to war. I personally liked the political ploy made by the Democrats in trying to start a draft in order to display how unfair military recruitment, etc. is. If we had a mandatory draft, there would be no wars - too many alienated voters.

By Ilcapo (Ilcapo) on Saturday, September 04, 2004 - 09:10 pm: Edit

Also -

I ended up dropping Oceanography and Psychology and......

adding Sociology of Human Reproduction and Biology for Humanities Majors.

I also dropped AP Calculus, I will take that in the spring.

By Alongfortheride (Alongfortheride) on Saturday, September 04, 2004 - 10:27 pm: Edit

Backhandgrip, my son had to provide proof of his selective service registration in order to claim his merit aid and get his little freshman Stafford. It's a federal law. I guess boys that aren't college bound get caught another way. Perhaps through drivers license registration.

By Dadx (Dadx) on Saturday, September 04, 2004 - 10:38 pm: Edit

If we need a draft we'll have one.

In any case, the first post was correct. It is required to register.

By Icarus (Icarus) on Sunday, September 05, 2004 - 04:38 am: Edit

The amount of apathy (especially from my generation) towards the world is quite frankly, scary.

By Backhandgrip (Backhandgrip) on Sunday, September 05, 2004 - 09:07 am: Edit

Thanks Along.
Did anyone else have to show proof of selective service registration for any other reasons at college?Thank you.
Ilcapo; that is still a hefty schedule. Go study.

By Alongfortheride (Alongfortheride) on Sunday, September 05, 2004 - 12:53 pm: Edit

Backhand~, I'm not sure if there are other checkpoints in college. Our contact was with finaid. There may be other checkpoints in the college process, but this is the only one we encountered. I would be interested in knowing as well.

By Over30 (Over30) on Sunday, September 05, 2004 - 01:55 pm: Edit

Son had to be registered for work study and Stafford loan, plus our state requires it for a driver's license. I don't think there was anything else.

By Ilcapo (Ilcapo) on Sunday, September 05, 2004 - 09:40 pm: Edit

I'd rather not take the stafford loan than regist for the selective service...just on the rather selfish and defiant principals which I stand on as a 17 year old :)

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