Legacy Issues at Publics?

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Discus: Parents Forum: 2004 Archive - Part 2: Legacy Issues at Publics?
By Cyclingdad (Cyclingdad) on Friday, August 06, 2004 - 11:54 am: Edit

My wife and I were talking last night and an interesting question came up. We're both products of state schools and she's always thought that the amount of, or lack of, contributions that she has made to her alma mater might influence the deal that her kids got someday. Based on much what I've learned here, I told her that the legacy issue only seems to come up with private schools, and then mainly in the area of admission, not financial aid. In fact, our daughter was admitted to the Honors program at wife's alma mater, but got a not-so-great aid offer. I don't attribute this at all to wife's lack of contributions, but I though it was an interesting question to post here. Any legacy action in the State schools? Related discussion?

By Marite (Marite) on Friday, August 06, 2004 - 12:00 pm: Edit

Offhand, it might make a difference for out-of-state children of alumni; I cannot see it makind any difference for in-state applicants, whether or not they are legacies.

By Pafather (Pafather) on Friday, August 06, 2004 - 12:45 pm: Edit

I grew up in Florida, and I attended the University of Virginia only for my freshman year before transferring to Univ of Florida (for financial reasons) and then did graduate work at MIT. I now live in Pennsylvania. When my son was looking for colleges this past year, one school he was considering was UVa. I called to find out about various merit scholarships (Thomas Jefferson Scholars) and was told that because I had attended UVa for a year, my son would be grouped with the in-state residents. I do not recall if my son would have been grouped with the in-state residents for admissions decisions or for merit scholarships, or both. For various reasons, my son decided not to apply to UVa and will be attending USC in the fall, but I still think it is interesting that as the result of my freshman year he would be considered a legacy. By the way, although I think it is an excellent college, I have never donated any money to UVa.

By Massdad (Massdad) on Friday, August 06, 2004 - 01:05 pm: Edit

Until the mid 1990s, University of California treated legacy applicants from out of states as in state. The regents changed the policy, though.

U. Mich, under their point formula pre Supreme court, gave extra points to legacy applicants. So in the U Mich case, it would help both in and out of state.

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