It's Friday, this must be Tufts

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Discus: Parents Forum: 2004 Archive - Part 2: It's Friday, this must be Tufts
By Momsdream (Momsdream) on Friday, August 20, 2004 - 06:46 pm: Edit

Hi everyone--

Just a little mid-trip report. We are currently at the Sheraton Commander in Cambridge. Here's our run down...

We left Wednesday evening (after coaxing our cat out of the tree and into the car to get boarded...this made us 2 hrs late).

We drove from Phila to New Haven (arrived at 11pm), stayed over at the New Haven Marriott Courtyard and woke to walk over the 9am info session and tour at Yale.

Son's feedback: He's going to apply. He liked the layout/urban feel. He enjoyed the info session. His comment was "it's Yale, so I just assume the academics are on point...I'm focused on other issues that would make this a match for me". All of his comments were positive until the tour ended in the courtyard with the rubbing of the toe of former Prez. Woolsey. At that point, son made a face at the toe rubbers and mumbled something about idolatry. Needless to say, he didn't rub the toe (everyone else did).

Yale gets thumbs up.

We then drove to Wesleyan and attended the 1pm tour. Son seemed lukewarm. I think the campus had a very empty/deserted feel, which didn't help his impressions. He said he wanted to reserve his opinion until he could visit when school was in session since he thinks the vibe of the Wesleyan students might be what he needs to get a real feel. He thought the campus was nice, but said he didn't think the surrounding town offered enough to keep him happy.

So, the jury is still out on Wes.

We then drove to Providence and checked into the Biltmore. Son caught up on summer reading in the room while daughter and I checked out the mall..VERY nice mall! We got up and attended the 10am info session and tour at Brown. Son REALLY liked Brown! He really loved what he heard during the info session (open cirriculum, concentration choices, grading system choices....lots of choices). He also enjoyed the tour and said he can see himself living in Providence. I have to say that I got the same, we both really like Brown now. We know a few Brown alums who will be glad to hear it.

Brown : HUGE thumbs up! Son will apply.

We then drove to Medford and caught the 1:30pm info session at Tufts. I have to agree with son that the info session wasn't too helpful. The gentleman speaking was kind of curt....just rattling off the same old info we heard everywhere else...refused to discuss SATs (never even mentioned 3 SAT 2s needed until someone pushed)..when asked about weighted GPAs he said "we're not in the business of recalculating GPAs...if nobody else can agree, we won't either".....I don't know, he just made me feel like it may not be such a warm nad inviting place (I'm sure this is just my impression because of the info session..and not accurate). But, follwoing the info session (one person asked a question...about where the ski lodge is...adcom didn't know)...the tour guide we got was similar in his approach...he kept telling us about his being a recruited athlete...and how you "might" be able to play sports if you aren't recruited since they do take some "walk ons"....lots of focus on engineering....son said he was hot and tired and wanted to go....we walked off of the tour. Son said he liked the campus. But, we didn't see much of it. Ya know, I think we were cranky and tired at this was really hot... son said he'll apply...and visit overnight if accepted. Son did say that the town seemed dead and he felt like campus would be pretty much "it". I explained that many kids travel to Harvard Square for action.

Tufts: still a maybe. We didn't discuss it much after we left.

We then drove to Harvard Square, where we are now.
We'll attend the Harvard inf session and tour tomorrow. Son is asleep now. We're all exhausted. We'll be here through Sunday afternoon...when we'll depart for Amherst.

More later. It's pouring here!

By Songman (Songman) on Monday, August 23, 2004 - 11:03 am: Edit

Hey Momsdream- I don't know your son's bio so I may be off base but, are there any safeties on his list? Those are tough schools to get into....Unless he is top in class etc?

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