No hope with ACT/SAT b4 JHU ED? help pls

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Discus: SAT/ACT Tests and Test Preparation: June 2004 Archive: No hope with ACT/SAT b4 JHU ED? help pls
By Bfjava (Bfjava) on Wednesday, June 23, 2004 - 03:13 pm: Edit

hello, I am, or at least was, very excited about applying to JHU ED since I've heard it increases acceptance chances dramatically. After seeing my ACT score, I see no real reason too. In general I'm a bad test taker when it comes to timed tests like the ACT/SAT. Time isn't much of a concern for me when taking AP/SAT IIs, but the ACT/SAT are what unfortunately hold the most weight. Thus, I'm sure my AP/IB scores (coming in soon) and SATIIs next year will be decent but I just can't overcome my problems with the ACT/SAT.

I took a practice ACT from the real ACT book and scored a 35. When testdate came along for the ACT a few weeks ago, I panicked on time. I had to omit the last 4 English questions, which caused me to think about that all throughout the math section. I always thought I was low on time during the math so I hurried through it and was left with plenty of time remaining. I think this caused me to make some carless mistakes, though. I missed 0 on the practice one I took but I must missed 7-8 of the 60 on the real thing based on the score I just checked on So, then the reading came along and I didn't have a time issue when taking the practice one. On the test day I had 20 ?s left with about 7 min remaining! Of course my score would be ****ed up. Then on the science section I too had no time issue and missed 0 on the practice one. On test day I had to randomly fill in the last 7 questions due to time, which my results show with a score of missing around 7 questions! So you see, it's all a time issue. Even with the prep in advance, I still fell under testday pressure and messed up on time.

The next test date for my state is Oct 23. The first problem is JHUs ED deadline is Nov 15. I'd have my score via web by Nov 3rd, but would ACT even be able to send it in time to JHU? Secondly, I see no reason why I should even look to that testdate as a savior. I messed up this time around, I prepped in advance, and fell under pressure. Why wouldn't it happen again?

So my confusion is whether I should even spend the time applying ED when my ACT/SAT scores will probably get me rejected anyway. If I don't use my ACT, I still have time to retake another SAT (next one is early October) but then I'd run into a problem with the SAT IIs. Each test date allows you to take either SAT or SAT IIs, correct? So, I'd have to take my SAT IIs Nov. 6th, which I don't think would make it in time for the Nov 15th ED deadline, would it?

Sooo, please. Anyone who has experience with their senior year or with JHU in general, please help me out. My GPA, courseload, ECs, recs, blah blah are sufficient, I think. I've just never been able to get over my lousy SAT/ACT skills. I improve some but not enough. My current SAT is a 1300, no chance for JHU. I want a 1450 before even consider sending that to JHU for ED. My problem with the SAT is a bit different than the SAT. I don't have too much of a time issue but rather stubborness. On the math all I miss is careless mistakes. On the verbal all I miss are ?s that I disagree with. Even after reading the correc answer, I still consider my answer to be correct. I know you have to meet collegeboard's demands and think along their alones, but grrr, I hate it.

So, if someone can tell me if I can fit in another SAT I and 3 SATIIs or even a ACT before the JHU Nov 15 deadline, then I'd be very happy. Additionally, any advice on how to overcome my time issues with the ACT and stubborness and carelessness with the SAT would be most appreciated. Thank you so much

Thanks for reading this verbose post, as well. I just checked my ACT score so this is me ranting for help. I'm the kind of person who is obsessive over one thing and will not giveup until I essentially fail. My unexplainable obsession with JHU is my motivation factor right now. A few years ago it was Harvard, eh, don't care about that school anymore after hearing about it from friends at Harvard. However, I want pre-med and JHU is the place to shoot for. In all honesty, I don't want to do ED to any school because it's binding, but I at least want the the qualifications for it if I decide to apply ED. So thanks again.

By Msl617 (Msl617) on Thursday, June 24, 2004 - 10:37 pm: Edit

what did you get on ur act? i got mine back today and i feel the same way

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