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Discus: SAT/ACT Tests and Test Preparation: June 2004 Archive: Release all scores??
By Altf4 (Altf4) on Wednesday, June 16, 2004 - 07:41 pm: Edit

from now on, whenever we send our scores to colleges, do we have to give them every single one? (i'm talking about sat ones, not act)

By Drusba (Drusba) on Wednesday, June 16, 2004 - 09:40 pm: Edit

SAT: whenever you request any one SAT or SAT II score to be sent to a college by the College Board, it automatically sends all scores; you cannot prevent that.

ACT: Sends only that test score you designate to be sent.

Dose of Reality: Your high school gets all your SAT and ACT scores if you named your high school in the application to take the test and most high schools put all your test scores, SAT I and II and ACT, on your official high school transcript that is sent to colleges to which you apply. Also, a number of schools expressly request that you list all scores on the application.

By Altf4 (Altf4) on Wednesday, June 16, 2004 - 09:44 pm: Edit

if we get a considerably higher score on the second sitting of a test, how bad will the previous considerably lower score look?

will they understand we had a bad day?

By Saturdayoracle (Saturdayoracle) on Wednesday, June 16, 2004 - 10:30 pm: Edit

Eh, I took the SAT three times... once in ninth grade, 1300, once in tenth, 1300 again, bad day, and finally 1540 this year. The two earlier tests were in order to qualify for the JHU CTY program, but I don't know how colleges will look at that... I mean, I did only take it once this year. Ideas?

By Altf4 (Altf4) on Wednesday, June 16, 2004 - 10:34 pm: Edit

at least you people don't have to take the new test.
i want prep materials!!!

By Succor101 (Succor101) on Wednesday, June 16, 2004 - 10:44 pm: Edit

altf4, don't worry-the opportunity to prepare for the new test will not be closed to you.

the CB will soon open the window of test prep by offering course with complete practice tests of the new SAT this fall

By Altf4 (Altf4) on Wednesday, June 16, 2004 - 10:54 pm: Edit

but will the stuff be accurate, i mean so far all their practice tests are easy compared to the real thing.

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